Giant Day Gecko, The Best Pet Lizard?

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well hi there I'm here today with a

giant day gecko day geckos are I don't

even think it's arguable they're one of

the most beautiful animals on the planet

they're also active alert they're

diurnal which is rare for a gecko and

they're very very interactive constantly

interested in what's going on in the

room around them and the giant day gecko

fell suma grandis this guy is definitely

the king of the day geckos unless

happens to be a queen day geckos are

such incredibly beautiful animals it's

no wonder they can be used to sell

insurance for starters they are all

brilliantly colored most species are

green the giant big gecko is a green and

it is a bright glorious beautiful green

with red highlights they've got this red

striping this masking on their face and

these big adorable eyes and being a

diurnal gecko they've got round pupils

instead of the long kind of cat eyes

that are more typical of geckos they're

so cute

I mean anybody who generally doesn't

like reptiles they still probably adored

a geckos because they're adorable

animals and they are wonderful and

they've got this great personality and

as long as they're used to people being

nearby I mean when they see you come

into the room they're up against the

side just peeking out like hey what's

going on out there there's special

special lizards overall we give the

giant day gecko a score of 2.8 out of 5

which isn't very high and they really

can be a very good pet if it's the type

of pet you want and so to help you

figure out if the giant day gecko is the

type of pet that you want we have broken

it down into our five categories which

are handle ability care hardiness

availability and upfront costs hmm right

now this one's showing off one of the

amazing gecko superpowers that day

geckos have which is that they can climb

right up glass and up the wall and


and this becomes very very relevant when

you're talking about handling a day


when it comes to hand hill ability we

give the Diggy echo a score of 1 out of

5 which is a terrible score I think

that's a lower score than we gave to

toca geckos which is madness the giant

day gecko is actually probably the most

handleable of the day geckos

but generally speaking day geckos are

just horrible to handle handling a day

gecko is a dangerous proposition and

what's very different about a day gecko

from a tokay gecko is when you're

handling a tokay gecko if you don't know

I'm talking about we have a whole video

about them the danger is for you

right Justin Tokyo is gonna try to kill

you and for something that's no bigger

than a tokay gecko they're very good at

making good on that desire a giant dead

gecko or any day gecko they're not gonna

try to kill you they're very friendly

but it's dangerous for them for many

reasons one of them is that they're fast

and they can run right up the wall

across the ceiling and if you don't get

that gecko back bad things could happen

to it you know you could also easily get

injured during the struggle for you to

get it back and then definitely aren't

gonna handle rough handling well and one

thing that can happen if they're

stressed and being handled in a rough

manner as they can drop their tail and

you know how much I hate it when a

reptile can drop its tail but that's not

the only freaky thing they can do

because they can also drop patches of

skin anywhere if you've got a hold of

their skin just big patches of skin can

just slough off yeah I know it's

horrible my recommendation as a result

of these things is to not handled a

geckos I mean you know every now and

then you can transition them into and

out of containers but though they can be

handled I wouldn't recommend handling

them at all which is different than

tokay echoes where if it's a captive

bred one you handle it from a baby it'll

probably do pretty well with handling

with these guys I would say it's a look

but don't touch pet because you don't

want pieces of it falling off in your

hands when it comes to care we give the

giant day gecko a score

three out of five the care is actually

fairly easy for a day gecko but it is

sort of a daily maintenance sort of care

they eat a mixture of insects and

commercially prepared day gecko diets

make sure on those insects that you

include both calcium with the three and

vitamins so you're gonna want to dust

those insects in one or the other of

those things you know every time that

you feed them they need an enclosure

that has quite a bit of height because

they do climb they climb branches and

they climb bamboo is a great thing for

them to climb and they'll also climb

right up the wall in addition to that

though they will use horizontal space so

you know really the bigger the better

for their enclosure doesn't need to be

immense but a big vertically oriented

enclosure is really great for date

echoes they'll need a substrate that

will hold humidity pretty well and I

would use a drainage layer so that it

doesn't get waterlogged and soaked in

addition to this to maintain that

humidity you're going to need to miss

them and you're gonna need to miss them

probably a couple of times a day

