How To Take Care Of A Chinchilla

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what's up Izzy chinchilla notebook here

and welcome back to my youtube channel

today's video is going to be a little

bit of a longer one and I'm going to be

doing it on everything you should know

about getting a chinchilla or owning a

chinchilla this video is targeted

towards people who have never owned a

chinchilla before and are wondering if

it's the right pet for them and just you

know some more information maybe before

they get one I really hope that this can

be a help to you being an owner of two

chile's for over five years now I think

that I know quite a bit and I can help

you guys out with some information by

the way he is so cute like this oh my

goodness so yeah without further ado

let's just jump right into the video so

I'm first going to start off with some

facts about chinchillas just for anyone

out there who doesn't know these things

and it looks like he's gonna be having

his back to us while he chews the hay so

sorry about that but basically at

chinchillas are crepuscular which means

they are most active at dawn and dusk

and throughout the night so obviously

throughout the day they're going to be

snoozing being a little bit more tired

this doesn't mean that all chinchillas

are like this sometimes they have a

little bit of a different schedule but

most of the time to chile's are a little

bit more active in the night time or in

early in the morning the next thing is

that they do best in sixty to seventy

degrees Fahrenheit and I always tell

people like the colder the better

Marylyn can be very comfortable in 70

degrees like 68 degrees kind of and

he'll be just fine and sheilas can

adjust to the climate around them so if

the temperature is always 70 they'll

eventually get used to that and it won't

bother them but it's just better to have

it colder because they can overheat

easily and chinchillas can't sweat like

we can and their fur is very dense and

very thick so you really do not want to

overheat them because they can actually

have heatstroke

very easily chinchillas are also social

animals and do better in pairs and this

is just a fact they are herd animals

they like to have other chinchillas

around them and to be with another

chinchilla merlyn obviously doesn't live

with a partner and I'm not going explain

why but I will link the video down below

in the description cold why I mean can

chinchilla live alone in that video I

explain it I'm actually been considering

another chinchilla and just at least

putting the cage next to Merlin's so

that he can smell here and see another

chinchilla even if they don't live

together at least he'll have that

interaction and know that to know the

chinchillas around and they just do

better in Paris and unless for a

specific reason like Merlin or a health

reason or something chinchillas should

be kept together the last bit of

information is that they can live up to

15 or 20 years in captivity and I know

that's that's a very long time when

you're considering getting a chinchilla

that's another thing to think about you

don't want to just get one keep it for

five or ten years and then just discard

it because you get bored you got to

think of it long term and will you be

able to house this animal long term so

that's a very big thing now we're going

to get into the housing of chinchillas

so basically where they're going to be

living so chinchillas will need a lot of

height to climb and jump around because

in the wild that they live in the Andes

Mountains or like Chile area so they're

going to be constantly jumping around

they were built to jump obviously if

you've ever had a chinchilla I've seen

one they can jump super high I think the

highest potential has ever jumped I

think is five or six feet I don't know I

wasn't on almost anything for sure here

but basically they can jump really high

make sure that their cage needs to be at

least five feet high and then two feet

across I have the critter nation model

162 here I got this cage off Amazon and

I really love it I get questions about

it all the time but it is the best

quality and the most affordable in the

most practical cage out there for

chinchillas and I've had people tell me

before that they don't need such a big

cage and that they can comfortably just

live in one level of a critter nation

and it's true like it's pretty big but I

highly and strongly recommend getting

two units for your chinchilla because

Merlin's sometimes will go crazy with

adrenaline like energy and you'll just

go up and down run up and down all his

ledges all throughout his cage and he

can do that because he has a big space

so the next thing is that you're going

to need ledges for your chinchilla this

is a definite must it's not an option

it's a necessity in my eyes and you know

it's not just in my opinion it's just in

general obviously they're gonna jump

around a lot you literally just saw him

oh he's so cute I love it when he jumps

on this cute little ledge here and I

always have quite a bit around his cage

I think I have five up here and then

three down there and I actually wanted

to get more ledges because I want more

for him but ledges allow them to jump up

and around all their cages and sometimes

he'll just like jump off the wall and

onto the ground - but ledges are a must

the next thing about their housing is to

make sure that they have lots of

interesting toys to keep them interested

chinchilla is a hat are very smart and

intelligent animals and especially if

