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hello passion fruits it's your girl VH

with another video in this video I'm

gonna discuss a question I often get

asked during face-to-face goat cheese

which is Alka are the do's and don'ts in

caring for an owl so stay tuned for that




so during face-to-face goat cheese a lot

of people ask me are there some things

you can tell me that I definitely

shouldn't do because they are dangerous

for my own and yes there are certainly a

few things I can tell you as soon as I

bring her up to my chest she wants to be

closer with me which I totally

understand and give him such that was a

bit too much right I know my turn I

don't want it you today okay respect

each other okay so nothing better than

oh one avoid sudden changes in

temperature most owls are really

sensitive to sudden changes in

temperature for example if I put lucky

in a very warm living room it's usually

pretty warm where I live because I'm

always cold and I then put her outside

without going through a transition and

she might get sick owls are really

sensitive house are really sensitive for

certain temperature changes so if you

want to put your out in another room

that's a okay but make sure it's not

freezing in one room and super hot in

the other room because that might get

your own sake obviously

different all species thrive in

different temperatures a snowy owl is a

okay with being cold a barn owl however

not so much

I will not go outside with luque if it's

freezing well I might go outside for

just a couple of minutes but I will not

go on a walk for not even 30 minutes

because I know it's just too cold and

she might get sick and I just don't want

to risk it so sudden temperature changes

are a big no-no number two drafts with a

draft I don't just mean wind wind is

totally natural but with a draft because

I don't know if this is the correct

English word I think it is with a draft

I mean when you put your windows all of

your windows open and a few doors open

against each other and there's this

draft that forms it's more than just a

wind you know even people can get sick

from a draft

where was I

even people can get sick from a draft so

owls are especially sensitive to this

and I know it's also the case for

parents parrots can also get really sick

from a draft now the difference between

humans and owls is that if we get sick

from the draft you know we get it cold

and then we get over it if an hour gets

a cold you know it gets a cold and then

it dies well I'll do not always die if

they get sick but I'll either don't get

sick or they do and then when they do

it's usually pretty serious and that's

really unfortunate which is why you

should never take any risks a cold for

an owl is very serious it's not like a

cold for us humans every respiratory

disease and all can get is potentially

lethal and I know I'm sounding like this

big drama queen but trust me I'm not I'm

just making this video to inform you

guys because it would be so unfortunate

if Al's would die all over the world

because people don't notice a cold for

an owl is way more serious than a cold

for the human so avoid drafts in your

house or you know wherever your owl


number three hey avoid hay at all times

um there is a bacteria naturally present

in a called Aspergillus

now this bacteria is also naturally

present in the air all the time but if

you're all has a healthy immune system

strong immune system it won't catch this

disease however if you're out or your

parents because all birds with like the

crooked beak

are sensitive to this disease if your

owl or parent has a weak immune system

however it can even get sick from the

bacteria just being in the air it

doesn't necessarily catch it from

another bird you know so it's naturally

present in the air but also very much

inhale so never use hay as a bedding for

your aviary or your plant scale because

you guys know I keep cookie tethers to a

perch and the perch always stands on a

plant scale filled with biological cat

litter so yeah never use hay as a

bedding because the Aspergillus is

bacteria is in there and it will

definitely get your all sick now

aspergillosis is no joke if your out

gets this then the bacteria will eat

your owl up from the inside out and it

usually ends in death if you catch it

really early you might be able to save

your all with antibiotics which you're

obviously gonna get at the vet who is

specialized in birds of prey really

important don't go to a regular vet they

will give you stuff that skill that's

gonna kill your out even faster there

are special antibiotics for birds of

prey to treat this disease but the

chances of survival are really low if

you catch it really early then you're

all still has a chance if you don't then

of course you're gonna treat your owl

anyway but you're probably gonna watch

it suffer a lot and then die and this is

what happens to my mentors all and it

wasn't his fault because first of all

his barn owl wasn't raised by him he

saved the owl from people who mistreated

it and the owl when it was brought up

only got fed one day old chicks now in

my most recent videos I have talked

about how important it is to feed a baby

owl mainly mice rats baby mice and baby

rats instead only one day old chicks and

dog out you can give maybe

all chicks you have to even maybe give

it one day old chicks but for a baby out

it's the other way around because baby

mice baby rats etc or powered foods and

your baby I'll need those power foods to

build strong bones and strong immune

system now because the people who kept

my mentors born out in the beginning

didn't do this

well I'll ended up with a weak immune

system and it's already died one time

but it's a miracle I don't know how he

did it but my mentor revived the owl

he gave it CPR and it works which is

still it blows my mind but like he saved

the Owls life but you know after that

the owl a few years later got sick again

and this time they weren't able to save

it because the first time it died it

actually also died aspergillosis and

then a few years later it got infected

again which is really sad but I just

want to mention that it was not my

mentors full fault he it wasn't it

simply wasn't his fault and yeah

eventually the owl didn't make it the

part I was already 70 years old though

and born owls you she was gonna yes it

was oh my sweater

ninja yeah barn owls usually you know

become 10 to 15 years old it really

depends I've heard of barn owls becoming

thirty years old but like seven years

old is not young for a barn owl to die

and I can't even imagine that rookie

would already died at this age she's six

years old now but oh my god I can't I

can't be without you and sorry so yeah I

don't use hay as a bedding for your bar

bar now I'll maybe make a separate video

on what kinds of bidding you can use in

aviary or in the plan

so stay tuned for that number four don't

ever give your all wild mice or wild

rats why that is well roughly 70% of

wild mice and rats carry the disease

leptospirosis also called wheels disease

and this is a serious illness which can

even be transmitted to humans for this

reason it's especially important to

avoid any contact with the urine of wild

rats and my last but also very important

tip is to never just assume that a

household product you're using is safe

for your owl like for example I used to

spray this kind of poisonous spray in

the creases of my windows and doors to

keep the spiders outside in Spider

season you know but a lot of those

sprays you know you use for spiders and

insects and stuff

it's very deadly for your owl it's very

poisonous and owls are really sensitive

now I don't have a list with all of the

products that are potentially dangerous

for your owl I just try to not use any

aggressive stuff in my house and if I do

I make sure

Lukie is very far away from the products

now keep in mind I would never use the

spray for spiders and stuff again with

luque in the house not even if she's for

example in the garage and I'm using the

spray in the living room because it can

easily I don't know move through the air

and under the creases of the door and

know just never assume a product is safe

because you've always used it I wouldn't

use any anti insect sprays or just not

any aggressive stuff don't do it because

it might kill your owl that's like a

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