How to care for a NEWBORN baby Girl 🤰 realmomma 🤱

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are you can just watch from here to my

bath water this is kind of this is her

first bath too so this would be the

things that I would get ready for now

like during the winter their skin dries

out just like ours does too so you don't

have to do a bath every day but in the

summertime they kind of like one every

day like we do you know they feel sweaty

and and it helps aggress then after that

sleepers would've wanted to rest but she

needs a first bath up to that and then

they usually nurse pretty good after

that too

another thing I should do is turn for

Niall is any of that so I'm going to use

the basin here too so in custody here

with your wrist or your elbow for those

who use to more sensitive temperatures

of water you're going to give a baby a

bath and a sink to make sure that the

temperature doesn't change as it's

running water so you don't burn their

baby to just a common sense things to so

I'm going to get my damn water ready



coach here cousin I'll do her footprints

she sent them aren't you - well when I

rushed her up there a little and usually

I had like a warm I had a blanket of

sheep so every night what is either

sponge them off because you could sponge

they will do their face and hands and

bottom or give them a bath I just

usually had that nice blanket or she and

then I bring my clothes there because

we've got clothes I'm going to use the

swaddler and then our hats and then I'll

get rid a drought to that we'll put on

and and really takes about 10 to 15

minutes and it makes them feel a lot

better than that way you can see you're

maybe two so I'm a little lot of here

and I'm going to use the Bison term for

baby - that's a new drawer there and

it's the pink and white bottle there in

a day or two but this is it right here

it protects against staph aureus in the

nursery so we'll just use water on her

face and then I've got my cotton balls

we're going to use one for each eye and

then one for her nose to clean out her

nose and also there show you how to use

a bulb syringe to section their mucus

out of their nose there's when they get

a cold they only breathe out of their

nose so then I'm going to nurse as well

or take a bottle if they their nose is

all stuffy or if they got a hole and

they hate it they just hate it let me do


what fence over there first I think yeah

I might be able to do this oh you can

see the beer out right over here you

want me to turn your chair there a

little good good standing here - this

one here - for the frames part separate

here I'm going to get baby we got our

visor deer mouse we keep that out of


here there's a baby in a bulb syringe

all right honeybunch I'm going to like

me too much but and it makes them feel a

lot better - I'm going to take one of

her blankets with her they're a little

little Molina and then milena pretty

feet there and we'll save that hat I

always put their first one in here

please spread them out a little more

I'm going to do with our hands so I need

to kind of bring her up like this oh

she's got beautiful man all right people

close to the edge there

this one have to get out a little more

here I'm not too bad they got all the we

got all the fingers on there don't think

a hug this on this one now this one

looks like it was already used

looks like it was smudged already you

have to get a different one freshmen for

for the frame their footprints will be

done Bunch there you'll be woke up for


oh we got all the toes I don't like that

one I only get a few toes but that's

that okay let those dry a little bit

there there so then we're going to go to

our bait year so we're going to do they

happen and I touch you a little bit

about well they did put her that I felt

remotely into is that right yes yes okay

yes so um we found our bath here and we

tested it with your wrist or elbow it's

not overly hot at all and we've got a

cotton balls and I've got my washcloth

so we're going to take I'm gonna take

one cotton ball and go from the inner

corner for int outer turn it over and go

on to the other one the same one and

then that way if you have any infection

it you don't cross-contaminate from one

to the other beautiful eyes and discard

then I'm going to take one for her nose

now this would be the ball the syringe

that you would use if she would have any

cold or anything like that so you're

going to squirt the air out first gently

position her head and go one nostril

straight out which the air in again and

go in the other nostril and they hate it

they don't like it as you can see she

doesn't like it at all with the arms but

it helps some clothes and it helps to

breathe better and I'm just going to do

her face here that's just what plain

water so I've got my place in the

diamond shape with one corner over so

then you're going to hold her arm down

and because I'm going to give you

this bottom part will come up and go

over the shoulder I don't know if you've

taken horses but in the five coming s is

the happiest baby on the block

dr. Harvey Karp is well known

pediatrician and we have that DVD and he

does it very well he doesn't better than

I do and then this one goes around like

so and then I'm going to do her hair

here first and then we'll go to the rest

of the body


after hit in the garbage yeah this one

yeah that's garbage so

and then I'm just going to do her hair

