How to keep a Bald Head Healthy

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welcome to 30-day reviews this is the

beginner's guide to going bald I'm

Justin and I have been shaving my head

now for right around a 15 years now I

remember when I first started I ran into

a few complications so therefore I fear

that I would share with you things that

you need to know whether you are going

bald naturally have medical reasons why

are you going bald or you just want to

be bald just because you think that it

looks good this is going to be the guide

that you needed first off I want to say

that being bald is not no upkeep however

it is low upkeep so pretty much this

list of things that you need to know has

to do with taking proper care of your


now the first thing to do to take care

of that head and make it look the best

that you can is to exfoliate before

shaving now what this does is it helps

you get rid of that very thin layer of

dead skin and grind that may be the

regular soap wouldn't get rid of and

what that does and why you should do it

if you're bald is it helps that the

razor blades get that much closer to

your actual skin which gives you a much

smoother shave I noticed that if I go a

week or so without exfoliating that I

will be sitting there rubbing my head

afterward and I can definitely feel a

difference between when I exfoliate and

when I don't

the next thing is to be moisturizing

your head that's right I know it might

sound kind of weird but you definitely

can get dandruff with a bald head and

believe me it definitely shows up more

on a bald head than it does a head with

hair so you're gonna want to moisturize

it I would suggest if you get really

really dry I would go ahead and buy some

moisturizer that's made for the face in

the hands and moisturize your head about

every day when needed which usually it's

going to be at least for me more during

the winter months and the fall than it

is during the summer now if you're like

me and only dry out a couple months of

the year and have facial hair I would

definitely suggest just trying to rub

any of the extra beard oils that you

have on your hands after apply them to

your beard on the top of your head

because this will help moisturize your

head and it's it done very well for me

the next thing I would suggest is to

definitely take your time when you're

first starting to shave your head

the reasoning is because every head is

different and you will have problem

areas now for the first month or so that

you are shaving your head definitely

take it a little slower find out and get

to know your head because you're

probably not used to going over it with

a razor blade and so it is definitely

gonna make all the difference in the

future to make sure that you get in the

habit of getting everything the first

pass around like I have learned that I

have a little crease in the back of my

head if I don't focus really well on

that area when I'm shaving it it's gonna

come out with a little bit longer hairs

and it's gonna be noticeable so

differently for the first few months

make sure that you take your time don't

be in a rush to shave your head quickly

because you will definitely learn those

little things that will help you in the

future to be able to shave more

efficiently and quicker

now from my favorite tip is to cover

your head your head was the one part of

your body that no matter what way you

turn it's getting the Sun and believe me

you do not want a burnt head it is

horrible and you can't shave first in a

long time and if you like me bolding

with the balding pattern people start to

notice that not only that but peeling

skin off your head is pretty gross

so definitely cover your head wear

sunscreen wear a bandana wear a baseball

cap whatever you need to do to cover

your head because your head and your

ears over here where you might not have

normally gotten burnt will definitely

get burnt if you're not careful that

being said I do suggest making sure that

you get at least a little bit of Sun up

on top of your cue ball just be very

conscious about how much you're giving


and lastly for the gentleman if you can

grow some facial hair I highly recommend

it whether it's a full beard a

good-looking mustache or even what I've

got here a goatee I highly suggest doing

so because it will help your face kind

of balance out because people are used

to seeing hair up top nothing on bottom

this just kind of flips it around so it

definitely helps kind of balance out

your face a little bit so if you can I

highly suggest growing a little bit of

facial hair and if you can't well keep

on shaping your head anyway because it

looks good if you've been shaving for a

while I definitely want to see you down

in the comment section putting down any

tips how long you been shaving for and

how long it took you to decide that you

wanted to shave your head until next


as always you have a good one