How To Look Like A Korean Girl

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by travelpod member

whose draw her to a hey guys first get

your hair together I use a wire headband

they're also called

fully bows next look clear our skin

still my skin seems kind of dull Oh what

is that

oh my god I'm a black hat and you'll

never ever defeat now I guess it's time

for my secret beauty weapon wonder poor

I choose you

not only it's fun to poke this mask

because it's so squishy but it also

comes with a spatter so you don't get

your hands messy but I do anyways

because I'm just clumsy like that

now wait 20 minutes for the mask to dry

that's just the perfect time to watch

some Korean grammar then the mask is dry

get the wrong wet towel and wipe off the

clay the result is soft and clear skin

like a baby

luckily since Korean cosmetics are so

advanced lightining earrings is a piece

of cake Oh YUM

with this color can I patch and rich for

vitamins and green tea extract wait 15

minutes until your skin has absorbed the

collagen essence and the patches are dry

see how my panda eyes disappeared

Foundation wise will use CC cream

whereas BB cream covers and tense your

skin CC cream is less dense and reduces

discolorations leaving you with an even

tone and a natural glow bode cream is

white first it will adjust to your own

skin color making it look like you're

not even wearing any makeup on areas

where you need more coverage apply some

concealer over the CC cream

finish with blotting powder which is

super beneficial for oily and

combination skin as it absorbs the oil

while leaving your skin hydrated and

soft during the day

also since the powder is translucent it

works for every skin shade since

foundation takes away the deaths in our

face but not that much that you look

like a pancake

now pancake I will add some by shading

and highlighting highlight with cooler

colors and shade with ROM colours the

shimmer gives your skin and natural glow

hiding the use of makeup now you have a

smaller looking face but with more

dimension that country where circle

lenses were first invented is South

Korea their popularity spread quickly

across eastern Asia

natural Korean hair colors are dark

brown to black if you're wearing a wig

make sure it's style is classy and sweet

eyebrows are the most crucial part of

this look they should be thick soft and

important as straight as possible you

don't really see that many Korean girls

with arched or even mountain-like

eyebrows fill your eyebrows in by doing

small and soft strokes as the base apply

a light shimmery pink shadow from your

eyelid to brow bone

we'll use two eyeliners one in pink and

the other one is simply black start on

the outer corner of your eye roaring a

sharp wing then extending the line by

doing soft strokes as you're nearing the

corner of your eye with the black

eyeliner line along the pink line

towards the corner of your eye but let

it be narrow enough for the pink color

to peak true highlight your tear bags

with a white shimmer stick then let them

really pop by coloring the crease under

them apply mascara

and now fake eyelashes which are

important for supporting the sleek shape

of the eyeliner when blushing cheeks use

two tones the first one is the base

color applied on your cheekbones to

create a natural-looking transition to

the stronger but less intensive use main

color evenly distribute a drop of liquid

concealer on your lips so you can give

them a new color with a lip tint not

only gives the lip tint your lips a

better color but they'll also be so much

smoother beat on the inner part of your

lips and sharpen the outer part with a

lip marker which is basically like a

text marker but instead you can use it

on your lips and with this last step

we're finished

let's all dance the Korean pop music

drink bubble tea and um just be cute


buh bye bye boo