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p parker president of the houston bonsai

society is here to show us how to care

for these miniature little trees Pete

welcome to the show thank you and help

set the record straight because I when I

first started learning about bonsai I

thought that bonsai was a type of tree

but that's not right now we use all

kinds of plants almost anything with a

woody stem can be made into a bonsai we

have some things that you'll primarily

see this bonsai but you know this is a

Juniper that you might use in your

landscaping for instance and turned it

into a bonsai but anything Prime I mean

you could do bogan via you could do

gardenia you could do ficus in fact I've

done all three of those Wow

well very nice in the past when I'm

doing both sides there's really two

things I think about you know one of

those is the the health of the tree and

the health of the tree starts with the

roots roots need they need water they

need oxygen and they need the nutrients

for the plant

now one of the things that happens all

too often somebody buys it in a new

bonsai and they want to pamper it so

they water it and water it and it gets

sick and dies so one of the things we do

to deal with that is to manage the soil

as iam we use very fast draining loose

soils like the soil in this plant you

can see the mix of pumice lava and a

low-fired clay that I've sifted to get

all the fine particles out of it so if

you pour water on that the water just

goes straight through and it retains

enough moisture for what the plant needs

but also opens up and allows oxygen for

the root so just like with a lot of

plants I mean over watering Kourtney and

I have chatted about this on the show so

much over watering a plant is the best

way to kill it right yeah that is true

same obama/biden that is true well let's

talk about the styling and the technique

of it because I have a feeling if I were

just given I you know sort of like the

bad haircut you just keep going and

going until there's nothing left but

again there's a couple techniques we use

pretty pretty often and in terms of

bonsai one of those is bending branches

and we do that by wrapping the wire so

you're looking ANSI this all the

branches and sub-branches been working

wired with a copper wire and then bent

into the

and where I wanted to be then you leave

it there for a while and take the wire

off and the branch stays compete how old

is this little plant right here this

this particular one is 40 something that

I'm quite honestly the what we care

about is how old it looks to you and so

when you look at it does it look like an

old tree no it's not yeah it's fantastic

but you say caution on the wire that you

use right there's a particular wire that

you yes depending on the type of plant

we either use annealed copper wire okay

or anodized aluminum okay

and this is anneal copper on this

particular plant and wiring is just one

of the ways to control the way the plant

looks I mean it's also about the way

it's it's clipped and grown right piece

yes very much so what you working on

trees we prune them as other prime


styling technique and when you have a

new tree you will make some fairly large

cuts but when you get something fairly

developed like this Brazilian rain tree

you will do what we call pinching and

that's what I'm going to ask you all to

do if you grab a pair of scissors what

what I want you to do is just think in

terms of what this would look like if it

was a tree out in nature you'd have this

nice rounded crown on the tree and so

then you just grab a hold of a chute let

me grab one out here why don't you come

along this side so you're not hiding

behind the tree and you want to cut it

back to that profile that would fit okay

the nice rounded shape like this I want

to go right and then look at where the

next bud is so in this case the if you

cut it out here the shoots gonna grow

this way cut it down here it grows more

outside cut it cut it a little bit

closer like that here yeah and so it's

just those two things what fits the

shape and which way is it gonna grow and

Pete we were chatting a little bit

before the show and I was telling you

how years ago I stumbled into this

bonsai summit down in San Diego you guys

have a summit coming up here in Houston

so even if someone's not part of the

bonsai Society they could come to the

summit to learn more about it right

that's absolutely correct next week the

American bonsai Society is having its

annual national convention here in

Houston at the Marriott West chase the

cool thing about about it this time is

one it's gonna be the largest bonsai

event ever held in the state of Texas oh


and the other thing is for the first

time we have it set up so you can come

out there and go to the convention

registration desk can get a free

visitor's pass that allow you to go into

the vendors area and buy bonsai & bonsai

related items you can also go in and see

the exhibit we're gonna have over a

hundred bonsai trees like the the ones

we're showing here on exhibit there and

can people buy some if they want

oh yes the the vendors will not out of

the exhibit but yes the vendors will be

selling things that of all different

kinds and how often if we do get one of

these at home how often would we have to

prune it it depends very much on the

species okay this particular one this is

a very aggressive growing plant this is

about three weeks of growth oh wow so it

gets to get pruned fairly fairly

frequent oh pretty therapeutic for you

to win oh when I worked my job with very

much stress intellectual kind of stuff

and it was so relaxing to come home and

work on something was creative and using

your hands it's wonderful I love it for

that no stand point yeah we feel more

relaxed alrighty my sister just sent me

a bonsai yesterday by the way thanks

Elizabeth Pete thanks so much for

stopping by and for all of you if you'd

like more info on that

bonsai summit we just mentioned check

out the scene on houston life section of

our website this was really cool thank