Chameleon Care 101 Basics, Tips (Everything You Need To Know)

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hello everybody welcome to my channel my

name is lawrence and today we're going

to be cleaning out my chameleons


and rearranging everything inside

and if you're new to the channel this is

my four-month-old

baby veiled chameleon his name

is jerry so if you're just getting into

the reptile scene and you're considering

getting a chameleon as your first pet

i would recommend not to since

chameleons are a bit more

high maintenance so

let's set up the entire bottom half of

the enclosure

which is the bedding and the live plants

so for the bedding of my enclosure i


repta bark and it's always good to have

live plants in your enclosure so i used

devil's ivy

and the best thing about devil's ivy is

that it's safe for chameleons to eat

so the first thing i did was replace the

previous plant because he had chewed off

all the leaves

and today we are rearranging the

enclosure to have more

horizontal vines for jerry to rest

and climb on since he's getting bigger

and heavier

so what i'm going to be doing today is

i'm going to be taking the

vine that i got from the chameleon

enclosure kit

and i'm going to be making a spiral


in the middle of the enclosure from

bottom to top

so what's also found inside the

chameleon kit is this

vine branch twig looking thing that

i personally don't like because it's so


so what i did with it was i twisted it

all together to make

one branch and also made it into a kind


spiral shape


so what i did with it was i took the

vine and i

tied it to the top of the enclosure to

hold it in place

so that way when the chameleon is

climbing on it it won't bend too far




this is um a fake branch with fake

leaves that i got from ikea

i put it in the bottom of the enclosure

for jerry to have more

places to hide and climb

so these are called horn worms

they're what i use to get jerry to come

outside of his enclosure

they may look a little scary with the

red horn on their butts but they are


quite harmless and very soft they are a

treat for the chameleon and

pet stores sell them in colonies with

foods on the bottom of the cups

and there's one more thing that i need

to tell you guys about hornworms is that

once they run out of food at the bottom

of their cups they will

start to eat each other so

you gotta keep that in mind

now the reason why i would not recommend

a chameleon as a first pet for a new

reptile keeper is because

one they are very high maintenance and


they do not handle very well

and what i mean by that is they do not

like being picked up they do not

appreciate people sticking their fingers

and hands at them

chameleons are very solitary animals

they like their privacy they are very


if you handle them too much they could

get really stressed out they could start

showing dots

and change colors in front of you it may

look cool but it's really bad for their


now here's a little example i took jerry

outside to get some actual sun and he

just darkened himself

to absorb more heat but once he was back

inside he turned bright green again

so chameleons don't change colors to

blend in their backgrounds

they change colors to show their moods

if you see spots and darker colors it

probably means that they're stressed

or they're angry at you but

if their whole body is dark and they're

under a basking light that could

probably just mean that they're just

trying to absorb as much

heat as possible your basking leave them



and here is jerry's enclosure

all finished and put together as you can


i made the spiral going down the middle

from top to bottom

so he has more horizontal lines to climb

and relax

on since he's getting a little bigger

and heavier


and i have like chopsticks on the bottom

of the enclosures

to pick up his poop with i usually just

take the poop and then i bury it

inside the plant to use as fertilizer


so we're moving on to humidity for a


chameleons like to keep their community

around 65 to 80 percent

i have a automatic mystery called


it's about 60 to 70 plus tax a little


yeah but it is worth the investment

because it is

actually really helpful if you set it up

right so

to make sure you get that humidity right

i would also

encourage you guys to get a hygrometer

that way you guys won't have to keep

eyeballing your temperatures and your

humidity levels for

your chameleons




all right so i'm going to show you the

lighting for my enclosure now

which um i have three lights first one

is the

high output 5.0 reptile terrarium hood

these are the type of uvb you need these

are the type of uvb

you want the reason for that

is because the compact uvb and the

compact heat lamp that come in the

chameleon kit

will not be enough for your chameleon


once i turn off the high output uvb

you'll notice that the enclosure gets

really really dark so if you do not have

the proper uvb

lighting in your enclosure your

chameleon can get sick and die

so i have my reptarian auto mister set

up on the right side of the enclosure


a self-made dripper on top

just a water bottle with a hole poked by

a needle on the bottom

and i have my feeding cup tied to the

door of the enclosure with the middle

wire i have

a towel

secured to the other side of the

enclosure just in case the

repto rain auto mister overshoots the

enclosure and short circuits something

i feed my chameleon dubia roaches


and mealworms i doubt and i just

pour a bunch of calcium powder on them

and put them in there

so this is jerry he's about four or five

months old

he doesn't like it when i have um the

door of his enclosure open he gets mad

at me

and that is the end of the video i have

finished rearranging his entire

enclosure and i'm going to leave him

alone let him

explore his new surroundings let him

have time to readjust

he seems okay for now so let me just

leave him there

thanks for watching the video if you

liked it please

drop a like leave a comment if you have

any questions

make sure to subscribe to the channel i

am getting a new ball python next week

and i will be making a video about that

too so see you guys later