How to raise a caterpillar into a butterfly 🦋 SAVE THE MONARCHS

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hello and welcome back to creative pet

keeping my name is Kasia I am your host

and in today's video we're gonna take a

break from fish for a hot minute and

dive into the world of insects because I

got to experience something quite

magical and I am very excited to share

it with you and hopefully maybe inspire

you to do the same what I did is I went

out to my local plant store and I was

taking a look at some native species of

plant because they are very important

because they support your local native

wildlife and with habitat destruction

and everything we're doing to the world

a little bit goes a long way and saving

that little spot of land or even turning

your entire yard into a place with a

native plants really makes a difference

now I personally don't have a yard of my

own because I live in an apartment but I

do have a little balcony so I didn't

think it was gonna work but I got two

species of milkweed and I planted them

in a big pot on my balcony on the fifth

floor I didn't really expect a butterfly

to show up but lo and behold and female

monarch came by and she laid seven eggs

and after that I got to raise these

little caterpillars they transformed

into butterflies and I got to release

them into the wild I'm very very excited

to share this with you so let's start

let's start at the very beginning where

these little guys were born

I actually didn't take the eggs off of

the leaves right away I actually let

them hatch outside and the very next day

that they hatched right away we put them

in a small container they were so so

tiny and adorable and I had to make sure

that the container that they were in had

really really tiny holes for air to make

sure that they can't escape because they

were super super small so this is what

the container looked like it was

actually my old micro or mulch er bonus

container and I had a moist paper towel

in the bottom and that helped

keep the leaves from drying out

eventually though they got bigger so I

moved them up to a larger career keeper

just so I can not only see them better

but the critter keeper containers allow

for a lot better ventilation and it's

very important for caterpillars to get

good ventilation but I did have to wait

till they were the appropriate size just

so they don't squeeze out of the bars at

the top and escape but oh my gosh here

there are kind of munching on some

leaves and I try to zoom in a little bit

I apologize for the bad quality but it's

kind of hard to film these guys up close

while they're still quite small but they

ate a lot and right next to them that's

that's a big poop because not only do

they eat a lot but they poop a lot so

when you decide to raise caterpillars it

is very important to make sure that you

have a good supply of milkweed whether

it's your own milkweed that you've been

growing yourself or the milkweed that

you might have found in your local

Prairie you can actually gather a couple

of leaves clean them off put them in a

little ziplock baggie and then keep them

in the fridge with a little bit of

moisture in there like a moist paper

towel so they don't dry up I did have to

clean these containers every single

night as you can see they pooped a lot

and then at the beginning I kind of used

leaves to move them around with Daniel

but once they get into a larger size you

can actually gently grab them and pick

them up you just have to wait till

they're big enough so they don't get

squished back Siddhant here they're kind

of twitching and kind of having little

arguments with each other caterpillars

don't really like to touch each other

they don't like to be next to each other

so when you're raising some do make sure

that you don't have too many I had seven

which actually is quite a big number

which is why I put them in a large

container here they're kind of hanging

out where I'm cleaning out their

enclosure so they're really close

together and this guy's trying to escape

because he's like I don't wanna hang out

with these guys put me back in my

container I want to eat my leaves so be

careful and

choosing how many if you find a lot of

eggs in the wild that doesn't

necessarily mean you should be hatching

all of them because you have to be able

to provide for these little guys another

thing to keep in mind is that these guys

are kind of a short term commitment you

have to make sure that they have plenty

of fresh leaves and you got to clean

their enclosure every night so if you

want to try raising some caterpillars be

sure to make sure you're not going

anywhere not leaving the house for like

about a month so this is their next

container this is a larger container

that's meant for butterflies I actually

got an Amazon and I will be linking it

down below the reason why I moved them

from the critter keeper to that one is

because once again very good ventilation

and flow but it also it has a lot of

space for them to later on attach

themselves to when they do go into the

chrysalis stage so at this stage right

now are you looking at them they're

quite big they're quite chunky they're

quite thick here is Daniels hand for

comparison and they started eating a lot

so be prepared these guys at the later

stage are gonna eat a ton so I have to

give them a lot of leaves and the reason

why they eat so much is they consume and

kind of store all this protein from the

leaves and then later on when there are

going to be butterflies they're actually

going to be using that protein to

produce eggs to reproduce the adult

butterfly diet doesn't really sustain

reproduction so it's kind of interesting

how every part of the caterpillars life

has a very specific function another

thing that's pretty cool oh my gosh he's

pooping that's another thing if you look

on the left a mailbag big poop but

besides eating and pooping which is what

they to a lot caterpillars actually go

through different stages where they shed

their entire skin and then grow and

these specific stages are called instars

and right here we're seeing him kind of

munch or her munch munch munch you can

see those little feelers that they use

