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hi I'm Kelly from organized motherhood

and today I was going to share with you

a bit of a past date and this is Rosie

she is almost 11 weeks and she is little

caca poop so her daddy was a mini poodle

and her mommy was a cocker spaniel and

so yeah I'm just gonna give you a bit of

an update really I'll start off by

saying I'm not actually a dog person and

but then again I'm not really a child

person either and I've got two of those

so I'm kind of one of those people that

I like my own children

um and I like my own dog and so yeah I'm

not overly a dog person so the idea

behind the dog was that you know it's

nice for family memories and I never had

a dog or a cat myself because my dad was

allergic to fur and so he's thrilled

that we have a dog and so time will tell

if my dad is allergic to this doggy


so a lot of my followers wanted to know

um you know why I chose now I would say

having a puppy is similar to having a

baby there's no right time to have a

baby and you know there's always gonna

be an adjustment and so it's the same

melee with a dog and however I'm not am

going back to the typical nine-to-five

job and the children are quite young at

the moment I've got a four year old and

a one-year-old at home so it was kind of

like I'm already having to be at home

alarm already around we're already quite

routine so in a way I thought a puppy

would slot in quite well so that's the

reason why we chose now to have a dog

another question was why we chose to

have a cockapoo I mean we've been

thinking about having a dog for about

ten years and we've waited until now to

kind of make the decision

I've always loved cocker spaniels and my

mother-in-law she had poodles and Minnie

Minnie poodles and we always quite liked

and those and cockapoos have got a

really good reputation with being good

with children you know they're dogs that

need a medium amount of exercise that

to be quite easy to train because

they're quite intelligent and yeah they

look cute and they're a good size

they're not tiny they're not like a

Paris Hilton and doggie but they and you

know don't go huge either so the size

for me was was quite a nice aspect to it

so that was the reason that we decided

on a cockapoo so a few things and the

high I would say has been seeing the

children with the dog and you know

getting cuddles in the evening and just

having like a nice little happy ball of

fluff running about and so that has been

really nice and Rosie's been at home

with us now for almost three weeks in

two days over three weeks so she's been

home three weeks and in those three

weeks we seem to have gone through a lot

of changes and a lot of adjustments I'm

gonna show you through those but the

highs of having a dog has definitely

been the companionship the loyal and the

loyalty aspect and just kind of having

an extra person in the home and in the

family has been really nice the Lowe's

home it has been quite stressful and

there's no more sleepless nights there's

been a lot of poo to pick up there's

been a lot of research a lot of

uncertainty and I'm not good with

uncertainty I like knowing where I'm at

and I like feeling confident in all my

decisions and from a new dog owners

perspective and not having any kind of

childhood memories to kind of recall and

that for me it's been a bit of a

struggle but I feel like I've gone

through and you know I've gone through

it now I'm kind of coming out the other

side which I'll check through first of

all sleep sleep for me just with my

human babies

I need my eight hours of uninterrupted

sleep and so the last couple weeks has

been a bit up and down because the

puppy's been settling in and also my

children have been they've both had

Cole's and the baby's been teething so

I've not slept much the last few weeks

I'm not gonna lie that has probably been

the lowest point for me we've done

different things with sleep I've read

all the dog books as you know I am an

you know an avid reader so originally I

wanted to do crate training and

husband didn't want the dog to be

downstairs at night so I compromised and

said we will put the crate in our

bedroom so first night put the puppy in

the crate and she cried so I had to

sleep for I think the first three or

four nights with my arm half in the

crate and the crate was next to my bed

and the puppy wanted out at least twice

a night for Wheatley's so I wouldn't put

her in until about 11 o'clock at night

but she would need up at like 1 and then

5 and then again at 7:00 so yeah we got

to that point then I said how about we

try her out of the crate and we'll just

make her a wee bed on the floor and

we'll try that and so then she slept

perfectly for the first couple of nights

and I was like woohoo we've cracked it

and then the next couple nights she was

just getting up and wondering about it

3:00 a.m. and just having leaves and

poos in my bedroom and I'm not gonna lie

and I was thinking a bit stressed about

that then I set right enough enough I'm

not sleeping I've turned into a horrible

person because I'm so grumpy and I'm so


let's try the crate downstairs in the

utility room like it is during the day

and we'll just see if she settles for

the last two nights she slept downstairs

and doesn't whine and just goes to bed

at about 10:30 and then that's it I've

not heard a peep and then the last two

mornings I've got up at 6:30 I've gone


let her out feda breakfast give it all

these a cuddles and that's been kind of

what we've been doing the last few days

so hopefully that continues because I do

