Chihuahua 101 - Feeding, Grooming, Training & Health Care of Chihuahua

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Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog

having a small size and big personality

they were named after the state of

Chihuahua in Mexico Chihuahua are

excellent watchdogs they're available in

a variety of colors

Chihuahua are indoor dogs so home

environment can affect them a lot when

you bring them home for the first time

give them a loving and comfortable

environment so they can adjust

themselves easily into new environment

check your house and puppy-proof it

remove any toxic material that you don't

want them to chew chihuahua puppy needs

to be socialized socialization period is

very important for your puppy teach them

how to interact with new people places

and dogs take them outside with you and

let them familiar with outside

environment designate a specific area

where your puppy can rest and play

provide a soft comfortable bed in few

blankets provide their favorite chew

toys to prevent them from chewing

clothing furniture etc

food plays an important role in

determining health and lifespan of

Chihuahua chihuahuas our smallest dog

breeds and they need a high quality high

protein based food that is easily

digestible most people recommend try

kibble food but you should consult with

veterinarian since food type varies with

age and health etc Chihuahua have fast

metabolism in small stomachs they burn

their calories much faster that's why

they need to be fed small meals several

times a day avoid foods which could be

toxic for them like garlic onion

chocolate high amount of salt etc clean

and fresh water should be available all

the time since they dehydrate a lot keep

the water bowls clean in an easy access

of your chihuahua

grooming helps you to build a bond in

connection with your Chihuahua

however chihuahuas required less


Chihuahua has to coat types long and

short short coat Chihuahua needs to be

brushed once a week long coat Chihuahua

has long hairs and need to be brushed

twice a week use a gentle brush and comb

out any mattered hairs

Chihuahua puppies need bath occasionally

over bathing can make their skin

irritated dry bathe them once in every

two months or when they are very dirty

BAE them in lukewarm water use a good

dog shampoo with pH balanced two dog


clean their teeth regularly usually two

or three times in a week use a good k-9

brush and paste

trim their nails regularly to avoid

overgrowth or cracking trim according to

the length and size of paw clean their

ears regularly to avoid building up of

wax or debris that can cause infections

Chihuahua are very active high-energy

dogs and need to be exercised daily to

maintain a healthy lifestyle Chihuahua

are indoor dogs slowly introduce your

puppy to walking and exercise take them

for exercise twice a day for almost 20


Chihuahua are entertaining dogs let them

play in your backyard for mental

stimulation play different games with

them like playing fetch

finding a toy etc exercise or walk them

when the weather condition is good don't

take them outside when it is very hot or

cold instead let them play at your home

take water with yourself when taking

them for a walk since they easily become


chihuahuas are intelligent dogs and need

to be trained training is important to

overcome behavioral problems

establish yourself as alpha and leader

of the pack

teach them obedience training and let

them follow basic commands like sit stay

come etc

teach them to walk on a leash use a

harness and take them on a walk they

need to know leash as a boundary and

should not go beyond this house train

your chihuahua puppy let them know a

specific area where they can eliminate

establish a timing - for it like after a

meal and after he wakes up crate

training is also very important it

provides puppy an area where he can

sleep properly it also helps to curb

behavioral problems always use positive

reinforcement during training do not

punish or scold them

Chihuahua does not have any major health

problems by from a responsible breeder

who will provide a medical history of

your Chihuahua puppy regular visits to a

veterinarian are very important your vet

will recommend how to keep your puppy

healthy and may advise certain

vaccinations based on your area

immunization and vaccination of your

Chihuahua puppy is also important

vaccinate them against rabies and parvo

virus protect them against fleas ticks

and other parasites spay and neuter your

Chihuahua puppy before they reach

puberty they can be spayed or neutered

between 2 and 3 months of age

it is the major health issue for young

Chui ah WA it means rapid dangerous drop

in the blood sugar level Chihuahua below

the age of four months are more

susceptible to hypoglycemia if they miss

one or two meals their blood sugar level

can drop dangerously feed them regularly

throughout the day to avoid this disease

Chihuahua are loving dogs and soon will

develop a productive relationship with

you take care of them and let them feel

they are being loved with proper care

and love they can become a happy member

of your family