THIS is How a Girl Wants You To TEXT HER - 11 TRICKS to Flirt With A Girl Over Text

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Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence.

Today we’re showing you 11 Amazingly Effective Ways to Flirt With a Girl Over Text

As you probably know all too well, texting is an absolutely essential part of the flirting

process And like all things flirting, there’s a

right way that will get women to genuinely like you,

and a wrong way that can easily get you in trouble.

So...to help you get the girl, here are 11 powerfully helpful tips for flirting with

a woman over text.

1. Optimize the Number Exchange

If you think about it, getting your number

in each other’s phones... is your first opportunity to show her the

kind of guy you are over text.

And like any first impression, you definitely want to get it right.

Lucky for you, it’s not that hard to do: Along with your name, try putting in a fun

(but helpful) little reminder about yourself.

Maybe that’s where she met you, something you talked about, or what you looked like

Not only will she like that you distinguished yourself from everyone else in her phone,

but depending on how you put it, what you wrote will almost definitely make her smile

2. Never Send 2 Texts in a Row

It may not feel like it, but the chances are,

half of the stuff you text a girl does NOT require a quick response.

And no, just because she doesn’t respond right away

doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you.

So instead of following up before she’s even had time to read your text,

show her how patient you are and wait for her to respond before you send another one.

3. Know Your Emoji Limit

Texting is its own language.

And like any language, some things can get very lost in translation.

So one thing we do about that, is to use emojis to help convey the emotion

behind what we’re saying.

The only problem is, some guys may rely on them just a little too


So in order to show a girl you can actually use words, and do actually have things to

say ...make your emojis count and limit them to

3-4 per conversation.

4. Don’t Text Paragraphs

Want a quick way to creep a girl out and get

your number blocked?

try sending her a long wall of text to read.

Guys look, when it comes to flirting, Not only are long texts incredibly intense,

but they also show a concerning lack of basic social awareness,

So if you have something lengthy you need to tell her, do it the old fashioned way:

… which is in person or on the phone.

5. Don’t Send Line-by-Line Texts

Just like you should try to never send huge

blocks of texts, you should also never get in the habit of

sending sentences one line at a time.

This can happen when we’re trying to sound in text the same way we do in person.

But instead of creating a natural back-and-forth, if your texts start stacking up

it just makes you seem kind of annoying, and make your texts hard to read.

6. Don’t Do 1-Word Responses

If you’re a man of few words, now’s the

time to listen up: Because if you’re in the habit of responding

to questions using only one or two words at a time,

you might be coming across as incredibly boring and unenthusiastic.

And not only could this make a girl think you’re annoyed by her texts,

but it could also lead to her giving up simply because texting you isn’t any fun.

7. Never End a Text With a Period.

Your english teachers are gonna hate us for this one,

but one trick that’s guaranteed to keep your texts naturally conversational and fun...

...is to never end your last sentence with a period.

We know, it doesn’t make any sense, right?

But if you really look at it ...ending your texts on a period actually

makes you seem rigid and uptight.

So for now, hold off on using impeccable grammar, loosen

up and ditch some of those periods.

8. Make Sure She Got Home OK

Not only is this an incredibly considerate

gesture in general, but because it’s quick and casual,

doing it via text message is ideal for when you’re just getting to know a girl.

So after your girl heads home for the night, take the opportunity to show her you care

...and send her a brief, thoughtful text making sure all is well.

9. Be Aware of Texting At Night

We all know that texting in the middle of

the night generally only means one thing...

But if you’re just getting to know a girl, and she’s not the one texting on the late

night, DON’T think that you have to be the one

to do it.

Because unless she’s made it clear that texting late would probably be OK,

you really don’t know how she’s going to respond.

So instead, let her be the one to text you after hours,

or just wait to text until the next morning.

10. Text Her Within 24 Hours of Hanging Out

Because if you really like her and want to

see her again, waiting any longer than 24 hours to text back

is honestly, just playing games.

So instead of making yourself wait three whole days or whatever to get back to a girl you

like, show her you don’t have time to waste, be

direct and text her the next day at the latest.

11. Don’t Wait Too Long to Ask Her Out

These days texting is a huge part of courting

a woman.

So if a girl asks you to text her, or you already are texting her,

that pretty much mean it’s OK for you to ask her out...and texting provides a perfect

way to do just that.

So before you go talking about everything over text,

ask her out...and talk face-to-face instead.

That’s 11 highly effective ways to flirt with a girl over text.

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