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you're watching Aciero in Amsterdam today I'm back again

with a gardening video today I'm back again with how do you grow your calla

lilies here I have a calla lily plant with very very beautiful blooms and also very

beautiful leaves calla lilies can be grown both indoors and outdoors calla

lilies are very very beautiful flowers and they come in a variety of colors and

sorts and types yeah calla lilies are grown from bulbs

and are perennials there are plants that can keep on coming

back if you take care of them very well like this type of lily has big room from

a special type of bulb this sort of calla lilly is called zythebethi so this calla lily is very

beautiful it's green it's lovely it has foliage it has all the blooms

however you have to know if you think to make you can really grow successfully

and make sure that it keeps on giving you blooms and it keeps on like blooming

and stay green some of the leaves are turning yellow and this is a sign of

the calla lilly going into dormancy period or that the calla lily is little bit dry

yeah but because these flowers have bloomed so it means that maybe it may be

going to the dormant period and you can also

think about waiting for it to just going to the dormant period you and you collect the seeds and

don't cut off the blooms what I think I'll be doing is I will not be cutting

the blooms I will leave some of the blow so that I can collect some of the

seeds from the calla lilly so that i can give to my friends or re plant the calla lilly yeah

I'm going to keep this plant indoors from now and later on move out doors

for most of you who are wondering how to get your calla lilly

blooming and get it this size just plant lots of bulbs in one container water it

however you do not over water this plant it loves it loves very little water it's

not drought torrent but you just have to be bit little bit of water if you touch

with your finger on the soil and you feel its moist

please do not give it any water and when the soil is dry the give it

some water I think you can give it twice a week water if necessary I will

probably depending on how big it is don't make it sit in water this calla lily

prefers sunlight yeah you should not put it in a shady area you should put it in

a place where it's more like when light is coming in that it coming

all the lighting condition otherwise if you put it in a shady area it will not thrive

like it would I hope you enjoyed and hope you picked up some tips

and tricks on how to grow this beautiful calla lily and if you are a returning subscriber thanks

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channel thanks very much and see you next week