you have a lone chinchilla like Merlin

is you need to make sure they have a lot

to keep them busy and their mind

stimulated so as you can see I have

quite a bit

twice's cage I've got this for him that

he likes to mess around with I have that

this pumice ledge that he chews shoes I

cannot talk today and then this thing

that I really just came off the wall I

have this toy that he kind of demolished

and then this big one that has all sorts

of different stuff on it and then that

wreath - and he loves to carry these

around his cage it's a cutest thing ever

and then also his pillow as you can

obviously see he plays with his pillow

all the time not only do toys keep them

stimulated and interested but they also

help keep their teeth healthy if you

guys have noticed chinchilla teeth never

stop growing just like most rodents out

there so they constantly need to keep

them trimmed and healthy and the way

they do that is by chewing would or like

pumice stone or something so that is

another reason why you should have lots

of wood and lots of toys in the cage the

next thing about their housing is that

they're going to need a wheel and I just

want to say this right now for those of

you who don't really know this there's a

lot of misinformation out there put by

big companies like Pet Smart Petco and

other pet stores just don't go to the

pet store and buy a wheel for a

chinchilla because they won't have one

chinchillas need at least fifteen inches

in diameter to be able to run

comfortably if it's any smaller than

that it's going to hurt their spinal

cord in their back and it's just not

going to be good for them so make sure

it's at least 15 inches in diameter and

then another thing is that can't be

meshed because their paws can get stuck

and their toes can get ripped off which

sounds very terrible and it's it's

happened before so make sure that

they're running on a smooth surface and

then also most chinchillas chew plastics

so stay away from the plastic ones if

your chinchilla chews them because

plastic is toxic for them it can if they

ingest it it can rip up their insides

and it can actually be really fatal for

them so make sure you stay away from

chopped plastic I actually just placed

an order for the wheel called the chin

spin on Amazon I've been debating doing

it for a long time and I finally just

did it so it'll be coming in January and

I'm so excited I will do a whole video

on the chin spin but basically the one I

have right now is one that my dad made

me and I don't really like it because

it's really loud first of all second of

all it's kind of hard for him to get in

there because as you see there's only

four entrances and then I also there's

like that bar in the middle that I feel

like could affect him too I don't know

but I've had this wheel for a while and

I just decided to get a new one the chin

spin or the Silver Surfer

I definitely recommend those are the

best wheels on the market for

chinchillas and if you just type in

those names on Google you'll find it but

I also have a video all about chinchilla

wheels at all link in the description

I'll be linking tons of videos on

specific topics that you guys can go

check out but that is just one of them

and then the last thing is not a

necessity but it's something that I

highly recommend and it is to have

cooling tiles in their cages there's

these things that you can buy cold

chin chillers and they're basically just

granite slabs that you can buy but I

find that just getting tile or granite

from the hardware stores a lot cheaper

as you can see all down there it's just

tile down here that's the only source of

betting I have so I don't really need

the one up here but I just decided to

anyway and then I also have this rock

that he likes to just sleep on sometimes

and it's the cutest thing - just like

drapes themselves over it this also

keeps them cool but basically what these

do if your chinchilla

ever gets a little hot and they just

want to cool down and they want to sleep

on something cool then if you have a

chinchilla or a tile that is going to be

very nice for them so moving on to a

chinchilla diet this is something that

is another huge thing that you guys

should be educated on when getting a

chinchilla so first of all I have

video on this so I'll link it down below

70% of your chinchillas diet consists of

hay it is a huge part of their diet and

should not be one time I actually got

somebody asking me

they're like do chinchillas really need

hay or can I just give them pellets like

no chinchillas definitely need hay it is

a huge necessity and the kind that you

should be getting for your chinchilla is

called timothy hay oh he got scared but

this is what it looks like 9 I got to

the end of the bin so these are really

short pieces and I need to go out and

buy some more

but yeah this is not an accurate

presentation of what it should look like

because these are like the short little

bits that don't nobody really wants to

eat anyway but basically just beginning

good-quality chinchilla hey I have a

video on this if you're curious but hey

the huge part of their diet and they

should have it in their cage all the

time 24/7 no matter what and unlimited


and try to go for the kind of hay that

is it's not too fresh because you don't

want fresh mean hay but you don't want

dry brittle stuff either like this stuff

in here perfect color there's a mix of

brown and green but it's all dry and

these ones are short bits but in the

real package when they weren't at the

