How To Take Care Of A Rainbow Lorikeet [Things You Need To Know!]

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guys guess what I have a little visitor

oh yeah this is buddy and by the way I'm

in Ireland okay in Killarney and I have

buddy he came to visit his mommy doesn't

want to be on TV but she came all the

way from mean Meade and he sniffs so

good he gets the best little fruit mix

what do you think buddy of the camera

you like it yes you love the camera cuz

you know you're beautiful you know what

I should do for you guys for parent tip

Tuesday let's talk a little bit about

lorikeets what should we savor the

lorikeets well their little fruit slash

nectar eaters they've got a brush on

their tongue my lorikeets used to stick

his tongue in my mouth and then put it

in my ear like a wet willy

once again saliva is not good for birds

but I mean Oh

buddy likes my shirt because he likes

the match so he doesn't want to come off

but he is super friendly he's a very

happy guys one thing you should know

about lorikeets though is because they

eat a lot of liquids and nectar and

the way their droppings are sometimes

they're very liquidy and spray

everywhere but actually buddy's been

pretty good and pretty potty-trained I'm

very impressed he eats a lot this guy's

like busy I can't believe how friendly

you are he's such a good bird guys don't

run out and get lorikeets now though

because they're a little bit more

difficult than other birds so they're

beautiful but that's something I would

run out and get if you've never had a

bird before and even if you have had

parrots also not something I would run

out and get but he's just gorgeous and

well-behaved and here we are in the park

in Killarney and I can't believe I'm so

very very lucky so the things that you

should know about lorikeets are they hop

they have a lot of energy so they're

kind of very bouncy

which is very very cute he's very

friendly much friendlier than my gypsy

was gypsy was friendly to people he knew

but like when he got mad he got mad this

guy's actually been very friendly with

everybody so that's very interesting to

know because if you think about it you

know how birds can be one person Birds

buddy has displayed a willingness to

visit everyone he actually talks he says

hi buddy

uh-oh a dog is coming hold on alright

guys so I want you like my buddy is

chillin right now while he's chillin

he's eating cuz he eats like all the

time I'm not kidding you another reason

that these birds are a little bit

high-maintenance aside from the fact

that I mentioned their nectar eaters is

because you legitimately have to cut up

fruit for them consistently of course we

talked on our cooking show about he's

nodding right now I could do not we

talked on our cooking show about how you

do want to feed your birds healthy food

and chop all the time but these birds

literally that's what they eat so like

all they eat and if you're not in

America where you can't get there's like

access to a bird store this bird right

now is in Ireland and his mommy Natasha

she has to order his food from England's

okay so before he comes out he's coming

here yes but he's like let me be on this

video look at the mix that she brought

for him you want to look you want to

show the camera all about it me

so she has in there grapes blueberries


um I even see broccoli in there this is

like some high-maintenance mommy stuff

lucky she has two kids so she's ready

for this and she actually gives him the

dry fruit too which is pretty impressive

she says that he eats it and what I like

about it is obviously that's what's

making his droppings a little bit

thicker and less liquidy because I can

see it here in the cage and generally

that's one of the difficult things about

these birds is that it's all liquid

dropping so if I have to deter you from

getting one of these because a lot of

times these are impulse buys let me just

describe the worst case scenario if you

don't have a potty-trained lorikeets

you're talking about liquid splattered

all over the walls and every 30 seconds

and you guys know I'm just telling you

the worst because I don't want any

impulse bird buying these are some of

those beautiful birds you can ever ever

and this guy's really friendly so I

could see how what else do we need to

say about him so this is what he's

eating and he has a really really big

big cage this is what I hear and they

smell phenomenal he loves being cuddled

and put on his back and I know what I'm

making it look so so good right now but

let me tell you if you're like any kind

of OCD this is not for you but anyway

look at that face buddy what do you want

to say to the camera about your life

anything do you have anything to say so

yeah if you've never met a lorikeets

before they are native to Australia oh

he's just gorgeous guys I'm so in love


my finger trained them


and they'll stand outside and sugar you

haven't mastered like you're over

now come another shirt and then you take

an apple out and cut it off

hello ujiie keep scared what happened he

scared you

oh you lost your Apple no no all right

I'll get you another one



no nothing else for you nothing else for

you hold on a sec you want some more you

want some more you're gonna go on the



oh I have no more all right


you have Apple all over your face oh you

need some more all right hold on all


right Peter Lorre




hey Josie you're very hard to feed to

lorikeets and video them can turn this


hang on I'm just gonna turn it around

and get to the other side


this is the loud one or two thank you

every time he answered by the back wall


freaka there's one more



by yourself be done


here we go