6-week-old Foster Kittens

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kittens this old are pretty messy

especially when they're playing are

coming in and out of the litter box so I

like to clean in here at least once a

day and what I do is I'll pick them up

put them in the spare bathroom while I

pick up other toys and sweep everything

and mop and what I use is a little bit

of dish soap

combined with hot water and white

vinegar that way it's non-toxic to clean

in here and I save the super deep

cleaning for in-between litters of

kittens none of my pastors or my

resident cats the locks are working in

animal welfare and rescue and I see the

most horrific things half of it to cats

outside rather than expose them to those

dangers I make sure to provide them with

a lot of enrichment activities lots of

toys it's important to rotate the toys

they're just like human toddlers they

get really bored with the same Tori so

I'll put it away for a couple weeks and

then bring it back out but this is

really fun for adult cats and kittens

this is wheatgrass I actually buy it

just like this from our local grocery

store and I'll bring it in for the

Fosters so they can have a little bit of

the outdoors inside my resident cat it's

like chewing on it and playing with it

as well

they've pretty much outgrown those

little cardboard boxes so I've added a

little bit baker pretty advertised

glitter pan for them it's easy for them

to climb in and out of

you can see I have a variety of

scratchers available for them cats use

their claws to stretch their paws the

legs and back among other things so it's

nice to give them a variety the

cardboard scratchers horizontal

scratchers even these vertical

scratchers here


at this age six weeks old you can see

mama sits off food in the distance she

was almost totally weaned them they're

eating dry kitten kibble and wet fitting

food throughout the day




I can still go to mama for comfort and

occasionally went to nurse but although

she's a great mom and she takes good

care of her kitties

she started bleeding which means that's

a natural process