How to care for a Bromeliad Plant | Donna Joshi

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hello everyone and welcome to my channel

today we're going to talk about

bromeliad plant and as you can see it

comes in all different colors and I

think this plant is made more

complicated than it really is so I'm

going to try and tell you how to take

care of it this is how I would do it now

if you're keeping the plant indoors the

easiest way to keep this point going is

to go down underneath the leaves and

water down at the root of the plant now

a lot of people don't like to do that

there is a cup inside the plant at the

top of the root right underneath the

flower a lot of people will go in there

and water in there but if you're going

to do that you need to make sure the

water doesn't stand for very long

because if it does it will rot the root

of the plant so I would say on a

six-inch pot I would water it about 1/3

cup of water skip 2 days and water it

again the same amount the same with an 8

inch pot I would put a half a cup of

water let's get two days and water it

again whether you're going to put it in

the cup or whether you're going to put

it in the root of the plant now this

plant does like bright sunlight but it

doesn't like direct sunlight so I would

put it near a window and that way it

doesn't get too hot it doesn't get too

much direct sunlight because it can burn

the leaves if you do that I would give

it plant food every couple of weeks and

as far as fertilizing everyone says the

best thing to do is not to fertilize

some people do want to go ahead and

continue with fertilizers so if you

decide to do that make sure you dilute

it half the amount that you would give a

house plant and that is pretty much how

you take care of this plant

now this flower on here will die it's

just what it does and once the flower

dies the mother will produce pups or

babies and when she does that the mother

is going to begin to die on this plant

and when the babies get to be about a

third to half the size of the mother

plant you're going to want to remove

the babies and repot them when you repot

the mother you need to see what

condition is in at that point if it

still looks good then just go ahead and

keep her she may produce more pups but

she will not produce another flower they

flower one time in a lifetime and that

is it so there you have it

I hope you enjoyed today's video if you

have any questions please link them

below and thanks for watching and I will

see you in the next video