21 Broke Girl Secrets to Look Like A Rich Girl

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i've loved fashion

for as long as i could remember but

growing up my family didn't have a lot

both of my parents immigrated to canada

from ukraine

and worked really hard for most of their

lives so did their parents and

so did i i worked really really hard for

a majority of my life doing

every single job you can ever imagine

from telemarketing

to managing a consignment boutique in

toronto i've pretty much

done it all and only once i got my

footing in entrepreneurship

and my businesses did i really get to

enjoy the fruits of my labor so i

really gone through everything from the

bottom to the top

and through it all i've learned a lot of


on how to create chic and put together

outfits that look super expensive for a

lot less so i'm going to be sharing with

you all

of my bro girl secrets if you will to


like you have a lot of money but not

spend a lot of money so without further

ado let's just hop

right in so my first broke girl secret


dressing like you have money is to

invest in high quality

basics and i'm not talking about

investing a lot of money

in high quality basics a lot of high

street stores such as zara

and h m have premium lines where they


super luxe high quality fabrics that all

of the high-end designers use but for a

fraction of the cost

a great example of that is the knit

sweater that i'm wearing today this is a

mo hair wool blend sweater from the

premium collection from

h m i almost always shop exclusively

from their premium collection now


the quality is so much better than their

mainstream line in my opinion it's

really worth the money

it is a little bit more than their

mainstream line but these are quality


that fit really well that feel really

good that are made of

really high quality fabrics and they

will stand the test of time

i know that zara also has a new premium

line that they came out with and

they have a lot of incredible cashmere


they also have really beautiful leather

shoes and suede shoes

so definitely check out high street

brands like that for high quality basics

such as knits and t-shirts trousers and


because they will definitely give you

that luxe look for a lot less

i also wanted to mention that i've been

able to find a lot of high quality

timeless pieces for much less by

shopping pre-loved

some of my favorite and most worn pieces

are pre-loved if you're in the toronto

area and

looking for some great places to shop

these are my favorite spots in the city

and you can shop with them online too

secret number two is layering a white

blouse under pretty much any sweater so

the problem i find with

a lot of sweaters is that they tend to


a little bit plain or more casual


if it's something really really basic

but throwing on a

white collar blouse underneath instantly

makes it look a lot more interesting and

a lot more expensive than it is

this simple white collar adds a very

chic and sophisticated vibe to a look

and it's a very simple combination that

will make you look like a layering

pro another way i like to spice up my

wardrobe more specifically my shoes

without spending

a lot of money on new shoes is with

clip-on shoe embellishments like these

beautiful ones i found on amazon for

under 15

they make the most basic shoes look so

much more expensive

one of the pieces that i invested in

early on

once i started to have more success

in my career is a luxe brooch i bought

the chanel brooch

years ago but i cannot tell you how much

wear i've gotten out of it

now i'm not saying go out and spend a

lot of money on a chanel brooch it

doesn't have to be a chanel brooch i'm

just using this as an example

because this is what i have in my

wardrobe but you can find

pieces similar to this for much less if

you shop pre-loved

and it's a very versatile piece that you

will be able to

wear with so many different things such

as sweaters

coats dress shirts i also like to put my

brooch on

hats sometimes there are so many

different ways to wear a brooch like


and it instantly makes even the most

basic outfit look

a lot more expensive another secret that

i like

to follow is the three color rule and

what i mean by that is when i'm getting

dressed for the day

i want to stick with a color palette of

no more than three colors and

one of those colors must be a neutral

such as

black white gray beige or navy i find

that when i stick with that roll

it's really easy to create a very


outfit that looks very clean and

polished and it's really hard to make

an outfit not look good with that rule

so secret number five is to invest in a

classic pair of everyday shoes now i say

shoes because it really depends on what

your lifestyle is about if you're

like me and you mainly work from home

then this could really mean whatever you

want it to mean but if you

for example are constantly on the go

running around you want to make sure

that your most

worn shoes that you wear on a daily

basis have a

classic look and feel to them and you

want to invest in premium

materials so if you are constantly on

the run and you tend to find yourself

wearing sneakers majority of the time

invest in a high quality pair of

white leather sneakers you can't go

wrong they're easy to clean

they always look good they always make

an outfit look chic and

expensive and they're a timeless piece

that you'll be able to wear again and


if you live somewhere where there are

four seasons

and you're opting for a pair of boots to

keep you warm in the fall and winter

months then i would go

with a classic black pair of boots

