5-week-old Foster Kittens

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they've officially learned how to climb

over the little baby gate so I just have

it to barricade the door so that way

they don't rush the door when I open it

up as you can see they're very active

that's mama and her litter box over

there they love toys they love to run

and jump


the key to making sure they use the

litter box is three things have plenty

of litter boxes close by you can see in

every corner

I have litter boxes for them sometimes

even two I also make sure the litter box

is stayed clean and I clean up messes

quickly and thoroughly that's super

important in the center of the room they

have a flat blanket to lay on but if I

notice that they started urinating on

this blanket I would remove it from the

room just as an example I had a little

kiddie bed in here but I noticed that

they were urinating on it so I have to

take it out they're still nursing on

their momma at five weeks old which is

very normal and thankfully Mama's doing

a really good job keeping them clean


some of their favorite toys at this age

are little balls take it these little

kitty Springs they like these and they

finally wind up to the crinkle ball they

love these little cardboard scratchers

something fun for them to climb up and

they've even started scratching on them

five weeks old is such a cute age

they're curious and playful and they're

starting to turn into little cats so

besides for nursing on mama they're also

getting four to five meals of wet kitten

food a day they need lots of calories

for their little bodies to grow









at five weeks old the kittens will start

to get curious about Mama's drag kitten

kibble and I'll even start crunching

them in just a tip from experience

make sure the bowl of kibble is small so

they don't confuse it with a litter box

I've seen and have them it's not pretty