Purrfectly Imperfect | Caring for a blind cat

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sadly there are many cats in care who

are overlooked because of a disability

blindness being one of them but as you

can see despite their blindness some

cats adapt well by using their other

senses can live a happy and active life

and still provide great companionship

for their owners if you're caring for a

blind cat or may consider adopting one

in the future here's a few tips on how

to care for them and make sure their

life is as happy and fulfilling as

possible the outside world can be

hazardous for a blind cat so it's

advisable to keep them indoors making

sure you provide them with all the

resources they need such as litter trays

toys and puzzle feeders to help reduce

boredom encourage them to stay active

and healthy with lots of toys and play

you shouldn't be tempted to pick up or

carry a blind cat around your house

instead you should encourage them to

walk around on their own as the glands

on their paws will allow them to leave a

trail of scent they can follow this will

keep their environment familiar and help

them feel as safe as possible despite

their blindness when you approach your

cat make sure you call their name and

make your presence known from further

away until you're near them this will

avoid startling and causing them stress

the more stress accussed encounters the

more it can affect their immune system

and health in the long run

generally blind cats are very adaptable

and will use their whiskers and senses

to help them navigate around however

they still need their environment to be

as stable as possible so avoid moving

furniture toys litter trays and food

bowls so they can easily find them every

time they need to you should also reduce

obstacles for them by keeping walkways

and rooms clear and free of clutter as

much as possible some cats are born

blind but for most loss of sight is

gradual and you may not be aware how

much your cats eyesight is deteriorating

as cats tend to adapt to any disability

or condition they develop so make sure

you get your cat checked out by your vet

regularly to ensure they are treated as

early as possible if their eyesight

starts to deteriorate

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