how to look cute in 10 min so ur friends don’t hate u for being late

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hi friends welcome to my garden of big

plans cuz I almost 20 years old and I

can't keep a real one alive I've tried

to plant one on my own before it never

sprouted and I was very sad thank you so

much Hollister for sponsoring this video

that is so cool Wow

today's video is going to be how to look

cute in ten minutes to your friends so

hate you for being late even if you

don't have friends and you're trying to

put on the internet that you do have

friends so you seem cool but you're only

friends are your remain your boyfriend

in there and never gonna get annoys you

one day too so honor oh not though I

think this video will be actually

helpful for you guys especially you

college students out there because I

feel like we are procrastinating to the

last second to get ready this is

basically my everyday routine it's just

how it is my first tip is to try out

color contacts it's a really fun and

easy way to change up your look in

literally 30 seconds and you don't even

have to go that dramatic I go from this

eye color to a kind of lighter brown

color and I think it just really

transforms my look but it doesn't look

like I'm wearing just like vampire eyes

you know see it's not that dramatic but

it still kind of gives me like that

little twinkle my cuz even if I'm sad

it's harder for people to tell my next

tip is to try out henna freckles this is

an interesting and easy way to change up

your entire face all you have to do is

take some real henna don't get the fake

stuff get real henna you don't want to

like mess up your face this next up is a

shocker but put him like freckles on

your face wait like 6 to 8 hours for it

to develop you can go to sleep I usually

just go to sleep wake up scrape them off

and then you have some cute freckles

literally could it get any cuter than

freckles no I've done a video on this

before so you want to go check it out

you can but it's very simple and I like

doing it a lot eyelash extensions have

literally been my Lord and Savior since

junior year of high school I've had them

on for literally how long has that been

4 years myself and literally everyone

that's had eyelash extensions will tell

you you could just wake up and then

you're pretty you don't have to do

anything and it's amazing if you're not

one to wear makeup that I electric

engines are definitely the way to go I

literally didn't start wearing makeup

right girly till two months ago and I've

just been thriving I would just wake up

like wash my face rinse my face in the

morning and just leave

that's it I also wanted to say thank you

for supporting me and letting me have

these sponsorships and opportunities so

I could afford such a vain thing as

eyelash extensions but I do understand

that a lot of those things are really

expensive and just pricey not a lot of

people can just afford that or want to

pay for that so I have this five minute

review routine that doesn't have a lot

of products so yes if you guys have

watched my past makeup routines and all

that stuff you guys know that I love

this brow tattoo you for the drugstore

it is my favorite holy grail lazy girl

makeup product I've literally had these

eyebrows on for three days and they're

still not looking like too bad I mean

you can but you know if I need to run

out right now I want to be embarrassed

to be like oh I don't have eyebrows on

patient genes have blessed me with

really sparse eyebrows so you can just

put this on in the morning and then at

night when you take off your makeup just

don't take off your eyebrows and you

just have them on for like a long time

it's kind of gross but it's also like

you're saving a lot of time so it just

depends on what your priorities are or

you can even do it the night before you

go out so you could just sleep in it

just wake up and run out the house you

know skip foundation if you are

comfortable of that I never wear

foundation so I always be skipping this

every day and if you have any spots just

you a really quick concealer spotting

situation blend it with your fingers I

feel like beauty blenders and brushes

it's take a lot of time just use your

fingers it's fine it's fine and if you

have extra time just cover everything

with blush no one will know your

mistakes I kind of go hand with this I

just like the way that blush looks I

feel like it really covers everything

and I would just kind of be like wow you

look so cute they won't even notice like

is it that they wouldn't have noticed

anyway I feel like we're very

self-critical with ourselves about

little things that strangers or just

your friends would not even notice

unless you pointed it out and if you

have an extra 10 seconds also try to

cover everything up with some highlight

just blind everyone I think that's just

an easy way to go I always end off my

makeup routine with a kind of glossy lip

balm so it kind of looks like lip gloss

but you're also moisturizing my lips at

the same time I'd recommend a tinted one

that I have Invisalign

and I'm trying to look like it's

everywhere so I have to use get dumb

clear one but I would really recommend

using the correct one she's like fun


a tip it's a French pigtail braids your

hair the night before take a shower when

your hair is like 80% dry then French

braid it if you can't French braid you

could just do four baby braids on your


wake up and then you have really pretty

wavy hair I personally don't like my

hair straight and I think I look really

boring so this is an everyday thing for

me shake it up a little bit give waves

and volume and texture in your hair and

all you have to do was braid your hair

the night before and here so I really

like doing it with the top of my hair is

just not looking right like there's

something off about her and I just don't

want to deal with it is taking a head

scarf like this holding it in half and

just kind of holding it a little bit

like this putting my hair in a low

ponytail kind of placing it like this so

then tying it in the back and then just

put your hair down like this this has

been a really popular hairstyle lately

and it is so easy to do and it covers

like the problematic areas that I face

sometimes you can't leave me like this

for a more just like look with your ears

out and then you also put just a ton of

earrings to kind of distract from

everything else or you can just be a

little bit more carefree and take the

hair out like this but if you're not

feeling your hair at all a bucket hat

will be your best friend a lot of days I

am not feeling my bangs many beings are

not feeling me they do not want to

cooperate and that happens often

just like today my bangs look horrific

so what I do

