How To NURSE Feed a BABY OPOSSUM! | Our First Creature Feature! | The Urban Rescue Ranch

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you guys welcome back to the ranch today

I've got a little special video for you

for eat your feet here we're gonna try

and do this everybody okay we're gonna

guys no this is poppy for the two talks

and of all the animals that are brought

in that we deal with one of the most

that is made of or one of people don't

like the most is typically the possible

and possums are really really sweet

whenever you just get to spend time with

me and a lot of people just see them as

ugly or scary they see the video eyes go

ahead and come on okay so this is

awesome it's spelled with an O in the

beginning and it is the only marsupial

in North America this is actually the

Virginia opossum and they're very

special because marsupials raise their

babies in their past

just like kangaroos a lot of you might

be thinking that opossums are closely

related to rats but they're actually a

lot more closely related to a kangaroo

than they are to Iraq so possums spend a

lot of their lives in trees and they

like to come down this cabbage the

majority of their diet consists of bugs

sometimes mice and then oftentimes

roadkill and even other possums as I

mentioned earlier the possum has a pouch

much like a kangaroo and oftentimes

people will bring possums into

rehabilitators after the mother has been

hit by car and they found a bunch of

babies living inside of a pouch they're

still moving around and real people the

real animal lovers typically will take

them out of the moms pouch and bring

them sweets or rehab center this little

guy fell out of the moms pouch and was

abandoned now some of you may be

thinking hey that looks like it's old

enough to to Eve solid food on its own

but actually we've tried to feed her

solid food she hasn't eaten any of it

we've tried moistening cat food it

hasn't worked one way to tell that a

possum is ready to be weaned and ready

to go out into the wild is if you look

at their ears you take a quick shot on

that once they're all black that's when

you know that they're totally ready to

be weaned and put into the wild

this little guy we've tried to give her

some solid food but for the most part

she is eating mainly

puppy formula which is the best milk

replacer for opossums and oftentimes

people will mix this with a little bit

of dry cat food just as a supplement for

nutrition what we do is we either use a

bottle like this or we use a syringe

typically people use a syringe because

they don't suckle and they don't latch

on to the teat but what they do do is if

you squirt it slowly into their mouth

they'll lap it up and I'll show you guys

that in a second now the possum will

first venture out of its mother's pouch

when it's about two to two and a half

months old and at this point it starts

to see the world it starts to nurse a

little bit more and it starts to eat

whatever the mother's eating so if the

mother finds some roadkill that's one of

the babies can finally start to kind of

crawl out at three four months and eat

the roadkill Wickard so as I mentioned

earlier possums are opportunistic eaters

they're omnivores so they eat just about

everything from bugs to fruits to

veggies to other possums even and even

snakes and it's medium snakes they are

actually impervious to snake venom so if

this little gal got bitten by a western

diamondback rattlesnake or if an adult

one got bitten by a rattlesnake or even

a copperhead they'd be able to survive

and that's because they have peptides in

their blood that actually works as a

neutralizer for snake venom a lot of

people also think that possums are

really dirty but actually whatever you

give them a little bath and whenever you

wash them with flea medication I don't

recommend that any of you guys get this

close to a wild possum but they actually

have a very similar grooming routine to

cats so they regularly licks them lick

themselves and unlike cats they can eat

about 5000 ticks per season 90% or more

of the ticks as they get on a regular

basis or are eaten by them and that's

why it's actually kind of nice to have

them around if you're in an area like

the Midwest where Lyme disease is a huge

issue another thing that a lot of people

don't know is that opossums have a

naturally really low blood temperature

which is really significant because it

makes it hard for them to be susceptible

to most diseases rabies is one of these

and while awesomes can technically get

rabies it doesn't live very long in

their blood because

rabies doesn't do well in temperatures

under I think 99 or 98 degrees

Fahrenheit up to you guys about awesome

is that whenever they are playing possum

they're not actually playing dead that

is an involuntary comatose white state

induced by extreme fear that can last

from several minutes to several hours

and they're not being coy they are

literally just fainting whenever they're

playing dead

but enough about those boring facts now

I'm going to show you guys what to do if

you're in a situation where you come

across is orphaned possum it needs

immediate care now my recommendation is

that you should always bring that possum

so rehab center but often times rehab

centers won't take them in because they

get too many possible I like to have

about a full tablespoon in there and it

really doesn't need to be the same exact

measurement as if you were having this

for a dog well made a little bit of a

mess there and I just stir this up and

then I put it in the syringe



well baby's been very well-behaved but

if you have a possum that's a little bit

more fidgety and not willing to nurse

what you can do is make a little burrito

like this similar to what you do if you

had a baby tent and then slowly do that

and she's gonna drink that way as well

that's all you got to do thank you guys

so much for watching I'm not the best at

this I'm relatively new but just to let

you know you do need in most states a

permit to be able to do this if you're

gonna bring a possum in you need to get

your rehabilitation licensing and and if

you're going to own a possible there's a

pet you need to have a special license

you look at this little bundle you don't

need a special license but but yeah so

leave a like let us know what else you

want to see this is our first creature

feature we're gonna have plenty of these

coming up I'm gonna try and do it every

Friday so thank you guys so much for

coming the urban rescue ranch we love

you thanks for supporting us and we'll

see you in the next video