How to look after your real Christmas Tree with roots

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we're just gonna dig up the Christmas

tree and climb size it for the indoor

heat so we're gonna move it into the

greenhouse for a week just to get it

climatized to there and then perhaps

we'll move it a bit closer to home and

eventually it'll go into kind of a cold

room in my house for another week just

acclimatize it recommend if you're going

to look for a Christmas tree like this

in a pot I would recommend that you find

the smallest one that you can in the

first year in that way you've got a lot

longer to use it before it becomes

unmanageable to carry around so it's

buried here in a terra cotta pot being

terracotta it helps to bring some of the

moisture through from from the

surrounding soil so it helps to keep it

keep the damp throughout the year but

we've had to make sure we water it

because this is a very free draining

soil in the allotment that we've got

here very sandy so so I'm gonna dig it

up and we'll transport it through you

have an allotment you could leave it in

a pot but you'd have to make sure that

you increase the size of the pot every

year and make sure it's a lot bigger

enough to be very careful watering your

best of that really is to try and

submerge that pot in the soil so that

you know it's got some moisture around

as well as soon as we've done with

Christmas was it the twelve days of


six for Daniel move it back outdoors

we're going acclimatizing into this

event you end up back here