because they're versatile they go with


and they'll always make whatever outfit

you're wearing them with

look a lot more expensive while we're on

the topic of shoes

i really believe that a pointy toe

flat or boot or shoe or whatever it may


will always look a lot more expensive


for example a square toe or rounded toe

there's just something about a classic

pointy toe that is really elegant

and sophisticated and it's just a

classic timeless shape that will be

around forever

sticking with neutral tones is another


of mine to make my outfit look

super cohesive and chic and


it's really easy to style a neutral


and it's something that looks good on

everybody regardless of age gender

skin tone you really cannot go wrong

with a neutral outfit which is why

majority of the pieces in my closet

are a neutral tone in my opinion one of

the things that really completes an

outfit and

makes you feel more expensive if you


is a really beautiful luxurious perfume

but a lot of the perfumes that are out

there are really

really expensive i made a whole video

about this a few weeks ago comparing

one of my favorite perfumes to its dupe

and what i found doing that experiment


that you can really find similar

fragrances to a lot of the expensive


for a lot less so i'm going to share

these on my favorite tips and tricks on

how to get an expensive

fragrance for a lot less and even

sometimes for free

so one of my personal favorite ways

which you unfortunately cannot

do now because of the current lockdown

but after the lockdown you can pretty

much walk into any sephora

and ask for i think it's up to three

samples maximum

of any perfumes that they have on deck

and they will provide you with a perfume

sample that way you can experience

a luxury perfume without actually buying

it now of course i don't advise taking

advantage of this system only use this


if you are planning on purchasing a

perfume or if you're trying to figure

out what fragrances you are into

but back in the day i definitely used to

do that a lot

another one of my favorite ways to


a luxury perfume without spending a lot

of money on a luxury perfume is

using a service such as scentbird i've

talked about them on my channel

several times before and basically it's

a service where you can

buy a small perfume bottle of a lot of


luxury perfumes that you can try out

it's a 30 day supply and if you like it

you can purchase the full size one if

you don't like it you're not committed

to anything

and my last favorite way of experiencing

luxury fragrances

and is my personal favorite is using a

service such as oak cha or oil perfumery

so what they do is they create luxury

scents inspired by luxury fragrances so

the ingredients are virtually all the

same they just don't have

the luxury branding the luxury packages

or the luxury price tag so in that video

where i did the

comparison i compared my favorite 300

perfume to ocha's 40 dupe and they were

pretty much exactly the same if you guys

were interested in checking it out i'll

leave it in the cards above my head and


link it in my description box below

probably the easiest way to make any

outfit look a lot more chic and


is just to throw on a classic red lip


not just any red lip color but a classic

blue toned lip color i feel like blue

toned reds look flattering

on most skin colors and it's just a very


timeless red that you can get a lot of

wear out of so

if you are looking for a red lipstick

and are not sure which direction to go

on because you can only spend money on

one a classic blue tone red is

the way to go in my opinion natural

manicured nails always look chic and

expensive and i know that getting your

nails professionally manicured can

start to add up and luckily this

lockdown has forced me to really

bunker down and figure out how to get

myself at home manicures because

otherwise i wouldn't be able to share

with you

my tips and tricks for this so i've been

doing my own nails

for almost a year now because of the


and i feel like i've truly figured out

the perfect combination that will give

you the most

beautifully natural manicured nails for

a fraction of the cost

so i used to hate doing my own manicures

at home because no matter what i would


i always felt like it would turn out

terrible but i finally found the perfect


that allow me to create a really

beautiful manicure at home

and i really think it's thanks to these

two polishes from dior

so this really beautiful pale pink

apricot base coat is what i use for my

nail color

it's pretty much like your nail color

but a hundred times better it's

very natural and it's really like

foolproof it's really difficult to

make your nails look bad with this color

in my opinion and i use the dior

top coat on top to give it a glossy

finish it dries really fast

it's really easy to put on you can't see

any of your

mistakes and i can literally get my

nails done

in 20 minutes or less there are a few

tools that i use

to help me get my nails to look really

really good i don't use

cuticle cutters anymore because i used

to cut my nails

so much the point that my skin around my

nails was just uneven

and i would nick myself all the time so

i have learned a lot from

my diy manicure experiences and i really

think that

these two polishes plus some of the

products that i'm showing this b-roll


helped me achieve the best at-home


thus far so i'm going to link everything

that i'm using in this b-roll in my

description box for those of you who are


and yes i know that the d-or polishes

are a little bit more on the pricey side


