My Hedgehog Roams the House for an Entire Video

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So I waited and so really late to film us because hedgehogs are nocturnal

And I didn't want to take him out in the middle of the day. I wanted him to be at his

Fullest and have the most energy and so I waited until you know it was his

Morning time to get up and start his day. So we're going to go see what kovu was doing at 1:43 a.m.

Hey Kovu where you at Kovu. I know you hear me

Hi, Kovu got a new cage, and he's really loving. It's a lot bigger

This is definitely the size you really want to get for a hedgehog over the years. I've just learned the bigger the better

You can't go wrong with a bigger setup for them. They always will appreciate the extra room

So definitely you should have done this a long time ago, but I'm really really happy

I did bindis on the floor now though. So we're working that out, but hey Kovu you ready to go

You ready to go let's go. Let's go. Oh, okay. Maybe not


Okay, see you later. Buy my merch.

where are you going? You can't go back there? I'll never find you. This is where all the junk goes.

You're not junk. Leave the junk closet. That's right. You're not junk. Now. Don't turn back around. That's right

Don't ever think of yourself as junk. There's so much more than that. Can we move on from this little spot

though please? go go go go. let's let's look look at your friends your friends. Oh, wait. You're blind.

That was mean. See, its your cousin try to eat- Kovu! thanks for peeing on the floor though.

No, no, you can't eat the wall. No, you can't eat the wall no

You can't are you going back over there? You're blind how do you do this? No, you don't need to eat the floor either, Kovu.

Let's let's go to another room now. You're in the kitchen

Yeah, you got some thin' on you. Hey trying to kind of be a good friend and get it off. Okay. Sorry

You're being very sweet. You can't even see you under those drawers. I like how you're all bent down

Being very sneaky

That's my dog's food and it's empty. you're not going to find any food in there

Well you have a little itch, I'm sorry. That's the wall Kovu we're not going back that way

Turn around there. There We go good dog

No bad dog good dog good dog good dog no bad dog bad dog

Good dog

Good dog

Dog is good. You look like a little cow that doesn't know how to navigate okay. Come here

You're confused cow. you're going to get in the dog bed. You couldn't make it here. Oh, ho there you go

Nope, you can't you can't do that? You can't do that to the dog bed. That's a nope

You can't you can't do that dog beds are for sleeping not for eating. no bad dog bad. We're on higher ground now.

He's on the couch, and he's chewing on the pillow

So glad I'm helping you do this. hey what are parents for huh kovu. you can't climb and he's eating the blanket now

No, let go release bad dog no no


Now he's licking the floor again

You're digging at the floor. There's nothing there. There's something buried down there. Is there a cricket buried underneath this house?

Kovu what are you doing now? That's my brother's shoe get out. back it up

Yeah, leave. Wanna say hi to everyone in there?

No, okay. and back to chewing if you swallow any of that, that's not good no child look at me

You need to stop

Did you just push me out of the way? say hi to Zazu. He hasn't been in any other videos lately.

I guess y'all don't get along okay. Sorry Zazu. Kovu I brought you a strawberry

brought you a strawberry...

Really okay? What about this?

Kovu, what are you doing? Come eat your food. okay, then.

Do not go for my sheet Kovu. I have I just washed those. I just washed those!

What are you doing in them? You cannot be chewing on those Kovu.

Stop it


Let go

Other Hedgehogs might watch this and get the wrong idea. you need to teach them how to act show them Good Manners.

No, you're biting it stop.

Kovu what are you doing? Ko- No no, no, Kovu no.

Kovu no

Kovu no, no give it give it hand it over Kovu Kovu hand it over

Kovu drop it. No Kobu no

Kovu no


Ow! kovu you're grounded you bit me. no, no you're grounded. You bit me no

You look ridiculous, really oh

That is my brother's knee brace. Thank you for exiting now. Let's get you some actual food that you're supposed to eat ok Kovu

First we have some grain free

indoor formula


Recipes for cats. Badda-boom badda-bing. then we have a carrot that I microwave to soften it because I'm too lazy to actually boil it.

then we---

I would give him meal worms

But it actually looks like you put on some weight lately so I'm going to keep them away from the mealworms because they're literally just

like pure fat, so

We're just going to keep them away from those for now and stick to crickets and roaches much healthier alternative anyway

Occasionally he will eat some strawberries and fruit is always good

I would offer him apples. Which he does eat a lot more of, but I'm out of apples.

and I'm going to go ahead and scramble an egg because I'm feeling really nice tonight and because I'm out of all my

insects, and I feel kind of bad, so

Ok so I'm going to give him his food put food out and see how long it takes him for him to realize

There is food

(music plays)

You're going to try you cannot climb Kovu

Don't even stop stop it. You can't climb stop Kovu. What are you doing?

You can't climb you don't have the little feet to do that

Really? really you had to climb up there to eat it? That's a pillow


See it you're falling now. Oh

Okay, you don't care

you maneuver pretty well for a blind hedgehog, but it's just because

You want to eat everything? I'm glad that motivates you

I'm just going to leave