bottom of the bin

they were long so you want to go for

long strands because those are better

for their teeth and chinchilla just

enjoy eating longer strands in general

Merlyn isn't playtime come on hey hey

hey hey I don't want a latitude as far

as their pellets they will also need

those too and the ones I have are the

Oxbow chinchilla pellets I highly

recommend this brand because it meets

all of their nutritional needs and it's

really good it's pretty affordable and

it is very good quality it meets all

their needs here and as it can seem to

70% grass hay always available inside

the food which is really good that shows

that there's lots of good ingredients

and as always you can look at the

ingredients here what I feed my

chinchilla and he gets a constant supply

of that I just keep some here in his

food bin or his food ball and then as

far as treats go I know it's so tempting

to give your chinchillas tons of treats

but really chinchillas should not be

given a lot they should be given very

very sparing

and you should also make sure that

you're feeding them good stuff too if

you do give treats I have a whole video

on healthy chinchilla treats that you

can feed them but basically it two of my

favorites are the goji berries he's

gonna want to come out goji berries

barley grouts those are awesome treats I

absolutely love them seriously the best

ones ever and let me just show you these

ones they see on TV here is that sound

you know and he gets so excited look at

him he's so cute so this is what the

goji berries look like they're just

little dried berries a little given one

two haven't given him a treat today

those are his absolute favorite these do

have some sugar in them so you want to

watch how many give them I give maryland

treats about three times a week which is

not a lot I used to give them every day

but I kind of stopped with that because

I realized it just wasn't healthy for

him and I wanted to stay away from that

and then as he is demonstrating over

height and how chinchillas obviously are

going to need water as well every single

living thing does and they need a

constant supply of fresh cold good water

and I like to fill out this water bottle

every other day or every day it's a big

one so it holds a lot but the thing with

big water bottles is it's okay to have

one but make sure that you're changing

out the water frequently and cleaning

the container too so that they have

clean fresh water I just I get it from

our fridge we have a sink here in the

laundry but I don't use it I use the one

from the fridge water that we drink and

I guess that's a little bit of an extra

thing but that's just what I like to do

and then as far as chinchilla hygiene

they were going to need a regular discus

he actually took one just before this

video but this is what does the dust

baths I don't know why I gotta list

there this is what does fast look like

and I think you might want to get in

there again and I'm gonna move him I

always move him into the sink when he

gets this fast so that the dust doesn't

get his cage dirty too chills and dust

baths are the cutest thing ever it's


chinchillas do not bathe in water so

make sure you never bathe them in water

it's very bad for them and you never

want to get them wet make sure they're

always dry because they're their first

to dense and they cannot dry properly so

they could get fungus growing on the

fur and that is a huge problem so just

stay away from getting them wet instead

at chinchilla is bathed in this dust

it's called blue cloud dust and you can

buy online pretty much anywhere and I

give it to Maryland about twice a week

and I let him play with it as much as he

wants to obviously I already gave it to

him today so he wasn't really that

interested right now as far as their

nails their nails do not need to be

trimmed I've gotten a couple questions

it's like a rolling around in there and

you know their nails do not need to be

trimmed they take care of that on their

own and then as far as our teeth I

already told you guys that's the way

they keep them healthy is by chewing so

make sure they got lots of choice the

last thing I wanted to talk about was

their activities so obviously

chinchillas are going to need lots of

human social interaction if you aren't

spending a lot of time research and

chilli you're not going to have a strong

bond with them and you know that's the

whole point of having a chinchilla to

enjoy them as animals and if you don't

have a strong bond kind of sad give them

lots of playtime as well they need at

least an hour of playtime every single

day if not more and I heard of people

giving their channels like three hours

every day

honestly I admire you so much like I

wish I could do that but I just don't

have the time for that but definitely at

least one hour day let them run around

outside of their cage chin proof the

room set up cardboard I have some

peaking right here I have like a ton

over there so that is pretty much it you

guys I hope that I got to the point I

know there was a lot to cover in this


but I just really wanted to make sure I

got everything in there obviously this

is just the very outline out chinchilla

care and all the stuff that goes with it

so if you guys want more in depth stuff

I can't like I'm not gonna link every

single video in the description box that

I ever made but I will link quite a bit

that can help you guys out if you're a

little curious in one area or another

but yeah without further ado I'm gonna

let you guys go but had a great day