this is definitely one of those everyday

tasks that can be tedious though if you

buy a misting system you can cut down on

that tremendously they will probably

need a heat lamp because they should

have a basking spot warmer than their

ambient temperature and the temperature

for de geckos is higher than you

probably want to keep your house and

though not ridiculously hot in addition

to that you'll want to give them

exposure to UV so a UV bulb is also

gonna be needed when it comes to

climbing I already mentioned that bamboo

and things that they can get around onto

the backside and stuff is a great choice

also things like cork bark and cork

rounds just make sure there's nothing in

which they can become trapped other than

that care is fairly simple I would

recommend a wide diversity of insects

but even though they're the biggest of

the day geckos not real big so things

like small dubia roaches maybe small to

medium sized crickets these would

probably be a lot of your staple feeders

when it comes to hardiness we give the

giant dig echo a score of three out of

five really if given proper care a giant

dig echo should do really well for you

some things to be careful about

one of them is that you don't cook them

and this is really important because

they will have a basking light and you

don't want to get it too hot I mean they

need it warmer than typical ambient

temperature for a house but you don't

wanna cook them so make sure that's on a

thermostat and make sure that you've

checked those temperatures and that the

enclosure isn't getting too hot also

make sure they can get out of the heat

and go to a different part of the

enclosure that's not so warm you

definitely don't want to crush them you

know and as long as you're not handling

them you're careful when closing the

door on the enclosure putting the lid on

it shouldn't be an issue

it's just they aren't real big lizards

and they are delicate those we've

already discussed dehydration is going

to be a way that you could lose a day

gecko so you know make sure you don't

skimp on the misting and make sure that

they have access to UVB and good

nutrition if you have all these things

though they really should do very well

for you when it comes to availability we

give the giant de Echo a score of 3 out

of 5 they are probably the most

available of all the de geckos I see

them occasionally at pet stores

frequently at Expos and almost always

available online and you can get captive

bred individuals though there is a

pretty well-established population in

Florida so there may be some that are

also wild-caught from Florida I'm not

sure about that they're relatively easy

to breed which is great you know really

the only risk is they will eat baby de

geckos and they glue their eggs to rocks

and sticks and the glass of the

enclosure so sometimes it can be

difficult to get the hatchlings out of

there without their parents getting it

to them first but they're fairly easy to

breed and so they're widely available a

captive bred and that's excellent when

it comes to upfront costs we give the

giant day gecko a score of 4 out of 5

the gecko isn't super cheap but it's

pretty affordable however next to other

interactive beautifully colored diurnal

lizards like green anoles they're

ridiculously expensive however that said

they're still not a really really

expensive pet lizard the enclosure kind

of like the lizard is also not

excessively expensive but also not super

cheap you know I would recommend

vertically oriented enclosure with

front-end opening doors you know if

you're getting in through the top

there's a pretty good chance it's gonna

run out and escape on you and and just

you know make sure that it can hold

proper humidity so the enclosure while

not being super cheap is very affordable

mostly you want to make sure that it has

a good lid and most from front opening

enclosures do have a good lid but if

they get out you'll be hard-pressed to

get them back in yeah you'll definitely

want to spend some money on lights

you're gonna need a UV a basking light

and UVB ultraviolet lights and we'll

have links to actually all of these

things down in the description so feel

free to check those out a misting system

is definitely a good idea if you want to

be able to leave them for any extended

period of time at all otherwise you're

gonna need to miss them probably a

couple times a day you're gonna need

substrate and things upon which they can

climb like bamboo or fake bamboo and

cork rounds they're gonna need some day

gecko diet and calcium and vitamins for

with which to dust your insects it all

adds up but it's not gonna be crazy

expensive these are the reasons that we

give the giant dead gecko an overall

score of two point eight out of five day

geckos are not a good pet reptile to

handle honestly they're more like

keeping a beautiful tropical fish that

can run up the wall and across the

ceiling if it ever gets out of its

aquarium then they are like keeping most

lizards but if you want a beautiful

interactive land fish that eats bugs and

can slough off its skin on demand

then the giant day gecko just might be

the perfect pet reptile for you as

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