4 Psychological Tricks To Look Smarter Than You Are in 2021!

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its a fact that some people are just smarter that the rest but that doesn’t mean that

the rest think of them like that. in fact, anyone can look way much smarter than he is

just by following some rules. I mean how many times you came across some

people who looked very smart but unfortunately, lets say, they didn’t meet your exemptions,

and vice versa of course, I am not trying to offend anyone here.

I just want to share with you 4 psychological tricks than can help you to look very very


so let’s start with the first one:

the way you dress says everything about you before you even open your mouth. because we

humans love to judge people before we even know them, so the first thing we do when we

see someone is to create a perception in our mind weather this guy good or bad, smart or

fool, whatever!

so if you look at this guy is on the left, he really looks like a smart doctor and I

don’t think someone will have a problem trusting him as a doctor. But if you go to

the hospital and meet the guy on the right side, I don’t think you will really feel

comfortable him being your doctor. because he looks more like a gangster. basically the

way we are dressed gives the first impression of who we are in the first place no matter

what the reality is. so next time you want some job to get done,

just wear your amazing suit to show that you are very important businessman and you will

see how people would love to work with you!

now, the second tip is:

Don’t hold any kind of drinks in your hand while you are working or anyhow dealing with

people. because that drink says something about you as long as you are holding it.

when you see someone is holding a bear in his hand, what do you think of him, probably

some sort of alcoholic, even if he is wearing that nice suit, his beer destroys everything.

that also includes soft drinks or anything like that, because when you are wearing that

expensive suit, holding that cheap can on your hand can give a perception about your

suit that its not really very expensive Besides that, a lot of people consider this

to be rude when someone is talking to them and drinking or eating.

so the best way is when you are dealing with people, don’t hold anything in your hands

unless that thing looks very very respectful!

moving to the third tip:

Try not to disagree

we all have our opinions about everything but unfortunately a lot of us consider others

to be stupid when they disagree with us. I mean this statement by itself sounds very

stupid but like or not, this is how the world works. maybe not in everything but a lot of

times when someone has a different opinion, we think of them less intelligent.

let me give u a simple example, if you ask Hillary supporters, what do they think about

trump supports, lets say that they will say that they are

not very very smart, I mean if you ask Clinton her self about trump supporters, this is the

answer you are going to get! video

oh my god deplorable if you don’t know what does that mean, then

look at the synonyms:

oh my god, that’s so harsh.

the same thing goes to trump supporters about Hillary, they would probably tell you: how

dare you to vote for someone who is….

I am not trying to support any of the candidate here, the only thing I am trying to say that,

when you disagree with people, they wont think of you as a smart person.

the last tip is, Admit that You don’t know

now, imagine if you meet someone whom you think is a smart person and if you ask him

something and he admits that he doesn’t know that, how does that make you think about

him, because not everyone admits his mistakes or admits that he doesn’t know something,

everyone tries to appear that he knows everything and then suddenly you meet this guy who absolutely

looks smart and he is open to admit what he doesn’t know.

People really admire and respect that, because that is something rare, therefore they will

think of you as more intelligent than others.

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