Do This Every Day, And You'll Look Younger for Much Longer

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how to stay younger for longer and slow

down aging we all want to age gracefully

and keep our youthful looks for as long

as possible thankfully there are a

couple of simple rules you can follow to

make that happen

but before you find out all about them

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number one manage your stress level

winning a Nobel Prize in Physiology of

medicine is no easy thing but that's

exactly what Elizabeth Blackburn Carol

Greider and Jack szostak did back in

2009 they found out that telomeres which

are basically the ends of our

chromosomes are responsible for the

aging process in ourselves and the basic

principle of their work is pretty simple

the shorter they are the faster we age

as it turns out one of the main things

that can significantly shorten your

telomeres is stress luckily there's a

solution for all your worries meditation

multiple studies have confirmed its

efficiency in dealing with telomeres

becoming shorter the best option here is

Zen meditation scientists from the

University of Zaragoza in Spain

discovered that on average Zen

meditators have longer telomeres than

any other people of their age so pick

the meditation technique you like and go

for it


number two surround yourself with people

you like the other secret to staying

young is having people you love and

appreciate around you

Blackburn greater and so stacks research

proved that people who live in safe and

friendly communities have longer

telomeres another study conducted by the

scientists of issue University along

with other specialists showed that

people who are married or maintain old

friendships grow older a bit more slowly

too but that doesn't mean you should

befriend just anyone you meet an

Australian study of centenarians found

that all you need is six good buddies

and you'll be fine

number three eat less yes I know

burgers and cupcakes are delicious but a

study published in Nature communications

Journal confirmed that caloric

restriction is way more beneficial for

keeping a fresh and youthful look

during the study researchers observed

two groups of monkeys for two years they

came to the conclusion that the monkeys

who were on a low-calorie diet

lived longer and stayed healthier

overall if you aren't too excited about

cutting down your usual portion size you

can always stick to an anti-aging menu

blueberries dark chocolate nuts figs

salmon avocado tumeric all these

products will not only slow down the

aging process but also lower the risk of

heart disease protect your skin and

vision and support your cognitive

function and don't forget to add walnuts

to the mix as well a recent study from

the University of Scranton showed that

they contain more anti-aging

antioxidants than any other product just

don't go too crazy with them eating

three walnuts a day is more than enough

number four rack your brain exercising

and taking care of your diet is great

but keeping your brain in shape is even


scientists from Rutgers University

discovered that learning boosts the

number of neurons you have which helps

your brain stay younger and this type of

neuron can be increased with every

mental activity you like from reading

books to learning foreign languages so

the more actively your brain works the

slower the aging process is number 5

wear sunscreen it doesn't matter if it's

sunny or cloudy

unfortunately UV rays are always there

waiting to damage your skin they not

only break down elastin the tissue

that's responsible for your skin's

elasticity but also cause other skin

problems like wrinkles and an uneven

skin tone however a sunscreen was the

rating of at least SPF 30 can easily

reverse signs of aging the participants

of the study published in the

dermatological Journal confirmed that


P f 30 sunscreen daily for a year

significantly improved their skin

texture you can still make small

exceptions from time to time and spend

no more than 15 minutes in the Sun

without sunscreen Cancer Research UK

suggests that it'll help you get some

crucial vitamin D without the risk of

getting skin cancer number sex dance a

study from the German Centre for

neurodegenerative diseases came to a

fascinating discovery dancing is one of

the most effective types of exercise to

reverse the aging process this is

especially true for continuously

changing choreography which boosts the

work of the hypo campus helping you stay

younger and making you the shining star

of every dance party


number seven go to sleep earlier having

a steady sleeping regime is extremely

important for your inner and outer

health Geoff Wright director of the hair

and beauty partnership and chronobiology

expert states that there are certain

times for each essential process in our

hair and skin for example from 8 p.m. to

11 p.m. they go through the stages of

hydration and stimulation from 11 p.m.

to 3 a.m. is nutrition and regeneration

time and from 3 a.m. till 5 a.m. your

body is simply resting so the time you

go to bed basically determines which

part of the process you skip another

great tip is to get at least seven hours

of sleep every night scientists from the

Harvard Medical School confirmed the

efficiency of this approach stating that

such a regime positively changes your

blood pressure and therefore lowers the

risk of a stroke or heart attack number

eight add more vitamins to your diet

believe it or not and the oxidants are

extremely important for our looks as

they prevent free radicals from damaging

the cells in our bodies one way to solve

the problem is to use face creams with

antioxidants and enjoy the feeling of

fresh and young looking skin the second

option is way more effective and it's

taking all the antioxidants you need

orally according to Karen Ebert MD

PhD of Dermatologists for Mount Sinai

Medical Center the most powerful

elements for slowing down aging include

selenium vitamin E and vitamin C if you

want some additional care you can take a

closer look at omega-3 which is well

known for maintaining younger looking

skin as well

number nine drink more tea bad news for

all the coffee lovers out there a recent

Israeli study found that pee drinkers

live longer tea is packed with good old

antioxidants called polyphenols which

help your system fight heart disease

cancer and premature aging moreover a

study from the National Public Health

Institute in Finland linked regular

consumption of tea with a lower risk of

Parkinson's disease and if your beverage

of choice is green tea you can expect

even more health benefits from improved

brain function to increased fat-burning

experts usually suggest drinking four to

six cups of black tea and three to five

cups of green tea a day to see the

desired results do you know any other

tricks to slow down the aging process

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