How to Care for Amaryllis throughout the WHOLE YEAR

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hello everybody welcome to Wisconsin

Wonder Garden thank you so much for

tuning in once again today I'll be

showing you how to care for your

amaryllis around the holiday season the

amaryllis plant is a great way to

provide a splash of color around the

house during the holidays and it's an

all-time family favorite

this plant is really easy to care for

and doesn't take many steps in order to

make sure that it flourishes year after

year for you when you first get your

hammer in this bulb it may or may not be

planted already but whether or not it

has you want to make sure that it's

seated so about 1/3 of the bulb is

sticking above the soil this thing may

have shifted around during shipment if

it is in a planter so most likely you'll

have to reseed it into the correct

position right here's an example of the

level that you want to add when you

first get it now that it's in your home

it's time for the very first watering

just give it a light watering in order

to start that plan up again that's gonna

send the signal to the roots that it's

time to start growing after you start to

see it leaves develop and the plant is

actually growing then you can continue

with a normal watering schedule this is

gonna be about once a week the amaryllis

enjoys a moist soil which is why I

recommend once a week watering instead

of like once every 2 or 3 weeks like

your average house plant make sure this

thing is not sitting in water though

that is a fast way to develop root rot

and will kill your amaryllis you want to

keep this plant in a cool yet bright

location during the winter months as

you're growing in throughout the

holidays make sure it doesn't get too

warm otherwise this will tend to droop

over and it tries to flush a lot of the

energy really quick into the flower so

you're not going to have as good of a

show as you would if you keep it in a

cooler spot the great thing about

amaryllis is there's many different

colors and varieties when it comes to

these bulbs so I recommend planting a

bunch of them together so you can kind

of get a show throughout the winter

months as they're not all going to bloom

at the same time you'll have multiple

colors as well and it really just

provides a cool

centerpiece in the home when not much

Alice is growing and providing the color

that these do a lot of people regard

these plants as throwaway plants as

still many people regard these as

throwaway plants and they'll throw them

away and discard them after they've

bloomed but you can actually grow these

year after year I'll have a detailed

video showing how to do that in the

future but for now I'll just tell you

how it's done

once your amaryllis has flowered just

chop off the stem a couple of inches

above the bulb and then you'll grow it

as a normal house plant up to about a

week or two after the last frost date in

your location once you bring it outside

take it to a location that gets several

hours of direct sunlight followed by a

few hours of shade if you've got this

thing in full Sun all day long it's

gonna be really hard on the plant and

you won't have much success this will

grow all summer long and then around

September in my area maybe a little bit

later depending on where you are but

make sure it's before a frost date

you're gonna want to bring this plant

inside during this step we're creating

an artificial dormancy stage so take it

into a cold area like a basement for

typically about four to six weeks when

you do this give it one last watering

and then stop watering in order to force

that dormancy stage you can remove any

dried yellowing foliage and then just

let it sit there until that six week

point is up after it's been six weeks

simply repot the bulb and then restart

your maintenance schedule all over again

thank you guys all so much for watching

I hope you give the amaryllis a try this

year click this box up here and I'll see

you in the next video happy gardening