How To Setup a Turtle Aquarium (Baby Turtle!)

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okay so today we're going to be going

over and setting up a basic turtle

aquarium we're gonna be setting it up

this is the little guy right here he's a

tiny little red eared slider he's a


he's just barely I don't know if you can

see here with against my hand

he's just an itty bitty thing maybe

maybe a little bit bigger than a quarter

he was actually a rescue he was stuck to

a glue trap for mice and a husband of a

co-worker to bring him in and we're

actually gonna be giving it away to

someone and I'm gonna help him set up

there a nice aquarium


so this is what we're going to be

working with today I have our 10 gallon

aquarium for this size turtle it's

plenty enough for him he's gonna have

plenty of space you'll even have room to

grow for a little while they do grow

fast so it's not a permanent setup but

it would work great for the size that he

is right now there for at least a couple

months we have our substrate we have

grab we'll just regular aquarium gravel

ready to go we have a filter which is a

10 gallon filter which is enough to run

a 10 gallon but considering we're not

gonna have the full thing filled up it's

going to be more than enough considering

turtles are relatively messy pets so

it'll be over filtration which means his

water quality will stay nice and clean

ensuring that he stays healthy we've got

a little place for him to hide nothing

crazy we've got a lid to keep less to

keep him in but more to keep other

animals and pets out and there's got

some nice decorations man it's an

artificial just to spruce it up a bit

and then you can't go wrong without pet

food now normally when you set up a pet

turtle right eared slider or anything of

the sort you normally you have to have

proper lighting you have to have a

proper heat bulb then you have a prepped

of a you have to have a proper UVB bulb

which gives them the proper vitamins and

minerals and stuff they need that they'd

normally get in direct sunlight but the

person getting giving this - I've

already talked to and they're going to

keep him by a window and for at least a

while during the warm summer months

he'll be more than okay sitting by the

window getting all natural sunlight

we are brand-new opened up took it out

of the cardboard packaging brand-new 10

gallon aquarium I think we're gonna

start adding some and as you go over

right up to the top now what we're going

to do is we're going to go through and

we're gonna put in his little half log

because I'm something to hide in if he

ever feels like he needs to and it's

something for him to climb over turtles

like to climb and we're also want to put

his rock in here because this is a great

spot for him to get up and bask on so

what I did is first of all I decided I

want to rotate this around and put it

facing it forward that way I can have a

little bit of a steeper slope on down

and I put this big rock right here with

a nice drop-off because that's where the

waters going to be up to right there so

he'll be able to sit right there on the

edge of the water and the way Turtles do

is they'll just go up right down into

the water and will swim around and he'll

have a blast

so now what we got to be before we add

the plants we want to make sure we put

the filter in first and then we can use

the plants to kind of decorate make

everything look nice hide the filter of

it make it look a little more fancy and


here we have it we have the filter we

put it in the corner back here I think

it'll be fine right there

I think it yeah substitute suction cups

on so it came with this nice little

bracket me hanging on the stand here

it'll work great we will put our plants






so we got the plants in they came with

two big plants that were all one piece

the long pieces fell off of this I kind

of stuck it in with this piece over here

had a little bit more color and then it

had some little bitty tiny green ones

I'm thinking or gonna stay here they

should I think that kind of adds a

little bit of unique color to it we've

got a little plant up here up on the dry

land it looks to be a pretty and nice

right here and we had a little bit of

trimming we just get it fell off but

just kind of shoved it through pull it

back here I think it's gonna look really


alright slap the lid on here to make it

look a little bit more finished and

pronounced but the last thing to make it

really perfect for the turtle we gotta

add water as you can hear that's a pump

going got some water going I already put

my dechlorinator in there make sure

every time whether you have fish or

aquatic reptiles or anything that has to

do with water when you plan on using it

from the tap and make sure you get a

water conditioner it's used to get rid

of the chlorine and the other things

that are harmful to your pets though I

do believe the water is well cycled now

if the the chlorinators been flown

through the pumps been running for a

couple minutes I think it would be safe

to go ahead and introduce him to his new

home alright we're going to add them in



there we go exploring






all right there we have it we have this

pump going we got plenty of decoration

plants we got water it's plenty deep

enough for his size look at heat I told

you he'd like to combat oh there he goes

I'll see if he does the thing on his own

so you'll see how these Turtles will do

they'll actually take their neck and use

it as a lever and they'll turn and flip

themselves over he's a little tired

right now I might have to help him but

you can see the idea he'll take his neck

and he should just do it on us there he

goes see all by himself so if you liked

this video comment what you want to see

if you have any questions on raising

baby turtles this one's already at

slaughter if you have any questions in

particular I can give you my best input

and if you have any advice you feel free

to drop it down in the comment section