I literally just pulled it back and then

stick a hat on it it is so fast to throw

on and literally you don't have to worry

about your hair for the rest of the day

it is amazing if I'm really in a rush I

usually like going in for a black or a

white bucket hat because it will match

with literally every single outfit

because the colors just works like that

color theory yeah I don't think that's

what it is but if you know that you're

gonna go for a more basic outfit kind of

like a white t-shirt and jeans then

pairing it with a really fun pattern a

bucket hat will really elevate the

outfit and the best way possible

this one kind of looks like a top out on

me but this kind of it's fine

kind of match a color and the pattern of

your bucket hat with something

on your body kind of like this like

black on black it looks like I spent a

lot more time in that did I matching my

outfit and that is always a goal this is

the ultimate I'm lazy but I still want

to look cool up it I feel like it's just

a fun just like I threw this on but I

still look cool and cute you know I've

been really loving the backing on baggy

trend that's happening so you can see

I've embodied that here the dark blue on

the shirt matches the dark wash of the

jeans and I love that for me I think the

bucket hat also adds a kind of like cool

factor in it it's just a good time I

think jeans put me really well I like

how they're not too tight on my legs but

you're a part about these jeans are the

waistband I think that is so cool I have

never seen I need to link this pour it

it makes me feel like oh this is new and

fun another play on the baggy on bag if

you're not feeling this kind of look is

to try to tuck it in you could tuck it

in on one side cuz that kind of like

looks cool and effortless or you could

tuck it in all the way this gives a

little bit more of a polished look if

you want to kind of like define your

waist a little bit and it shows off the

really cool detailing on the waistband

is they're so comfortable I can

literally kick someone if I need it to

be real since a shirt and the jeans are

baggy I kind of wanted to go for that

like chunky look throughout the entire

outfit so I paired it with these really

big platform shoes and I think it kind

of just makes top but go together in

full circle my boyfriend said that I

looked like if he was in kindergarten or

something I was the hot mom I'll take it

I thought it would flare it up that was

a good joke flare it up with these flare

jeans when I tell y'all that these jeans

fit me like a glove

I'm not lying I think this looks so good

on me a bit flatter my body really well

kind of like hugs everything in the

right places if you know what I mean but

I think it just looks really cool and

the bootcut flare part I think is really

flattering especially if you're shorter

and you wear with platform shoes and it

kind of goes over like my legs look so

long right now and that's all I wanted

like I really do feel like a hot mama

so the mid-rise trend is coming back and

I don't know how I'm feeling about it

but I'm trying to like ease myself into

it but if you're gonna go mid rise I

recommend wearing a crop top just

because like if you're gonna do it go

full force like you are hot you are so

cute you could pull it off

I promise I really like the way that

these say I feel like it's like the

right amount of belly put in distance

these are the perfect amount of stretch

I could again kick someone if I needed

to and it would not like wreck or

anything like I am bouncing like I am I

am participating in a rigorous like

activity right now and I don't feel


about to rip y'all know I'm not one to

really go for really tight jeans but if

I am gonna go for tight jeans this is

the perfect material I would go for like

it's still feel comfortable and not feel

restricted my movements kind of feeling

like a rejected Viper girl in this

outfit but in the best way possible this

one is also just like a uncool outfit

but you really didn't put a lot of

effort into it it's just a white t-shirt

with some black jeans and then throwing

on this really safe mate leather jacket

really amps up the look and not to

mention these 3 inch platform heels if

you're not into mid rise look these are

ultra high price and they really go up

to your ribcage and it's just really

good when you're eating a lot and you

don't want to see will still suck you in

but it won't like hurt you know I really

like the colored jeans and you're

probably just like they're just black

but these are a very opaque and that's

very rare to find Eugene

again y'all know that I'm usually not

one to wear skinny jeans but these are

still very stretchy and comfortable and

allow me to do weird things like this

this outfit is so cute to me I think I

feel like his private school girl even

though my family can really afford that

you should have company right now he's

having these collars poked out of

sweaters or just like things in general

and I love it so much I do this so often

fish tanks are a little bit less tight

than the last two I've shown you these

are more of a slim and straight fit and

these also have like cool rapes on the

side so you're feeling a little

rebellion are you like pairing light

wash jeans with also bended kind of a

light colored top as well I feel like it

makes it so bright and lovely and cute

my lips are pretty sure and I got this

in the short version and literally

they're the perfect length for my ankles

this is insane this is like literally

revolutionary I think we all know that

just these jeans can let me do fun

things like this and a couple of other

things that I got from Hollister from

their Gilley Hicks collection first up

are these literal heavenly sweat pants

oh my god I have had these on a non-stop

for the past five days and I am not

kidding you at all I'm actually

embarrassing but these are so

comfortable they look so good

literally it's all you could ask for it

appears my pants wow I want to be buried

in this I also got a couple of bra let's

that I think would be really cute to

layer under like plunging tops the

dresses I don't know I really like these

and it is undeniable that Hollister

snaps every single year with their

swimsuits they fit so well they're all

so cute I just got this black-on-black

because I've been like kinda into that

lately if you want to shop Hollister and

kind of match with me we could be twins

it would be a good time go check out the

description box down below I'll link

everything down below for you guys to go

and check it out alright I hope you guys

enjoy it and I'll see you next time the

key again Hollister for sponsoring this

video and for you guys for letting me

have these opportunities it's really

cool Bluetooth or Hollister would care

about me I didn't okay bye