5 things I wish I knew back then | Beginner Beard Tips

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hey guys what's up I want to talk to you

about the five things I wish I knew back

when I first started growing a beard now

I've had a beard for a long time now

I've had a beard for 12 13 14 years

somewhere in there and if I had a time

machine I go back and tell myself five

things this is what they would be number

one and probably most important my neck

line I used to shave my beard with my

jawline I was that guy man I really wish

I hadn't I looked back at old photos and

I really I really am like what like what

was I thinking

you know when I learned when I learned

how to basically trim your neckline

instead of going with the jaw line and

just kind of going across here letting

all the hair at the bottom your jaw go

down and just kind of the next stuff

taking that off versus going with the

jaw line that changed my beard 100% the

trick is you take your fingers you make

a nail and a backwards L then you go

like this right with your draw and right

underneath where your thumbs are is

where you should trim so basically

there's a you know there's a line on

your jaw or it goes boom and then it

turns in a neck right there is where you

should be trimming the bottom of your

beard number two and second most

important would be beard oil and beard


I had no idea these things existed I

found out about him maybe three years

ago and I've been using them ever since

once you start using beard oil and beard

balm you will never want to go back like

it is it is night and day difference in

your beard and you guys know I've talked

about before the beard oil I use it I

use the Spartans den beard oil the

classic it smells great easy delivery

systems got the pump it's amazing and

then I use the balmy beards beard balm I

also use honest Amish but I like the

Bali beards because it has a better

scent than the honest amish and it's

very similar there are many benefits of

beard oil and beard balm it nourishes

the skin underneath keeps your hair nice

it smells good it can shake your beard

better there's just so many benefits of

using big oil and beard balm number

three is using a beard comb and a beard

brush I heard about I used to use like

the cheap plastic black combs like koma

beard out and then I found out about

beard combs

I forgot who I was watching on YouTube

and I found out about

Kent Combs I ordered a Kent comb it was

like 10 12 bucks I thought oh my god

that's so expensive but when I got it

like oh my gosh the difference between a

Kent comb and regular comb is also night

and day like it is it is they're they're

very premium combs the thing with the

cheap black combs is like they don't

have smooth edges on all that all the

tines on the comb so you're like

irritating your skin you're like you're

messing with your beard hair you're like

maybe creating split ends and stuff with

it which is just no good the Kent comes

with like hand polish and I saw cut

individually versus being stamped in a

press so for 10-12 even 15 bucks at Kent

comb is very worth it number four don't

wash your beard every day and don't use

regular shampoo and conditioner on your

beard use beard shampoo I use this what

I use now is mr. rugged beard shampoo

one of the questions I get asked like

surprisingly a lot is hey man do use

conditioner and your beard and I was

interesting to know I don't use you

don't put conditioner in your beard you

might think you want to but you don't

want to do that when you wash your beard

and you condition it with like shampoo

and stuff like that you're stripping it

of all the oils that all the natural

oils that are in it and so like

especially if you don't have beard oil

or beard balm that's not good for your

beard you want it to have the natural

oils in it and so my thing is now when I

wash it I'll wash it once or twice a

week at the most

and then I'll wash it and then

immediately I'll put beard oil in beard

balm in it just to replenish those oils

in there and that does really well and

number five is the questions you get

you're gonna get when you have a nice

beard you're gonna get everywhere you go

you're gonna get questions you're gonna

get compliments so you have to be

prepared to answer these things so I

mean I'm not saying this have like a

scripted response but just kind of know

what you're talking about so when people

ask you questions you can help them and

direct them and in ways that are helpful

to them maybe they want to grow a beard

maybe they want to maybe they're a wife

and they want to get their husband some

beard products or something that and you

kind of help them along and show them

what's worked for you but you are going

to get a lot of compliments and you are

going to get a lot of questions if you

have a beard that's just the way it is

so those are my top five things I wish I

knew about having a beard back when I

first started growing it and if you guys

have any questions

maybe you guys have another one that you

think is something you wish you could

tell yourself back in the day put that

in the comments below if I miss

something maybe I probably did have tell

me about it in the comments and all the

comments usually and give this video a

like if you liked it and once again all

the all the things I talked about I'll

put a link in the description below to

help you out to find them or whatever

alright guys I appreciate you watching

you guys have a good day