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hey everyone ok so for this tutorial the

tutorial is how to look really really

hot this tutorial came about by a couple

of reasons one was a comment that was

left on a video with somebody leaving a

comment that just said can you tell me

how to look really hot and also because

when people find out what I do for a

living oftentimes the question is tell

me how to do my makeup so I look

absolutely gorgeous now the thing you

need to bear in mind is in this tutorial

I'm going to be using pictures and stuff

to illustrate some quite dramatic points

but this video is in no way meant to

offend anybody

I think and if anybody has ever watched

me before you all know what I think it's

just makeup so there's no need to have a

nosebleed it washes off it really

doesn't matter it's just makeup so here

in the UK there is a real trend for the

makeup to be very very strong very very

heavy heavy foundation heavy on the eyes

heavy on the lips heavy on the lashes

heavy on the brows and there's nothing

wrong with that you do whatever makes

you happy but for the purposes of this

tutorial I'm going to be illustrating

some points so if you look at the

following picture or pictures you'll

kind of understand that this is a trend

here in the UK and when I go out to the

pub once in a blue moon this is the kind

of look that I see predominantly in fact

I probably see it more than I see

anything else this is the look that we

kind of have here in the UK nothing

wrong with it now the strange thing is

is that when somebody says to me I just

want to look really good so that I stand

out and look amazing the first thing

that I will tell anybody is see whatever

anybody else is doing whatever is

trending and do the complete opposite do

the complete opposite and you will stand

out from all the others in the UK we're

very very heavy on fake tan really heavy

on fake tan if you don't use any fake

tan or just a tiny bit bonzer and you're

the paler one you are going to stand out

amongst the entire crowd of all of those

that are absolutely plastered in fake

tan so that's why I like to think about

whatever anybody else is doing because

just you really here to make us spend

money whatever anybody else is doing we

do the opposite so if you look at these

pictures I mentioned and now look at the

difference between these ones now these

ones are from the Victoria's Secrets

and I'm not talking about the models and

how beautiful the models are or anything

like that I'm talking about the makeup

the makeup is so simple it's really

really outdoorsy it looks healthy it

looks natural

you know the cheeks are pink there's

junus on the skin there's no really

heavy eye makeup there's no really heavy

lip makeup it's all in balance and they

all look like they've been outside they

caught the Sun slightly but they're not

plastered in makeup and again there's

nothing wrong with being with with doing

that absolutely I'm just trying to

illustrate the point of if you want to

stand out from the crowd you do the

opposite to what everybody else is doing

and you'll absolutely stand out I've

always preferred slightly more natural

makeup it's just the way that I go but I

love a big smoky I love a heavy smoky

eye I love all of that but what happens

at least here is that the smoky eyes are

being combined with huge amounts of fake

tan and huge amounts of foundation and

huge lashes and really strong lips or

even worse is the nude lip where it's

not even a new look this is a new blur

your lips are nude when they have

nothing on them that is a nude lip

Beijing them out so that you look unwell

or like you've just been dug up is not

that who's really not the goal of makeup

at all and when you combine the new lip

with the heavy eyes the heavy lashes the

heavy foundation the heavy tan you get a

very made-up look and there's nothing

wrong with that but do what health

whatever everybody is doing you do the

opposite and you I promise you you will

stand out is so lovely when you go out

and you see a really really pale girl

and she's just pale she's not tried to

make herself anything other than what

she is she's not trying to fake tan it

up - up to here you know she's just as

she is and I think there's a tendency as

well I see it a lot with make posts when

a makeup artist gets hold of a woman of

color they can plaster their faces in

makeup because dark skin can take make

so much easier than lighter skins you

know they hold it much better but when I

speak with women of color oftentimes

they're not saying that they want their

eyes are here in their lips that they're

saying they want to look like everybody

else like healthy and glowing and

shimmering cheeks and to just look

absolutely beautiful I think there's

this misconception that if you're

dark-skinned especially with makeup

artists we just throw color at them and

it's just it's just you know it's about

the person and the individual and what

they like and if you like a lot of color

then bloody well go for a new work it

and that's fantastic but just for this

tutorial and for these illustrations I

just wanted to say that

forget all the trends out there if you

want to stand out from the crowd and

this is all this tutorial is about its

standing out then do the complete

opposite of what you're seeing at the

moment and you will look absolutely

flawless I promise good way of thinking

about it is whatever amount of

foundation you're using at the moment if

you can have it whatever I makeup you're

doing at the moment if you're bringing

it up high into the crease keep on the

lid and if you're using a really new lip

and I really recommend not using a

really new lip go with one that's your

own color and just put a tiny bit of

gloss on the center or a bit of Vaseline

whatever and go out and be merry and if

you've got freckles

honestly I've done a tutorial on how to

create freckles they are the most

beautiful youth giving thing you can do

to your face if you've got them show

them off because they are gorgeous and

they scream young healthy skin there you

go that's my two cents for how to look

really really hot thanks for watching

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thanks so much for your time always

appreciated bye