feel better about having upstairs dog

free because of the children because of

the mess and I think it's a nice

compromise so I'm gonna try and stick

with that so that's sleep sleep has been

a big thing for me the next big thing

has been food and I had no idea the dog

food was so complicated I thought

weaning humans was difficult and you

know the baby led weaning the breast

feeding the bottle feeding the formula

feed a dog food is like a whole new

world and I have spent I don't I don't

even know how long

researching different food options she

came to us on a pedigree

vital just a supermarket brand which if

you look into it

is really rubbish and it's filled with

lots of just not nutritious stuff and

it's really cheap that's really nasty so

she came on that and pedigree puppy

kibble and wet pouches so when you get a

dog from a breeder or from anywhere

you're meant to stick with their same

food and really gradually change it over

so after about a week I've decided on my

feet and I was interested in the raw

food option but my fries there just

isn't big enough and I'm not close

enough to see the market to kind of go

and get new stuff regularly so I'm gonna

kind of Park the raw idea until the

future so we've decided on going with

it's called Hills science and puppy

chicken I'll put a link up on but 10

yeah decided to go on that she's and

what we did is I had to decanted

containers I had one that said new and

one that said old and I basically just

phased over really slowly over a week to

ten days and now that she is on this

better food I've noticed a huge

difference and her breath doesn't smell

as bad her number twos are much more

solid and yeah she eats it and she's

happy on it so I'm gonna stick with that

at the moment so food has been a real

big headache for me so I finally feel

that we've got somewhere with that

routine as I mentioned it has completely

changed over the the three-week period

hopefully we stick with that which is

that she goes into her crate at 10:30 at

night I get off at 6:30 my husband kind

of starts to see to the children

upstairs and the children come

downstairs and hopefully as the puppy

gets a bit old Oh or maybe be able to

push her out till 7:00 a.m. so that I

can get kind of dressed and sorted and

so I have kind of had to and change my

morning routine so that's not completely

and set in stone yet

that's fine I still a work in progress

so she gets up and at the moment I'm

feeding her three times a day and say

morning lunchtime and then when we have

our dinner when she was really young and

she first came to us I gave her like an

extra supper as well but I'm not sure if

I was meant to do that or not but I've

managed to cut it down to three times

and I'm just going with the feeding

guidelines on the bag of food and

as per her weight from the vet so that's

kind of our routine she does sleep a lot

she's sleeping right now because she's

the play and and she tends to have um

just lots of sleep during the day and

then maybe three or four times in the

day where she's like super hyper and you

need to play with her in the garden and

she's like running around but actually

when she's quiet she's really good and

you barely know that she's here so she's

actually a very good puppy

in terms of mess I've mentioned that I

was stressing about all the toilet

training mess so yeah we ended up buying

a VAX pet and carpet washer because I

was just I wasn't dealing with it very

well because we have a crawler you know

my babies crawling around and I just

didn't like it so we have in our house

downstairs it's all flawed and it's like

thanks calamity coats hard floor and

it's just in the living room here and

the hallway that's got carpet and so she

started off being really really good

with toilet training because you're on

it because it's brand new you've got a

puppy and that's your priority and then

as you know sort of the week went by you

then get a bit complacent so then she

was having accidents and I think with

puppy that's just my opinion I think

with puppy training and it's much better

to be always really positive kind of

like parenting because if he parent

positively you tend to get the positive

response back but if you just kind of

equate negative and around the puppy or

the child and they just end up making

more mess so yeah I've taken it right

back to basics I've been like really on

it really positive we do clicker

training I've got treats and the last

two days since I had my meltdown and she

hasn't had one accident in the house so

I'm sure she will have some you know it

will have the accidents but and I think

we may have cracked it so yeah there's

been some loads at that point another

question was how the kids settled into

it really really well the first day my

four-year-old was quite emotional I

think because it was so exciting and we

picked her up from now so you went to


puppy house picked up the puppy and it

was all very exciting and puppies being

puppies and they do have a tendency to

and you know chase you so if you're

scared and you're running the puppy will

just chase you faster so my 4 year olds

it's quite sensible we explain to her

what you need to do is stop sit down

after mommy or daddy and just don't

panic because the faster you run the

faster the puppy will catch she

occasionally she won't nip your ankles

it's what we've been doing is yelping

like a puppy and all that hurt she gets

one more chance and then if she does it

again you either leave her and go and

play somewhere else or we put her sort

of behind the baby gate you don't use

the crate as punishment so that they