the way that i look at it is that the

price of these two polishes

is pretty much the equivalent of two

professional manicures

and i've already done my nails using

these polishes at home five

times so it's already so much less

expensive to

get my nails done at home plus it saves

me a lot of time i don't have to go


so in my opinion this is a lot more cost

effective than getting your nails done


another one of my favorite secrets to

make your outfit look more expensive is

throwing on a pair of high-waisted

bottoms whether it's jeans

trousers shorts or skirts whatever it

may be anytime

you wear something high-waisted i feel

it looks a lot more chic and

sophisticated and put together

it gives your body more shape it cinches

you in at the waist it's super


and makes your outfit look a lot more

tailored to your body type

and the best part is you don't have to

spend any extra money

buying high-waisted bottoms you just

have to look for those items and opt for

those over

the mid-rise or low-rise alternatives so

this next

secret is something that you do have to

spend a little bit of extra money on

but in the long run it's going to save

you a lot more

and that is tailoring i have reached

about tailoring

so many times on my channel and i cannot

tell you

what a difference it makes in making

your outfit look more

expensive so what i like to do with

tailoring is

i usually like to look for premium


from retailers such as mango or h m or

zara and when i receive them if i find

that the pieces

fit me really really well but there's a

few things that could be fixed

to be improved and look a lot better

such as

taking in the hem or taking it at the

waist then i will take it to my

seamstress and have

those modifications done that way when

that piece is tailored it looks a lot


on my body and it looks like it could be

a designer piece so

even though you're spending a little bit

extra on tailoring because you're

tailoring something

that you purchased from the high street


it's still going to cost a lot less

versus going

the designer route so even though i love

my shoes and bags

i personally believe that a girl only


one classic everyday handbag and if you

could only choose

one classic everyday handbag to get you

through all seasons if you have four


to get you through day and night through

work and play

i would go with a medium sized handbag

that is more on the structured side that

way it'll be more

versatile you can dress it up you can

dress it down and either a black

or a nude shade black and nude is always


always timeless very versatile you can

style it with so many different pieces

in your wardrobe

i'm saying black or nude because it

really depends

on where you live and which colors you

tend to gravitate

towards more but i personally believe

that you cannot go wrong with a black

or nude handbag i also forgot to mention

that when looking for a classic everyday

handbag you want to look for something

that's not only versatile in the way

you can pair it with different items in

your closet but also in the way you can

wear it on your body

for example my medium chanel flap can be

worn four ways

as a top handle or clutch which makes it

more appropriate for evening occasions

over the shoulder with two straps for a

more sophisticated vibe

over the shoulder with one strap for a

more laid back vibe

and cross-body whenever i need to be

more casual and hands-free

so anytime i'm struggling to get dressed

and i don't know what to wear

my go-to is wearing a monochromatic

outfit from head to toe

and sticking with a neutral color such


all cream or all black or all gray i

feel like you can never

go wrong especially with all cream or

all black

it always looks timeless always looks


always looks super super expensive just

make sure

that the monochromatic outfit you're

wearing is going to

highlight your best features if you're

going to be wearing a

super baggy sweatsuit and super baggy

coat on top

obviously it's gonna start to look dowdy

because you can't see

your body underneath if you're wearing

something fitted and flattering to your

silhouette i promise you

you can wear the same color from head to

toe and it's going to look amazing

i love sunglasses i pretty much own

every style

and shape and color imaginable but i

always always tend to gravitate towards


classic black on black shades whenever i


want to make my outfit look more chic

and sophisticated and expensive

i also am one of those people that think


glasses are very very overpriced

yes i do have my fair share of designer

sunglasses but i also

have a few sunglasses that are dupes of

designer sunglasses

if you look at what sunglasses are made

out of most of them are made out of


designer sunglasses are made out of

pretty much the same materials

as all the other sunglasses out there

the only difference is that they have

the branding on them so this is a great


to save a lot of money and get the look

for less

amazon has a lot of amazing designer

dupes i have this

incredible pair of celine dupes that i

get asked about all

the time and they were only 10 or 15

i will link them down below for you guys

to check out but there are a lot of

other retailers

that i love to shop for trendy

sunglasses such as zero uv

their sunglasses are also 15 and they're

super super high quality

so you really don't have to spend

hundreds of dollars on a pair of

sunglasses when you can get the same

look for a lot less

as long as you know where to shop if you

don't have a lot of money to spend on


my best tip is to spend it on

multi-purpose or multi-functional makeup

that you can

