How do I take care of baby pigeons ? | Pet Care

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Salam Alaikum Friends

How is everyone?

In this short video

these are 2 baby pigeons

and i have given away their parents to someone

in this video i will show you what to do with these baby pigeon

specially for beginners

in this hobby

i will teach you what to do with these small pigeon chicks

they will die if not looked after

so i will show you an easy way

in this video

because it would be difficult

to hand feed them everyday

so today

we will find them foster parents

very simple and easy way

for this what we will do is

check for other pigeons

if they have similar babies

in age and size

so we will accommodate these chicks with them

so lets search

Basically pigeons are very innocent birds,

they wont notice any change

if we put one of these chicks

with their baby

they will start feeding these chicks too

so lets search

we will look at all these nests one by one

to find one baby with same age and size

these babies are older in age

eggs here

still searching!!!


It is very important

that the size and age

should approximately be same

otherwise this wont work

so be carefull

lets search in another cage

no luck here

lets enter another cage

and search

Finally!!! we can keep one of the chick here

approximately same age and size

so we put one chick here

half job done

Lets see if we can get lucky again

so the other chick can find new parents

YES!!! We found his home

so we keep him here

JOB done

now they are safe in their new home

they have new parents & siblings

So if you learned something from this video


& do let me know in comments

if you found this video helpfull

and Consider


In Sha Allah see you in the next video