How to maintain your real Christmas tree - 5 top tips

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if you want to become a Christmas tree

expert in two minutes I pull together

all my favorite tips they're gonna make

sure that your tree not only looks good

but stays looking good throughout the

Christmas holidays once you've bought

your tree and you've got it knitted up

if you're not going to take it into the

house quite yet and you want to work

effectively leave it in the garden until

you're ready do take it out of the net

otherwise the branches get all tight up

and it takes a little while for it to be

able to get back to its normal shape

when it's in the lounge when you get

your Christmas tree at home you're going

to notice the stump at the end it's

already sealed over it's been a while

since it was cut the best thing for you

to do is to cut a section off the bottom

of the stunt and then put it into your

container or Christmas tree stand

preferably one that can hold water

because this tree will still be drinking

water and keeping fresher for longer

just in the same way as cut flowers work

on a windowsill so take a section of

stump off to expose some fresh tissue

and the tree will drink and be fresher

for longer now if you bought a Christmas

tree in a pot it's best to go and buy a

cheap bucket because you can then put

the pot into the bucket because you will

need to water this tree if you've got it

inside throughout the Christmas period

if you don't put it in the bucket water

is just gonna go all over the carpet now

to make that bucket a little bit more

festive you can spray it gold you can

use wrapping paper or even tinsel so

it's not only looking good

but it's functional too to enable you

the water and keep your tree alive when

you're removing the lower branches of

the tree to be unfit in the stand don't

throw them away with a little bit of

spray paint or even tinsel and baubles

you can create these lower branches the

Christmas decorations keeping them

looking fresher for longer is easy all

you got to do is remember where they

come from they come from outside it's

freezing here and then suddenly it's

brought into a hot lime so don't put it

by a radiator don't put it by the fire

keeping it away from immediate heat

sources will keep them fresher for


well I hope you found those tips

worthwhile the Christmas tree is the

heart of the home at Christmas you're

gonna love it

I hope yours stays fresh throughout the

Christmas holidays Merry Christmas