5 Essential Tips For 8-12 Week Old Puppies

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hello and welcome one of the

biggest most common things that i am

asked almost every single day

is advice for puppies what should i do

with my puppies

top tips for puppies so in this video

i'm gonna give you the five what i think

are essential tips

um into raising the perfect dog um

some of the best tips that i personally

do with every single puppy that i work


and i really do think that this not only

gives you results

right now but i genuinely think changes

the course of your puppy's life forever

i really really think that these tips

that you're about to hear

are about to change everything for you

coming up


so tip number one is i want you to use

your puppy's breakfast

lunch and dinner for training your

puppy's food

is such an incredibly valuable resource


instead of just putting it down on the

floor and letting your dog create a

great association with the food bowl

i actually want you to use that food

to bond and create a connection and

learn how to communicate

with your puppy doing this for five ten

minutes a few times a day

is gonna show incredible results so so


and the very first thing that i want you

to teach the very first

and this is genuinely the first and

biggest tip that i can give you

is i want you to teach focus as the very

first thing

with the dog's breakfast lunch and

dinner and this can be done from

day one as soon as you get your puppy

you can start this

and the reason that you're gonna teach

focus first is because

the first thing you need to teach is how

to communicate with your dog you need to

bridge the the language barrier that's


us and our animals and that is going to

be through

eye contact and having that window of


to give your dog an instruction a way to


listen to you and that is going to come

through them being able to focus on you

for loving her long enough and actually

be able to notice you

because before you actually teach your

dog how to look at you how to focus on


it's genuinely not going to know how to

and you're just going to be someone


around not really with the dog one on


and just teaching this just teaching the

dog how to respond

to its name is gonna just have a ripple

effect on

absolutely everything you do from this

moment on

now i need to do an entire video

just focused on focus but just so you

can have

um just so you know how to get started

what you're going to do

is again with your breakfast lunch and

dinner you're going to just sit down

with the dog

on the floor you're going to say the

dog's name you're going to make some

kissy noises

and then as soon as the second that your

dog or puppy looks at you in the eye

you're gonna mark and reward you're

gonna capture that moment

where he looks at you in the eye so that

he knows that that's exactly what we


over time over the next four weeks so

remember this is between eight and

twelve weeks

what you're gonna do is slowly increase

the distance and you're actually gonna

include some distractions um but that's

a little bit later on

right now all you're gonna do is say the

puppy's name and the second that he

looks at you we're gonna create a reflex

of the dog's name

every single time you say his name he's

going to look at you because he's going

to know that good things happen

his name is going to mean something

super super positive

and that's going to be your window of

opportunity to give the dog an

instruction a little bit later on that's

when you're going to be able to teach


focus name means look at you and that is

how you get your dog's attention


tip number two is to build up your

puppy's toy and food drive now

the reason that this is so so important

is because

when your puppy gets a little bit older

you're gonna find that the environment

becomes your worst enemy it's gonna be

so so distracting

and the only way to be able to prevent

bad behaviors to be able to get your

puppy back to be able to get that focus

that attention back on you

to just get your puppy to listen in

public you're gonna have to be able to


your puppy more than the environment now

this is really really tricky

because outside is very very fun for

your dog

but if you build up your puppy's food

and toy drive you are always gonna have


that is even better than the environment

i can promise you that

especially with your puppy's toy drive

if they really enjoy play and their

drive for

fetch and tug goes up you can literally

you can pretty much be anything that the

environment's gonna throw at you and

that includes squirrels that includes

other dogs that includes fun

people you will be able to train your

dog in all environments

if your puppy's drive is high for

food and toys now the way that you're

going to build this up

is by making these things very very fun

and interesting

so literally from eight weeks old from

the very first night because i think

it's a great way to tie out the puppy

for his first night

i'm going to start engaging with a toy

i'm going to start wiggling

a fluffy toy around or a tug and i'm

going to encourage

my puppy to chase that toy and i'm going

to make it

interesting then i'm going to hold him

back wiggle the toy

tease him a little bit throw it two