here oh she likes it she likes it

no and this is just the vice of German

and the shampoo oh nice

she has a nice shaped head - it's a

c-section head cesarean section it

didn't have to mold to the birth canal


oh and beautiful hairline doesn't she

look hopeful that's afternoon now dad oh

there honey you like that now they are

will the little fat nails or the soft


this one will close in 12 to 18 months

that sucks

they'll wander the closes in three

months now sometimes these get what's

called cradle cap which is a crusty pen

a yellow press down there that can

develop from the sebaceous glands and

that that is not dangerous or anything

to them did your other daughter get any

of that at all Oh a little bit so if

you're going to be shampooing the hair

and you only do that a couple times a

week to put a little bit of drops the

baby oil on and that will kind of soften

them and then you can lift it off a

little bit with you can just loosen them

and then shampoo here a couple hours

later and if I can give her the Gerber

baby curl here not too much there but

dance that few little curls there okay

then we'll go to the rest of the body

okay now often the little boy suppose

little girls can have a little bit of

grace a nipple tissue and that's normal

that's when the hormones fast over from

you to hurry okay

the little girls also have in their

labial area often oh we hit the jaw she

needs a backup let's take let's take the

pictures of Jack and picture their daddy

BAM there once for the grandparents did

you get it

oh yeah Oh everything is working right

in time for the bad dolly yeah she was

like oh maybe she likes you

it didn't seem to bother her maybe I'll

take one of those wipes in there to see

if they're at all

Hildur years - to take home - yes she's

doing everything that she showed and

often in the labial area that we were

talking about they can have a little bit

of mucus discharge and that's often

little girls will have it a large

percentage of them have and that's also

the number ones passed over from you to

hurt they will disappear in about a week

or so um she goes yeah but she is a

little bit maybe and they're not much

but a little bit in there so that'll

disappear she won't get it is kind of

like a period they will get another one

- they're like 12 or 13 so okay and then


now my girls when they I had two girls

in us on um they would get a little more

red in their leg eulerian they were

taking or had a cold so you can always

start using like desitin ointment there

- you know that happens to start type of

barrier yeah that's only a little bit

boss sure actually get him yes

so then we're going to we're going to do

um no this one is okay so then I'm going

to put her in the tub here and this is

just our little tub like we do now

Center home you have your own bathtub

too and we can use everybody's a germ

I'm a hair you can use this or you can

use like Johnson's baby shampoo whatever

you have there and I'm going to clean

around the corner to the card will fall

off in about ten days to two weeks

sometimes it will just hang by a thread

at all they don't always like their bath

right away but they learn to like it too

so it's good for you to see that they

cry in my house and then you can finish

cleaning under the arms for somebody

they're pretty well but so try to get to

it so that you can't leave under there

then they kind of just move you ready

there and in the creases this lamp will

come off tonight that like the cord will

fall off you might even find it in the

diaper one morning too so now it's the

phone rings or the doorbell rings always

have your cell phone there with you

because you know what's gonna give a

little tummy time and that should then

you get in a supervised two area

um let's start with a minute again

increase it each days we get up to 20

minutes the time when you're when

they're in your view I just could we

used to put our baby's asleep on their

stomach but it's a big no-no today that

you have to put them to sleep on their

back and I guess it has cut down on the

crib dose and I think that it's because

you sleep more soundly on our stomach so

um but they still need their tummy time

too so that they learn to use these

muscles and and then reach up and then

the crease in there rocking and then

they'll flip over but if you wait until

they're like look this way she's trying

to finger what did she do she's anywhere

now don't see me right away oh I think

she's going again

yeah sign here book three she said you

could give me a bath I'm gonna make it

worth my while hear yours Pat okay okay

and I will bring her over here and then

we'll order t-shirt on here and a diaper

and then the vapor always starts like so

and then you open it up and then the

calves will under the bottom we check a

baby's temperature under the arm

the baby's temperature is greater than

100 point four in the first two months

of life you don't give them any time off

but bring their urgent care or the

clinic because it could

that might be more seriously wrong with

them so the tabs open up and then you'll

just put them over so they're secure

around the legs if it's it's usually

around ninety eight anything below

ninety seven point five or one hundred

point four are abnormals so but they

might be too warm you know if you if you

have a fever

take off the extra things and you'll

know your baby better than anybody

you'll know if there