How to Take Care of a Baby Squirrel - Everything You Need to Know

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today I'm gonna go over everything you

need to know about caring for a baby

orphan squirrel

so the very first thing you're gonna do

whenever you get the scroll see if it's

dehydrated now to find out the scroll

dehydrated you can pinch it back up and

if the skin stays wrinkled and it

doesn't expand back out that means the

squirrel is dehydrated then you need to

get some Pedialyte the best kind of

Pedialyte you can get is the non

flavored if you can find it so after you

get the scroll hydrated you can give

them the milk before they're hydrated

but they're not gonna be able to take it

it might kill but after they're hydrated

you want to give them some milk now you

don't want to buy premix meal this is

Hizballah toughy formula and that's

powder formula there's the best stuff

that you can get to feed baby squirrels

now we'll show you the mixing right here

for this it's not the same as what's on

the back up but you need to determine

the size of the squirrel and how old it

is before you feed it because you know

how much you feed it depends on how old

it is

so this squirrel right here is about

three weeks old because it's furry

Oliver and his eyes it and open their

eyes opened about four weeks so he's got

fur all over at about two weeks on they

start to get firown' so they'll be a

little bit furry but at about three

weeks they're full of fur they got their

bottom teeth their incisors are coming

in all right so I'm gonna link a chart

and another a link to another website

down below this is gonna tell you how to

judge how old the squirrels are now if

the squirrels don't have firm them yet

you're gonna need to keep them on some

kind of external heating source so the

best thing to do is get you like a box

or like a little cooler or something and

then you can put a heating pad under it

but only halfway under that way if the

babies get too hot on top of heating pad

they can crawl off of it

whenever you store the babies you want

to keep something in there that they can

give me you see I got it I got a towel

in here they got these in a little hoody

writer you want to keep something warm

that they can get in especially if they

don't have any fur on the

don't have any fur on them you

definitely want to keep them warm or

they'll wanna have done but once they

start to get firm you don't have to keep

them on that external heating source you

can just put them in something like this

or a towel and keep them in a container

you want to keep in something with high

side so they can't crawl out because a

lot of times that's how they get away

from their nest they crawl the nest

whenever they start to open their eyes

they fall out it can't get someone bird

get some now the the feeding ratio is

gonna be based off the size of the

squirrel once again the link below will

give you all the details to everything

you need to know for the different size

but we're gonna be showing you today how

to feed one that is this size I don't

have one of every size now I have raised

probably about 50 of these things people

bring them to me every year whenever

they thought the trees the cats gonna

hold up and her storms they're just have

a bunch of people know that I have taken

care of them before and I know how to

take care of them and they're always

bring them to me so I raised a lot of

these things they don't really make good

pets once they start again

mature they want to go to find a mate to

get kind of rough with you they'll bite

you you I've had them bite through my

finger most of the time when I started

mature you need to let them go alright

now you want to mix enough milk to feed

the babies for at least two or three

days depending on what size the babies

are and how many you're feeding depends

on how much formula you want to mix

together for me I've got four of them so

I'm gonna fill this up about half way

that's gonna last about two days so you

want your mixing ratio to be one part

powder to two parts water well you want

to get the water hot almost to a bone

point so we're gonna do this is a half a

cup I'm gonna be using 1/4 cup of powder

we're gonna go ahead and put a half a

cup of water here put it here and then

I'm warming up everyone watch it this

one starts the bowling put in here five

thirty seconds then once it starts

boiling I'm gonna stop it I'm going to

take it out you don't want the water

really passed bowling because if the

water is passed bowling when you're

going to mix the powder together it's

gonna it's gonna bowl all the nutrients

out of the formula that the baby

squirrels need so now that we have our

hot water we're gonna dump about half of

this powder into the cup here you know

alright and we are gonna put a little

bit of water here now stir you lumpy mix

together best you can and then put the

rest of the powder in there the rest the

water so you see here it's really lumpy

in there you don't want to be lumpy like

that so what you going to do get you a

strainer get another container to pour

it into take your coat

dump it through the strainer here you're

gonna have to push that stuff through

the strainer

now what it's going to do is all build

up on the bottom there

that's okay you just wipe it off the

reason it's important to get all this

powder you see all that stuff it's not

mixing in the water all that's the

nutrients the baby needs it makes the

milk thicker so if you don't get all

this stuff in there in the milk is

really thin those babies are gonna have

diarrhea and they might wind up getting

sick and dying on you now you got on the

side of the milk container here just

scoop it down there and mix it in now