yards away now i'm teaching the

foundations of fetch

he's gonna obviously run after that toy

i'm gonna run away

to encourage my puppy to run towards me

and now i'm starting to teach him like

retrievals he's now

fetching something coming back he's

going to come back to me to engage with

me i'm going to offer a bit of

resistance on the toy

then he's then i'm teaching him how to

play tug so i'm teaching like two games

in one

and the best thing about this isn't just

the fact that you're going to be able to

motivate and train your dog in all

environments it's actually

so fantastic for right now as well


your puppy's going to get tired and

being able to drain your puppy's energy

during 8 to 12 weeks is actually going

to help you prevent bad behaviors from

from actually beginning in the first


at home things like mouthing really

badly you're going to

really take a step towards preventing

that by just draining your puppy's


through really um good like rewarding


like fetch light tug and just engaging

with a toy

so not only is this going to help you

motivate the dog in the future and going

to be

the key to actually having a good dog is


actually going to prevent your puppy

from getting all the common bad

behaviors that puppies get

because you're going to be on top of

your puppy's energy levels

and a tired dog is a good dog so that is

tip number two

tip number three is i want you to see

eight to twelve weeks as a four-week


to teach obedience to prepare your dog

for its first walk now this might sound

daunting it might sound intense it might

sound like a lot to do

for a tiny little puppy but i can assure

you that this

really isn't a lot and it only needs to

be five to ten minutes

with at their meal times like i said in

tip one just using

their own meals for training and it only

has to be five ten minutes at a time

we are talking about 30 minutes of

training for a whole day

that really really isn't a lot and the

amount of reward that you

are gonna get as an owner from this is

gonna be

incredible by your first walk i want

your puppy to know

sit down stand and heal because we're

gonna be using the hill position

for our lead walking um now

really stick with me because this is

super super easy to do

using your puppy's meals you are just

going to lure the dog

into these positions now you need to

check on your other youtube videos

because i have tutorials teaching these


in real detail to help you but

again this is another thing that is

going to help you avoid perfect problems

like the melding like like all the


puppy problems because it's more time

engaging with your dog bonding with your


and giving your dog a time where it can

release energy

in a good way and not a bad habit that

you're going to have to try and correct

at some point

now remember we're only talking 5-10

minutes at a time

a few times a day if possible and if you

do that

at 12 weeks old you will have a puppy

that knows how to sit on command

down on command and heal on command

these things

are simple and you can do it

tip number four is routine our puppies

really really thrive on having a routine

knowing what's coming next

it really helps them settle in and

things like um

toilet training really really rely

on routine and that would be my tip is

to try and organize your day so

it's the same for your puppy especially

in the first four weeks every single day

now because of the other tips part of

our routine is going to be training with

meal time so that's going to be

at the same time every single day and

we're going to do similar things so the

puppy is going to learn

that that is part of their day that's a

part of their day where they can get rid


a lot of energy um again when we're

building up the puppies uh drive for

toys and

food that's another time that we want to

make it

kind of times where the puppy's got lots

of excess energy

so we can put it into that building the


having a routine for everything is

really really going to help your puppy

thrive another place where

routine is going to really help you

succeed is toilet training

make it very specific times when the

puppy goes out to toilet so

for me when i'm toilet trained a puppy

the puppy wakes up goes for a week comes

back in

we do some training it eats then it

drinks goes out for a week now the puppy

has a nap

when the puppy wakes up he's going to

want to go for a wee so

all of these times if my puppy goes into

the crate every single time he comes out

of the crate he's going to go straight

for a wii

if he has a playtime with another dog or

with me is gonna go straight out for a


toilet training especially is like a

numbers game you're gonna your puppy is

gonna go to the toilet a certain amount

of times a day

and being able to get as many of those

times outside as

you possibly can is gonna help create a

habit it's going to normalize going

outside of your dog

and that is toilet training in a

nutshell your puppy

having a specific routine and things

that it does

almost hour to hour will really help

your puppy

settle in and learn how it should behave

in your environment because you have

given it specific things to do at

specific times

and you're catering for your dog's

energy levels you're making sure that


