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back with another video today and today

I've had a bunch of requests for baby

veil chameleon care and that's what I'm

here to deliver come here bud

come here I think this guy I'm keeping

actually you guys see the blue on his

head I think you can really oh maybe a

bit there yeah it can kind of see it I

think that's the baby that I'm keeping

well back to the video so baby veiled

chameleon care for me is quite simple I

really honestly as horrible as it sounds

don't really follow any specific rules I

just kind of do what works basically for

me I will do lighting will do misting

feeding everything like that but we'll

start first with lighting this is a 40

watt bulb it's not a basking spot bulb

with it believe it's just a heat bulb I

can show you the package here daytime

heat lamp 40 watts

that's what it is and that's what I use

for the babies it provides a decent hot

spot and they do just like to kind of

flock up there like that little guys

doing as for the other lights I believe

that's a 5.0 up top there and then

that's one of the grow bulbs or

something like that I believe that one

just provides light not much UVA or UVB

but that one's UVA and UVB that's for

lighting it's really simple and then up

top I have the XO Tara canopy and then

just a normal basking as for misting I

have them on an automatic mr. right up

there you can kind of see the drip

coming down from it huh there you go now

you can see it it comes on once every

hour for 50 seconds I believe or one

minute maybe and it missed the crap out

of the tank it gets this side of the

cage mostly but whenever I'm down here

whenever it seems to be dry in here I

always missed it

I mean that's just kind of a no-brainer

the chameleon said you need some

humidity as for decorations obviously

you can see I have a whole bunch of

branches that they can climb on

horizontally not too many vertically the

plants are mostly vertical but all the

branches are horizontal they do need

varying thicknesses of branches just to

develop their strength than that I got

some foliage I know a lot of people that

actually decorate them a lot more

they'll put big plants and everything

like that but that's just not really my

style and my chameleons are doing

perfectly so I don't know maybe I'm

doing something right but I like them to

get used to people and see me and they

can get away if they really want to but

they're mostly able to view me at most

times of the day so that's kind of nice

I guess them a little more used to

humans not saying that's true but that's

what I'd like to think as for feeding I

start these guys on fruit flies I can

show you those just one second so I've

got four of these containers going right

now they're the bigger fruit flies I

can't remember what kind there are I'll

leave the name right now I'll find it on

the internet and they'll be over the

boxes here for for babies I tossed in

like a ton of them at a time and they

just go nuts they'll eat as many as they

possibly can and obviously you can see

they poop a lot I'll clean that up

pretty soon but they are awesome

chameleons and they do eat like no other

I was hearing of somebody that I know

that was breeding chameleons and their

babies were like a couple weeks or a

month old or something like that and

they are still eating fruit flies by

that time I would almost completely

remove any fruit flies and start feeding

crickets just because you want the

deviating crickets obviously crickets

have a little more nutritional value

than fruit flies do so I got them

switched over to crickets pretty much as

fast as I could

even the two week old ones the little

two guys up there they're eating two and

three week crickets I know that's huge

but that's the truth I put them in for

the other guys that are a little bit

older than them they're going to month

old now

they're up there and then once back

there as well and they eat the three

weak ones pretty pretty well so

everybody's on crickets by now but

that's what I start with is the fruit

flies cage wise obviously you can see I

don't even know what size the cages I

know it's 12 inches by 12 inches by I

guess would be a little more than 24

inches like 30 inches something like

that I got it at my local pet store that

I work at and I really don't recommend

these these kids just kind of suck but

it's good for temporary setup for babies

like this one if you're gonna wanna if

you're getting a baby chameleon and

you're not like me breeding and selling

then I would certainly recommend either

zoo Med or finding somebody local that

builds their own I know there's a couple

businesses here in Calgary if you're

looking here in Calgary Cornell's world

is a really good one they are a little

more pricey than a lot of places but

they do it's solid aluminum it won't

matter uh stit won't do any of that kind

of stuff so certainly worth it for baby

chameleons a lot of people are super

super worried about stressing them and

freaking them out and being all scared

and oh what am i baby chameleon get

stressed honestly like this is how they

are in my room with everybody else I

normally sit on my chair there or in my

bed I'm watching videos and playing

music they've never been stressed

they're pretty awesome little dudes

maybe that's the way I raise them maybe

that's just the way they're born but I

wouldn't recommend handling two too

often but I mean if you want them to get

used to you better start when they're

young then when they're full-grown in

their little dicks like kula cuz I can

get her out but I need food if you have

any questions or if I didn't answer

anything I forgot to cover something

drop them in the comments down below I

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down below it's been graphic Phoenix

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