AXOLOTL CARE GUIDE | Housing, Feeding, & Tank Mates | Ambystoma mexicanum

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hi fish fan this is a gamers wife here

with a care guide on the axolotl also

known as ABBA stoma mechs cannon it's an

entirely aquatic salamander from a

couple of high-altitude freshwater lakes

in Mexico and they never lose their

external gills unlike normal salamanders

unfortunately they're probably extinct

in the wild from water pollution and

non-native fish but because of their

powerful ability to regenerate

practically anything

they're very prolific in scientific

research labs and in the pet industry at

full size most of them grow to about

nine to twelve inches and I've heard

they can get up to ten years in age for

an exotic pet they're actually not that

hard to purchase they are illegal in

certain states like California but you

can usually find one in an exotic pet

store or probably a Facebook group for

axolotls you'll definitely get a list of

reputable breeders there for me I didn't

know anything and I just looked on

Craigslist and found a breeder locally

cost can range anywhere from twenty

dollars to a hundred plus depending on

the coloration I'd say the most common

types are wild type which is going to be

a dark earth colored X a lottle albino


which is white but with black eyes and

Mel annoyed which is black or gray

colored any of these types might also

come with GFP or green fluorescent

protein which comes from the scientific

world splicing in jellyfish DNA it

doesn't seem to harm the axolotls and is

actually inherited through breeding

nowadays causing them to glow green

under blue or black light for take set

up most websites say ten gallons per

axolotl I would maybe do twenty gallons

for your first

exelon all and then ten or twenty per

additional one because I found when

putting two axolotls in a twenty gallon

tank it was way too much waste for me to

handle other pieces of equipment you'll

need are a thermometer you want to keep

that water cold which we'll talk about

in a second very very good filtration

but with low

so you'll need to use like a spray bar

or a baffle or a sponge filter for

substrate most people recommend a bare

bottom tank maybe slate tiles or a fine

sand people are really divided on

whether to use gravel or rocks of any

type because they're really afraid of

axolotl swallowing it and getting

impaction while other people say that

exelon will swallow gravel on purpose to

help with buoyancy so do your own

research I personally use a bare bottom

tank because it's a lot easier to keep

clean they're not a big fan of high

light situations so definitely keep the

lights off when you can and use lots of

hides for them to well hide it for decor

of course any kind of fake aquarium

decor is just fine

live plants you just have to be careful

that it might be uprooted or crushed

under the weight of a axolotl trying to

rest on it in general axolotls are

mostly bottom dwellers but many of them

like to swim up top or rest on various

surfaces your water conditions are going

to be pretty similar to freshwater fish

you want a chlorinated water you want

the tank cycled pH can range from six

and a half to eight is what I've heard

but they do come from mountain water

which is usually on the harder more

acidic side word to the wise axolotls

are very messy creatures they make these

little log shaped dog poops and yes they

step on them and it immediately becomes

poop dust everywhere so you're

definitely gonna have to do weekly water

changes maybe more if you don't have

enough filtration in fact some people

even use turkey basters to pick up poop

whenever they see it or they do a small

siphoning after every feeding yeah

that's why I recommend more gallons if

at all possible as for temperature

axolotls really like 60 to 68 degrees

Fahrenheit and can even go lower if

needed I definitely follow some of the

advice on websites that said Oh 70 to 74

it's fine

and they weren't fine colder is better

they're from the mountains remember and

my setup I actually wrapped three sides

of the tank with reflective foil

insulation and had a fan blowing across

the top of the water that means using

either no lid or maybe like a screen top

lid so that evaporation can really cool

down the tank it was really effective

and a lot more reliable than using

bottles of ice and cheaper and had a

smaller footprint than using a chiller

axolotls are carnivorous and if you put

anything in front of their face they'll

pretty much try to suck it up like a

vacuum luckily they only have little

stumps for teeth so it doesn't hurt if

they accidentally bite you for younger

axolotls I would recommend feeding them

anything from frozen bloodworms and

brine shrimp to live black worms and

other small micro worms then you can

move them up to red wigglers or night

crawlers I have to cut them up at first

found commonly at Walmart or any fishing

store with bait as well as soft sinking

pellets I've heard people use Hikari

massive arse salmon feed and LexA la

tools I'll put links to those in the

description variety is key though when

they're younger you'll want to feed them

every day and actually when they're

older and not growing as rapidly every

two to three days a good guideline is

shooting for an abdomen that's about as

wide as the head as four tank mates

unfortunately fish like to nibble on the

gills of axolotls they look like little

worms and axolotls like to eat fish so

maybe if you want to raise feeder tank

mates like shrimp or white cloud minnows

that's a possibility

in general species only tanks are the

safest way to go except a few caveats

axolotls less than six inches are

cannibalistic and may nip or bite off

body parts

from their roommates also a lot of

people like to keep adult axolotls of

opposite genders apart so they won't

over breed their females alright so time

to rate the axolotl as a pit in terms of

availability and cost not bad at all for

an exotic pet but definitely gonna cost

more than your average freshwater fish

their hardiness is high because of their

amazing regenerative powers I dock them

in terms of ease of care and difficulty

level because a it's harder to keep the

water cold and B there's just not a lot

of good information out there because

axolotls aren't as popular yet in the

pet industry and finally with appearance

super cute super unique can't be beat

overall would I keep them again definite

thumbs up well I hope you enjoyed my

take on axolotl care for more

information go to axolotl org or check

out the forums at Kidada org links in

the description best of luck with your

new pet axolotl and if you have any

questions feel free to comment below