always as low as possible so your

puppy's able to become

routine routine routine will really

really help your puppy thrive

tip number five is focus now i know i've

already touched on this one in tip one

but i really really really need you to

understand that this

is the single most important thing that

you will ever teach your dog

and the reason i want to drill this home

is because if you

switch off with me right now and you go

and watch any other dog trainer

the biggest dog trainers are the most

popular dog trainers on youtube

you will see this one big mistake that

they are all doing

is that they are in distracting

environments and they are trying to


new skills to a dog that doesn't know

how to listen

and that is finding the environment

stressful and it can't cope with the new

information think about a child with an


how just engrossingly infested they are

how distracted how just truly

distracted they are by what's on their

ipad now think about trying to teach

that kid

a tricky math equation while they're

looking at that ipad

that is effectively exactly what we're

doing this child is

not in a mental capacity to listen to

any kind of instructions

it is way that what he's got in his

hands is way too stimulating way too


and you have to be able to know that

this is the same for

our dogs they have to learn the skill of

knowing that there's a distraction and

being able to actively

ignore that knowing that there's

something super interesting going on

they can still happily and that's the


happily ignore whatever's going on and

focus on you

because they have learned that that's

your best choice for them to make

that's how we are going to teach them we

are going to make them understand

that ignoring something is in their best

interest because it's such a good thing

to do

now the way that you're going to teach

this i'm going to do a whole video

dedicated to this

but in a nutshell the way that you're

going to teach this is

we we've taught earlier on in the first

tip about how to get the dog's attention

you're going to keep on progressing and

trying to increase the duration

of eye contact that you're getting off

of your puppy and when you can get to

about 10 seconds of solid eye contact

where your puppy will

almost stare at you you need to start

introducing distractions

the first attraction that i usually do

is my hands

are out either side of me and i will

move one of them the dog

will most likely look at one of my hands


it's different and the second that the

puppy looks at this hand i would say

nope and that's it there's no punishment

i don't

you don't have to be mean it's just a

simple communication of

no that's not what we want i don't want

you to look at my hand

this is moving this is distracting now

look away from that hand

and look and focus on me the second that

they do that

you are going to make sure that they

know that that was the best decision

that they have ever made in their lives

you are going to give them

a jackpot reward you're going to give

them the best

treat in that they enjoy the best treat

you can possibly give them

you are going to give them an incredible

amount of praise you're going to act

like they

you they are a genius they've just won

the lottery

for you that's how excited i want you to

be they have to understand

how good that choice was and you are

just going to

slowly increase the level of distraction

always making sure that

the distraction is high enough for them

to look away and be distracted

but low enough for them to not be

obsessed and

low enough for them to be able to have

the ability to actually

look away from it and you are just going

to keep on

upping that distraction until you get to

the point where you're in the most

distracting environment the most

difficult environment for your dog to be

able to concentrate on you

and it's able to actively ignore

whatever's going on now usually

the biggest distraction that you're

gonna get is other dogs

and that is so achievable if you could

only understand

you do not need to wait for your dog to

be a year and a half two

three years old to be able to get this

level of training

i have this level of training with my


pretty much as soon as i do it as soon

as i do my first ever walk

12 weeks old 13 weeks old i will be able

to get my puppy's attention

away from another dog away from anything

because i've already built up the


in the first four weeks just doing five

minutes here and there it really really

is that simple um i'm so sorry that i've

offered on

about about focus too much but i just

need you to understand

how important it is and how there's a

huge void in dog training

for focus right now and we are going to

stop that we're going to break that

and we are going to make sure that every

single person that watches this channel

is going to be raving about focus

they're going to be talking about how

it's the most important factor of dog


it is the window of opportunity is the

way that we communicate with our dogs

is us teaching them how to listen to us

is us learning how to listen and respond

to them

it is everything it really is that


now i'm sorry that lasted so long

thank you so much for sticking with me

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