to kind of feel their environment around

them they have a couple set of legs that

they use to hold

leaves and those are kind of like their


sharp little grippy legs and then the

back legs are used to hang on so if they

were in the wild and it was a really

windy day its those back legs are gonna

keep them safe if there's a lot of wind

if the leaves or the branches are

swaying around that's gonna keep them in

place so here's another close-up look I

was trying so hard to get as close to

them as possible to show you this it's

really cool inside look as they're

munching on the leaves because they are

eating so so much I do have the most

footage from their last in star phases

because at that time they were the

biggest it was actually the easiest to

film them so you're gonna see most of

them in their chunky face and look I

actually got some footage of the

incisors which is kind of cool I'm

really surprised how strong they are

because milkweed leaves are actually

quite thick and they're quite tough and

the reason why they eat milkweed plants

is because they want to ingest the

poison that's in the milkweed so that

they can be poisonous as well and look

look at all the poop once again and then

magic it's nice and clean every night I

cleaned up their enclosure to try to

make it as nice as possible and the next

day look at that back again with all of

the poop everywhere I mean they poop so

much luckily the poop doesn't smell so I

guess that's a bonus so this guy you

could see in the back he's starting to

wander around at the very end of their

little journey as caterpillars they will

start to move around and do laps inside

their container because they're starting

to get ready to find the right place to

kind of connect themselves with their

little silk and Jayenge

while the other ones are munching yeah

this guy's in a quest he's in a quest to

find the right spot in the wild they

would actually travel a couple feet away

from their mother milkweed plant so that

way they can find a nice and safe and

secluded area so this guy is kind of

walking around you can actually see all

the different legs including their

little back grabby grabby legs and you

can see all their feelers and all their

cool little body parts but they're gonna

change into chrysalis very very soon oh

my gosh how did this happen so fast what


um I don't even know what to say I just

saw them this morning like 20 minutes


or 30 minutes ago he was fine and now

he's already conclude me he's fine

obviously still but I know what's gonna

happen as fast


at this point the transformation was

insanely quick I'm gonna show you a

time-lapse I did and what's gonna happen

is they're gonna split their skin and

look at that that's the pupa that is

coming out that is so crazy now this

happened within a couple minutes I sped

it up quite quickly but I mean I mean I

don't know total just took like less

than 10 minutes it was it was super

super quick and I was not ready

emotionally and then here you go look at

them their little chrysalis and they're

starting to transform into butterflies

and look how beautiful their chrysalis

looks so here I removed some and I kind

of move them over here to space them out

so they have more space to hatch

oh my gosh

- so exciting

we're gonna have some butterflies we

release them it's gonna be great

really here's a sneak peek at how they


this one just hatched

that his wings littlewiggle here once

again I tried to set up some footage

where I just sped it up and you can see

how their wings expand as they kind of

dry after right after they hatch and

they are pretty well attached to their

little chrysalis shell which is kind of

a cool thing to observe look at my

baby's butt babies are hatching they're

becoming beautiful beautiful butterflies

and here they are kind of hanging out

you usually want to give them at least

an hour to two hours to kind of rest dry

and prepare for their journey into the

outside so they've had about two hours

to kind of get ready and they're

starting to get very antsy and they're

moving around so that's an indicator

that we should release them this guy

hatched recently so we might not release

him yet but these guys need to go

they're moving around they're flopping

around so I don't want to keep them


I don't wanted to pry them of their food

and flowers so when take them to the

Prairie right by my house and release

them right now

I think I'm gonna flip it well no I

don't want to flip it cuz the other ones

still attached are little late bloomer

yeah that one he's starting the color so

he's just gonna come out later that's

fine Oh

look how beautiful

doing a great job

turn to crime


oh it's flying away


it's playing bank

okay put it put him on the plant

he doesn't want you you think my mom

maybe whoever's on his ready he's pretty

flimsy oh yeah he'll just attach here

he's not ready to fly yet but he can

just hang on he'll just get comfortable

in there and he'll just stay I think

that's the one that hatched the latest

so he'll just hang out there until

okay to go would you like to take one

out here so you just kind of very gently

put your finger underneath their legs

and they'll step on or that one might

just come out on his own okay

also beautiful he's just yeah just very

gently put your finger under I would

like you to hit get experience yeah

there we go

there you go and just just hold him

he'll he'll leave when he's ready oh

there he goes

and then this one we take him home he's

just gonna need some extra time and it's



so thanks for watching my video I hope

that you enjoyed it and maybe it

inspired you to either try to raise some

butterflies on your own or to maybe go

grow some native plants in your garden

or balcony or even windowsill wherever

you can every little bit makes a huge

difference so I hope that this video

inspires you if it does you can also

share it with your friends because I

think if we spread the message maybe we

can inspire more people let me be very

happy LLL make butterflies happy and the

world will be a better place and I hope

you have a good day I'm gonna yep I

don't know what I'm doing I'm doing the

dance the butterfly dance dance dance

did you do do bye thank you for watching