you really want to take this and let it

sit let it cool down let it sit in the

frigerator for a couple hours

give that formula time to mix together

well now we're gonna take them they'll

put it refrigerator and we're gonna let

it cool off set it in there let it cool

down now when you store your milk in the

refrigerator you're gonna put it in

something in the top on this is just a

small baby container if you just have

one squirrel this will be fine you can

just put the milk in here it's got a

little lid on it a little screw lid of

course if you have four Scrolls like I

do your need a bigger container put in

their store and then whenever you're

ready to be them you take it out and

warm some up so now we have our milk

cooled down we don't want to warm this

whole entire container of you you want

the milk to be warm when you feed the

babies a lot of times if it's cold they

may not eat it anyway if you keep

warming all this milk up and cooling it

down you might spoil the milk so we just

want to warm up a little bit we're going

to take a shot glass here we're gonna

pour just enough milk and there to feed

these babies

we're gonna put it in the microwave for

probably about three seconds this really

all it takes three four seconds so we'll

put it in for four seconds I take it out

maybe we'll do the test stick your

finger in it see how hot it is if it's

hot enough to burn your finger it's too

hot and you let it cool down but once it

does cool down it's just kind of worn

can get you a syringe now pick this up

from the local drug store now it's

really best if you can get a feed nipple

to go on the end of these you might bill

if I'm those in the Pistor pending on

the size once again depends on how much

you're gonna feed them of the chart

below we'll have all that information in

but these be in about three weeks over

you need anywhere from four to five and

a half cc's depending on how big the

baby is a good rule of thumb is you can

watch their bellies you feed them kind

of slow I'm you can see the belly start

to swell definitely don't want to

overfeed they'll keep eating a lot of

times if they have an in in a wall

they'll eat too much and then it can one

up killed a few other few right now our

milk has cooled down it's probably about

the same temperature as my finger now

which my body temperature is 98 degrees

put about four cc's in here start with

now these babies have an 8 in a wall

whenever they eat they're gonna try to

suck that milk down if you're not

careful they can inhale the milk and

you'll see it come out there knows if

that happens you want to stop and you

want to clean it up with a wet paper

towel that's bad you don't want that

happen if you don't have a feed nipple

that feed nipple is gonna keep them from

inhaling the milk but this is just a

syringe so you don't want to let him get

the whole entire syringe in his mouth

like this because if you do he can suck

that nil out of the syringe and you'll

see it coming back guys notice you won't

just kind of hold him firmly and you

want to put barely the tip of it up to

his mouth and press down on it very

slowly if you press too fast it's gonna

push that milk down his throat and then

that milk is gonna come out notice they

can get a respiratory infection

it can cause to a lot of other problems

but you want to make sure you feed it

very slowly to keep that from happen

so you just press down on it I like to

hold my finger on the syringe right here

and then press down on the back of it

because if you don't hold your finger on

it and apply pressure on that syringe a

lot of times they can actually sew and

they'll suck that syringe down and then

once again if the milk will come out of

their nose it also helps if you hold

them at a horizontal angle like this if

you hold it up like this is there bad

about getting the milk down in their

lungs that come out their nose too and

just take your time being really slow


once you've fed Eve enough you just put

it back in with the brothers and this

sage the babies can use the bathroom on

their own but before this sage before

they start getting for our own about one

to two weeks anything before that you're

gonna have to promote them to use the

bathroom so really the best thing to do

is eat you a cotton ball I don't have

one right now that's just the paper

towel so what you can do you wet it you

wet it with warm water and you just

tickle their genitals and they will use

the bathroom because what the mother

does that their muscles have not

developed yet for them to be able to use

the bathroom on their own so the mother

actually licks their genitals to promote

them going to the bathroom now that's

very important if the babies are very

small if they're smaller and they don't

have your home it's very important to

promote them to use the bathroom or else

that that will cause them to die because

all the food will build up in them

you'll notice in the cage you can see in

the cage if they're using the bathroom

or not whatever you have them in you'll

see pellets or you'll see diarrhea in

there if they're not using the bathroom

that's the sign for concern so that's

pretty much everything you need to know

about taking care of a baby squirrel and

feeding them at this age you want to

feed them every three hours probably

bout six times a day and order they get

the less you can feed them and then you

can start putting little wood blocks in

there for the two home and once their

eyes open you can start weaning them off

the milk once

the link will be below on all of the

details on how to do this stuff and if

you have any questions you know feel

free to ask me to drop a comment down

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