Poinsettia Care Guide

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the colorful poinsettia is a perennial

favorite of home Christmas decorations

we've got some hints and tips to ensure

that your plants bring you happiness for


look carefully when choosing your

poinsettia all your time and effort will

be in vain if you buy a plant in poor

condition check to see if it's been

watered the soil should be neither too

wet nor too dry take a good look at the

small yellowy green flowers in the

middle of the plant they should still be

in bud form

the poinsettias should be displayed in a

warm place away from drafts plants that

have been placed in an entrance or

outside are already at a disadvantage

and their leaves are more likely to

suffer because of this below the

colorful star of top leaves the plant

should have another layer of fresh green

leaves a healthy plant will have thick

green leaves with no damaged spots make

sure that the poinsettia is well wrapped

in the store and do not leave it exposed

to cold temperatures for too long when

you get your poinsettia home and pack it

as soon as possible

it will look particularly lovely in a

decorative plant pot but really the

ideas and possibilities are endless

position your poinsettia in a warm spot

that is neither too dark nor in direct

sunlight when set ears don't tolerate

cold or drafts well this is usually the

cause for any loss of leaves

poinsettias also dislike dry heated air

if your plant is kept near a radiator it

will need more frequent watering

poinsettias prefer a room temperature of

between 15 and 22 degrees remember too

that flowers and plants placed near

fruit and vegetables tend to wilt more

quickly poinsettias like a little water

every other day during flowering watch

out these plants do not like standing

water water them in moderation and tip

any excess water out of the saucer or

plant pot straight away during flowering

the poinsettia does not need any

fertilizer after that a conventional

liquid fertilizer can be added to the

watering can once a month when necessary

if you follow these tips you should be

able to enjoy your poinsettia for longer