use in more than one way a great example

of this

is this tinted moisturizer that i use


josie marin it's not only an spf

so it will protect my face when i'm

outside in the sun but it also has a


tint to it so it evens out my skin tone

i can use

it as a tinted moisturizer i can use it

as just a

general moisturizer so in my opinion

it's kind of like a three in one so that


instead of spending money on three

separate products a moisturizer an spf

and a tinted moisturizer i get all three

in one

another great multi-purpose

multifunctional product that i love

is the lanol lips 101 i

literally use this for everything and


from moisturizing my lips to

moisturizing my under eyes

my cuticles and taming my flyaways

around my face

so if you're trying to save money on

makeup look for

products that you can really get more

than one use out of that way instead of


a collection of 30 products that you use

on your face on a daily basis

you only need to use like five or six

superstar products

that will do everything for you as you

guys can probably tell

i love jewelry but i don't think it's

worth spending

an arm and a leg on jewelry especially

fine jewelry

for those of you who don't know i used

to have my own jewelry business

so i know first hand how much

jewelry actually costs i know that the

markup on

jewelry is exponential so that's why


buying jewelry i always do my research

and i always

look for affordable alternatives

but for high quality pieces that i know

will be in my collection for years and

years to come

some of my favorite places to shop for


are etsy i also love anna louisa you

guys are probably so tired of me talking

about them but i genuinely

love their pieces and like more than

half of the jewelry that i'm wearing

today is anna louisa i also love apm


so my tip for looking for luxe

jewelry that's affordable is looking at

the composition of the piece that you

are buying

for me the main thing is the metal

because in my opinion the crystals are

all virtually the same whether it's

swarovski crystal or cubic zirconia it

really doesn't matter

it's the metal that's the main thing

because i'm a gold jewelry girl as you

can probably already tell

so for me tarnishing is a huge factor so

if i'm buying gold jewelry i always make

sure that it's either gold vermeal

or it's gold plated on top of brass

brass is the same color as gold so once

the gold plating

washes off it's still going to be the

same color when it comes to silver tone

jewelry i either go

with sterling silver or white gold

sterling silver

that way when it tarnishes it's not

going to lose its color

in my opinion when someone has beautiful

healthy hair

it could really transform that person's

look all together and make

whatever they're wearing look more chic

and sophisticated and expensive i don't


what it is but you can take the same


and photoshop their hair and if their

hair looks dried out and damaged and


and then and put them next to a photo of

themselves where their hair

is shiny and healthy and lustrous it

totally transforms their entire

appearance so that's why

i put such a huge emphasis on taking

care of my hair i only

heat style it once a week i put very

very minimal heat on it i always put

heat protectant on it to protect it from

not only heat styling tools but also

from the sun i always

put serums and oils and i hydrate it

with nourishing hair masks i go above

and beyond to make sure that my hair

is always healthy and always looks its


a simple secret to really transform any


and make it look more expensive is to

look for

tops that have a high neck like this it

adds a very

effortless chic sophistication to a look

it's very simple to implement

it doesn't cost any more than a shirt

without a high neck top

so whenever possible look for tops that

have a high neck

and it will make your outfit look more

expensive whenever you are feeling lost

and unsure of how to put an outfit

together to make it look

expensive i always recommend looking for

inspiration around you

some of my favorite places to look for

outfit inspiration

is pinterest and instagram and anytime i

find something inspiring i'll

save it either to my computer or to my

phone on instagram it's really easy

because you can just save everything to

your saved folder and

reference it whenever you need

inspiration for example i really love

rosie huntington whiteley style so every


i'm in a fashion rut i will go to her

page or look at some of my saved photos

of her

and scroll through her photos to find

something that i can

replicate another tip is to follow

people whose style you not only

like but style that you can also easily

replicate with pieces that you already


in your closet and secret 21 my last

secret is

confidence it doesn't matter what you're

wearing whether it's just

a t-shirt and jeans or it's a ball gown

if you don't have that inner confidence


it doesn't radiate from the outside it's

always going to look a little bit

off so whatever it is you're wearing

make sure that you rock it with

confidence and i promise you

you're always going to look amazing that

is all for today's video i really hope

that you enjoyed it let me know in the

comments what was your favorite

tip for looking chic and sophisticated

and expensive on a budget

and if you have any tips that you'd like

to share with me leave them for me in

the comments down below as well if you

haven't already it would mean

so much to me if you would subscribe to

my channel and as always i want to thank

you guys so much for

hanging out with me and watching and

i'll see you in my next one