How to keep baby mice alive...first feeding, HELP!!!

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hi guys it's echo here with freecom


so i have a situation i have three tiny

baby mice um they're super super teeny

teeny teeny

and i'm gonna set these guys down real

quick i'm up in my daughter's room

because my dog doesn't have access up

here i just got home from work

um and i'm trying to get these guys

ready to go for a first feeding

so to give you guys the story real quick

yesterday i was at work

and i work in this huge warehouse and in

this warehouse

there are um cabinets and there was a

bag in there with some clothes

so my boss and i went out there to go

through these clothes and we opened the


everything's fine take the bag out and

then i pick up a shirt and plop

and i look down and there's this little

teeny teeny tiny baby mouse

it's like oh my gosh so we go through

the rest of the bag very very carefully

and we find only two more so as little

as they are and as nervous as i was

because i really don't know what to do

um i

like rodents i had a pet rat once but

nowhere near the small

i called a good friend of mine who's an

animal habitat rehabilitator

she said that you know basically i just

need to

make sure that i can keep them warm try

to keep them safe

so what i did yesterday was i put them

in like a box uh to where mom could

still get in there

made a little bit of bedding and then i

ended up putting

um a tortilla chip and some lettuce and

cheese in there hoping that would get

the mom to come back

and then maybe take care of the babies

so i checked on them this morning

babies were in the same spot none of the

food had been touched

none of like mama's droppings or

anything were around them

so then today before i left for work i

went and checked again i'm like you know

what like these guys aren't looking as

good this this and this

i watched two youtube videos um

basically what my setup here is right


and there's my daughter um i have some

pedialyte i have some q-tips uh

some paint brushes um i have two little


and one of the things i read on google

actually is that one

of the best formulas for them is goat's

milk well

oddly enough i know a guy and i have

unpasteurized goat's milk but what the

video said is that i need to use

pedialyte first to get those

electrolytes in them

and then you have to massage their

bellies so that they can you know get


uh bowels continue to move and keep them

very very clean

so like i said um if anybody has any


any help any anything that you can

uh assist me with please comment on this


so that i'll know for later i'm gonna be

feeding them every two

hours um and then tomorrow whenever i go

to work

sarah is gonna be there um she's already

seen him i told her that i was gonna

take him tonight

this is gonna be kind of our thing i

don't know how our shifts are gonna work

especially with it being thursday and

the weekend coming up tomorrow

but uh along with my boss and family and

everybody else

a lot of people think that i'm nuts

right now but it's a living creature

they're just so freaking adorable

they're so helpless

i'm just trying to do anything i can do

for a chance at survival

i've already kind of prepared the kids

of hey

the the chance isn't you know very

likely and this isn't the best setup

that i have for my camera right now

at all but uh sorry for the instability

we're gonna try

so um yeah so

it's not a good chance for them right

now um i'm feeling pretty bad for the

little guys

and i'm just gonna do whatever it is

that i

can do and we're gonna pray for the best

expect the worst

and um yeah that's where we're at so

we're gonna do this feeding

um they're just so tiny i have a heating

pad to be able to keep them warm

ah yeah we're just gonna kind of see how

this goes

they kind of squeak and chirp a little

bit they're very

they don't have their eyes fully open


um but they are moving quite a bit

and so if you guys want to see this

little guy

look at this i mean just so

tiny so helpless so adorable so what the

lady on the video was doing was she was

taking a very fine tip paintbrush

dipping it in the pedialyte and they're

able to kind of suckle on that

and you can kind of hear them suckling

and opening their mouth whenever i hold


but you have to be like really really

careful that you don't get it in their

nose because that can kind of drown them

actually because they're just so

tiny and they can't clear that nasal


so it seems to be working all right for

a second here

trying to get to where you guys can see

i was just in such a rush to get them

home and get something

in them

and it seems to be taking the pedialyte

right now you guys

very very wiggly though let me see if i

can't turn around like this so you guys

can see a little bit better

so we're getting a little bit in there

it's mouth is kind of moving around it's

just so

so so so tiny

and i want to get as much enem as it

will possibly let me right now

and then i'll wipe its mouth off with a

dry cue to it make sure none is on or

around its nose

i'll get its two other little brothers

or sisters

and then like i said with the massaging

of the belly that's just like what i've


so that their um

bowels can move and you have to keep

them very very clean

um there is a couple with a few little

teeny tiny blackish brown spots on it

so anyway that is

what we're up to tonight like i said um

if anybody can give me some advice

um if you think i'm crazy i really don't

need to hear from you right now

i love most uh animals more than i do

most people

no give me a little guys okay um so yeah

so i'm gonna go ahead and hop off now

and focus on this um sarah and i are

gonna do another feeding tomorrow in the

morning and then like i said

while i'm doing my job in my warehouse

buddy get out real quick

sorry child number two uh while i'm

doing my job in my warehouse um sarah's

gonna be babysitting these little guys

throughout the day so she may be going

live too

um yeah so like i said i'm just looking

for help i'm looking for information i'm

looking for comments

and i'm just trying to do whatever it is

that i can do for these little guys

right now

so hey this is echo with recall reality

sorry this is a weird random crazy video

um i'm literally holding like maybe a

week old mouse i don't even know

um but i'll be taking some pictures too

maybe we can insert those

later on just wish us luck and any

advice would be great thanks