Bunny Update - 4 Weeks Old + Baby Bunny Care

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hey everybody

these are Cora's babies you may remember

them from the previous video if you

haven't watched that video now is a

great time to do so I will put the link

above here these bunnies are now four

weeks old they were right under three

weeks old and last video I think they

were nineteen days and now they are 29

days so they are 10 days older than you

last saw them

broken blue toured most of their ears

have now lapped there's the opal those

that light tummy really cute color

salad cream light tummy

solid blue torte

and one more salad in here this one's

hard to see on camera this is a solid

blue kind of a charcoal gray color I

call this one dust bunny really cute and

now the other broken broken opal and

then a little ride who's no longer a

ranch just a little bit smaller this is

the broken cream pretty cute come on

guys see if the play while the babies

start to play I will talk a little bit

about how I care for them since I do get

a lot of questions about that right

around three weeks of age they start

tumbling out of the nest box and that's

when they start to investigate the

pellets and the hay in their cage and

they'll start taking little nibbles and

probably around three to four weeks they

do start eating more hay and pellets and

they still nurse as well but it's in

supplementation to their nursing and

when they start the solid food it's very

important to check their bottoms I check

morning and night because they can get a

little bit stopped up there can be a

little poop plug and you have to take

that off I usually get a warm damp paper

towel and gently pry the little poop

plug off and it can be deadly if you

don't catch it in time and then by about

five weeks usually you don't have to

worry about that anymore

Paisley you'd be good Paisley just wants

to hey that's all she's trying to get

after here hopefully so this little one

right here is trying to eat the hay I

put the hay in the litter box and that

does help to facilitate litter training

this is an orchard grass timothy hay

mixture you just don't want a lot of

alfalfa because there is f alpha hay in

their food already and too much is

really hard on their digestive systems I

know there are conflicting thoughts on

what type of hay to use for the babies

but I've always used Timothy orchard

grass and they love it

and then for the pellets I have my

babies on Sherwood Brand baby pellets

and they stay on that right around until

12 weeks of age it's not you know a hard

fast rule that right after 12 weeks

whipped into the adult food but right

around there I tell my customers when

your baby food runs out you know slowly

work them over to the adult food there's

an adult complete formula and then an

adult professional formula for bunnies

they eat a lot of hay and don't need the

hay in the food so much but other than

hay and pellets and then fresh water and

then they nurse on mom occasionally I

will catch Cora nursing them but usually

moms feed them at nighttime early

morning is most common it's hilarious

trying to watch these guys nurse all

seven of them flopped on their backs

with legs flailing in the air and core

has been a really really good mom to all

seven of these babies like I said in the

last video I only had to help the little

runt over here nurse a couple extra

times those first few days and other

than that it's been all Cora and giving

them food as for the water I do have a

water bottle in the cage and they learn

very quickly how to use it

I also four big litters like this I give

the mom a big dish of water I have one

that attaches to the cage and it isn't

easily flipped because she needs a lot

of milk supply so giving them extra

water seems to help with that so the

babies use these maybe use a bottle and

a bowl

and I do like the bottles because they

are so much easier to clean and keep the

fur out of so it does often help to put

the hay in or above the litter box

because they often eat and poop at the

same time and now what I've done for

this litter box this isn't their normal

litter box this is the smaller version

of the where scatter litter box which is

what I use this is the the regular size

I think it called it they call it I took

some of their soiled litter from their

larger box that's in their cage and I

put it in here and that's how I litter

train them to I take some of the soil

litter from one litter box and I'll put

it in the other one because Koro only

uses her one on her second floor and the

babies were all on the first floor of

Kondo and that seemed to work you know

as soon as they tumbled out of the nest

box two or three weeks of age there are

accidents at first and that lasts maybe

a week or two but I rarely have to clean

anything up right now which is amazing

for seven babies but they'll just hop

right in the litter box that you'll see

them hold the tail up and you'll see

them go to the bathroom no there are a

lot of pool balls that are outside the

litter box and that is normal they do

get better at it but unless you get your

bunny spayed or neutered they have a

tendency to leave the pool balls to mark

their territory so at least the urine is

in the litter box which helps a lot and

a lot of the poo balls are in the litter

box too I know a lot of people prefer a

larger style litter box like a cat

litter box and that's totally fine if

you have a larger cage and can fit that

but if you have your bunny in a in a

cage that you need something a little

bit smaller I find that the where jumbo

scatter less litter boxes are my

favorite because they have the great

these guys are sitting on a little metal

grate right now said they are not

sitting in the soiled litter which that

would be really gross with so many


I'm sure somebody will hop out onto the

fireplace hearth here it's inevitable

the other question I get a lot is where

did I get this little playpen and I do

have a waterproof mat for it although I

don't have it right now it's just not

big enough to hold all the bunnies but I

think Amazon sells this but it's only

about maybe 10 inches tall so it will

only work while they are babies and

probably another week they'll be able to

hop over this so I definitely don't

recommend something like this I just use

it for when I bring the babies into play

it helps to corral them a little bit

it's not foolproof by any means it's not

cat proof hey Paisley Paisley is eating

the hay that's all she wants to do

alright well I think that's enough

talking for now I will turn the camera

on the bunnies and hit the music