How to TAKE CARE of a PUPPY? 🐶 Complete Guide to Puppy Care

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have you recently adopted a puppy are

you thinking of adopting one in this new

animal wised video we explain everything

you should do to care for your new

friend you will find all the information

you need to prepare your home for the

new arrival navigate the first days feed

train and look after your puppy

remember adopting a puppy is a serious

commitment so be sure of your decision


the first thing you should do after

adopting a puppy is to take it to a vet

most adoption centers will give you

information about your puppy's health

and keep it up to date with vaccinations

but it's always a good idea to make a

first visit to the vet the vet can

perform a general checkup see if your

puppy has parasites vaccinated if

necessary and give you recommendations

on feeding and care the vet can also

suggest an approximate date for

sterilization this is recommended to

control canine overpopulation which

results in thousands of abandoned and

slaughtered animals each year remember

that if possible you should not separate

a pup from its mother and siblings

before it reaches 8 to 10 weeks internal

and external deworming are important

aspects of basic puppy care as dogs can

be infected by parasites such as fleas

or intestinal worms although a small

number of parasites may not be a problem

they can cause complications such as

anemia in puppies in addition they can

infect other animals and humans too

which is why it is important to deworm

your puppy right at the start and carry

out deworming every month your vet will

suggest the most suitable product

specific to your puppy in general

internal deworming can begin from day 15

of a puppy's life external deworming

should begin only after eight weeks

another basic element of puppy care is

vaccination the vaccination schedule

begins when a puppy is about eight weeks

old and is then repeated annually

although it is not mandatory in all

countries vaccinating against rabies is

recommended during the first weeks of a

puppy's life the vaccines are

administrated in several consecutive

doses until this vaccination period is

over it is best not to take the puppy


for walks since it hasn't developed

immunity yet and could get serious

infections in some countries all dogs

must be identified with a device called

a microchip which is placed via

subcutaneous injection and allows the

dog to be located at all times do you

want to know more about vaccinations for

dogs here is the link to a video

explaining all you need to know there

are lots of products for puppy care on

the market here is a list of essentials

you need to prepare your home for a



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basic training is also part of caring

for your puppy this includes potty

training teaching them to sit to

interact with other animals and not to

jump on people strain at the leash or to

anything they find dog training classes

are increasingly common and a good way

to train your pup with professionals and

develop your bond of course training

should always be based on positive

reinforcement this helps motivate the

puppy to continue learning and

internalize the actions better training

not only improves behavior but is also a

type of mental and physical stimulation

essential to the puppy's proper

development up here is the link for a

video specifically on how to train your

new puppy

exercise is another important aspect as

puppies need to channel all their

accumulated energy in a positive way to

fulfill a puppy's exercise needs some

hours of the day should be devoted to

play both indoors and outdoors let your

puppy run but without overdoing it which

can cause joint problems remember that

they are still growing and excessive

exercise can be harmful to their health

in general to daily walks of 20 to 40

minutes each are recommended during

which time more relaxed as well as

active moments can be combined a puppy

needs all the attention you can give

this is something that many people don't

consider when adopting a dog we

recommend you calculate how much time

you have as well as the costs of

maintaining a puppy and then decide

whether you can provide it with the

optimal conditions for a good life a

puppy that is left unattended will

likely develop behavior problems that

get worse during adulthood so if you

give your new pup all your love use

positive reinforcement and take care of

it properly you will have a loyal

companion for many years to come now you

know the basics of good puppy care which

one do you think is the most important

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