don't associate the crate with

negativity but basically just leaving

the puppy so the puppy learns that if it

hurts their playmate they have no one to

play with and there seems to be working

so we're all quite consistent on that

and so my four-year-old loves her and is

really really good worker my baby he's

one who's a crawler and I obviously

never leave him alone but the puppy is

pretty gentle she gets a bit excited

during her kind of hyper and moments in

the day and likes to kind of pull baby

socks and things like that so when the

baby when the puppy is in her hyper mode

I've just got to be a lot more on it

again we've got the baby gate so I can

easily keep the kids in the living room

and the puppy in the kitchen especially

when I'm like cooking dinner and it's a

bit hectic so the baby gate has been

really really helpful we used to have

this baby gate on the utility room and

the utility room was quite small and it

felt like two smaller place to have the

puppy so I've moved it to here and this

is working better so kind of like my top

tips would be if you were going to get a

puppy it's just sit down with the family

and work out what your rules are going

to be you know where the puppy can go

and if you're if you're doing all the

training work set and stay and wait and

all those things is to all use the same

words all use the same and you know hang

movements for all the different things

just so that you can be consistent for

puppy saying that once you've got your

rules before the puppy comes and bear in

mind that you might need to change the


to see howhow sort of puppy is settling

in kind of like the sleeping routine I

was quite happy to have her in the

bedroom as a compromise but it just

wasn't working so we have changed the

rules you know it is like parenting

human babies you just need to kind of

you know read the book student research

but then be prepared to kind of toss it

out the window at the same time and

always learning in terms of training she

I would save quite a bright puppy and

she learned to sit really really easily

and really really quickly and lie down

she's doing really well

toilet training now I think we've

cracked the majority of the toilet

training and we're working on this week

pour and roll over and but I need to do

the weight and stay and also there's so

much to do honestly I'm also needing to

take her to the pet shop to get her and

sized up for her harness and she's

obviously got a collar and she's got a

lead I want to get a harness which is

much better for her neck when we do

walkies she will be allowed out in two

weeks so I'm gonna do lots of training

on the leash in the garden and kind of

in the front garden just to get her used

to it before what we get to follow me

outside world and I've also been

carrying her around the estate just in

my arms just to kind of get used to the

area and so yeah honestly there's so

much to tell you about puppies and it's

been it's been a really hectic three

weeks if you follow me on instagram

you'll see now I've been a bit more

quiet because I just didn't so busy you

know having a one-year-old a

four-year-old a puppy and then a husband

that comes home was like chat and like

talk and it's quite draining so I'm

enjoying it and I'm riding I'm riding

all the kind of waves of all the drama

and but yeah it's been a full on and I

would say living in my clutter-free

minimal house the puppy hasn't yet and

ruined anything achieved anything and so

actually we've not had any dramas with

that there's still time and that element

has been okay it has just been about

having your eyes on the puppy all the

time for when you think she's gonna need

a wheelie and just sort of keeping

things out of Hawaii

kids toys and shoes because she loves

shoes so overall and if I had my time

again would I get a puppy I don't know

if she continued sleeping I'm not making

a mess the next few days I would say

absolutely oh do it again just because I

know she is gonna bring us joy and you

know we are creating lots of lovely

family memories but when if you are

thinking about getting a puppy do not

underestimate the amount of work that

they take and you know the first few

weeks of them being home is so so

important to get the training and get

the attention and you know really really

spot-on so yeah yeah asked me and I cut

another couple of weeks I think I'm

probably coping better than I thought I

would be but I'm not gonna lie there has

been a few moments where I'm like give

her to your mom you know get her adopted

I can't cope anymore

generally when I have those moments I

just try and think of an action plan how

can I make this better and you know it

was right acacia can't go upstairs

anymore I can't cope right I'm gonna buy

you know a vacuum cleaner that cleans

the carpet because you know I'm at my

limit so yeah there we are so I hope

that's been kind of useful if you are

thinking about getting a puppy or want

to know what you know having a cockapoo

is like any other questions pop them at

the bottom and I'll answer them in the

comments but I hope to do another little

pup date in a couple of weeks and keep

you posted if she is sleeping in her

crate and how we're getting on with

other training and doing walks and

things like that I would also like to do

a video of all the bits and pieces that

we've bought puppy and there's been some

really good gadgets and some really good

storage ideas that we have implemented

in the home to kind of keep within our

minimal lifestyle so hopefully I'll get

a chance again to record another pup day

thanks for watching