how to dress like a 90s girl

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hey what's up guys welcome back to

another video with a goal end up with

you girl I got to make a new intro every

time like I just don't feel comfortable

just saying it's so boring anyway today

it's gonna be a really fun video it's

not gonna be long I don't like to make

my videos too long because people then

get very interested after a certain

amount of time like I noticed that even

with myself like I don't like to watch I

don't care how interesting the video is

well it depends but usually you know you

get to a point where you start skipping

or you just click off because you just

don't want a video to be that long and

drawn-out so try to make sure this video

isn't to draw now because I'm going to

be doing how to dress like a 90s girl

isn't that cute I want you guys to see

how to just like a 90s girl even though

a lot of you probably know and I learned

today is really inspired by how they

dressed in the 90s I even still like to

address somebody by woo me myself and I

like to dress in the same way to

commemorate the 90s style

I just really adored their style and I

remember when I was extremely obsessed

with the show friends it was quite a few

years ago when I got obsessed with the

show and I started grasping style from

that show just a little bit not too much

I've gotten inspiration from a lot of

things but and especially like old

school show I've gotten so much

inspiration from still to this day yeah

my style has a lot to do with like that

90s vintage style there's still people

today I can still dress similar steal

dress very very similar it's very very

popular today which I love because the

2000 style wasn't it with the very low

rise jeans mini denim skirts it just it

wasn't me but the 80s and the 90s look

it's really really cute I think the 90s

is the best of course so that's where a

lot of the style today comes from there

are so many different styling today that

people think came from today and you

know didn't realize that that started

back then before our time you know

because history repeats

so so yeah I'm going to do three outfits

they're going to be three different

styles I really think you guys will like

the outfits they relate to me so much

like this is like really my style - if I

was a 90 teen like it would've been over

what you every word okay

oh do you guys like this outfit isn't it

you this kappa how cute ah bang by what

alright so I'm gonna change it to the

first outfit for you guys so give me a

sec alright I'm ready to show my first

fit in three two okay guys so as you can

see I'm wearing a turtleneck crop top

and a big huge flannel some jeans with

some rips in it don't worry about the

shoes because I'm not really sure about

what exact shoes they went with like I

know what the shoes look like but I'm

not sure what type of shoes they are and

I don't have those specific shoes that

they usually would wear because it sure

wasn't nike air forces but it was just

easiest to go with right now because it

matched but anyway so really what's very

very important about 90s girl style the

retro just shield by casual style are

cardigans cardigans were a huge thing a

huge deal in the 90s I mean they didn't

have to be extremely huge like this

didn't have to be this large they could

be like a little shorter or whatever and

sometimes girls would take the flannels

or certain looks and time around like

this practically like this yeah hey yes

but flanimals were a huge thing and I

think they're so cute now like for

pretty much all my life I never really

careful flannels that much but actually

after putting this outfit together and

seeing this because this is my sister

splinter not mine but but actually after

seeing this often and putting it

together like wow I think this is a

really cute outfit like this is really


but anyway they loved the belt so black

belts really I don't see any other color

buffs but like black belts and actually

one-step are thicker than this this

isn't even as thick as they usually will

wear but they love the black belts with

the high-waisted jeans so jeans were

baggy like these are not baggy at all

and sometimes I might have rips in them

but the rips weren't the biggest thing

definitely didn't wear anything like

this I don't have really baggy jeans

like that which I should I actually

wanted some a long time ago but I kind

of just like stopped carrying because

like the skinny jeans I've always been

my big thing the kind of mom jeans as

well but they were the really baggy

jeans they were always high-waisted so

just imagining these jeans revalue and

so just make sure you go with crop tops

or even crop tops like this weren't

always a thing I think we'll just wear

regular low-cut shirts and like tuck

those shirts in or just without the

flannel and sometimes I might have rips

in them that was the thing too cute

right whoa I'm gonna change it to the

next outfit BRB


okay ready to show the second outfit in

three two one


when it comes to this outfit it's not a

hundred percent because usually with

cami dresses people would wear

thigh-highs mostly teenagers really

maybe not adults it's much with

teenagers back in that day and like

young adults would wear thigh-highs

adults in their 30s and up probably

wouldn't but 20s in nineteen years that

were thigh highs and I did have some I

think they were white or cream thigh

highs that would have met but I cannot

find them there I don't know where to be

found so that's really annoying so I

just was like obvious leave it alone it

did always have to be a thing with those

but those were really popular um so for

those who are young and think that this

style started from today it did not this

style was inspired from the 90s it was

such a big thing to wear short sleeve

t-shirts or long sleeve t-shirts under

cami dresses okay of any sort like solid

color cami dresses it didn't matter what

kind of cami dressing work but they wore

t-shirts underneath it was just so cute

and dainty and very girlish it couldn't

be an everyday style and like it is

today like for some girls I've just kind

of started getting into this look like

maybe a year and a half ago I'm actually

um looking into getting more candy

dresses oh it's not that season it

hasn't been that season to wear them yet

but we're getting close so I'm gonna be

ordering some more trust and believe I

don't don't mind those shoes really

because I'm not really sure what shoes

they particularly went with I just kind

of went with what kind of correlated and

it's unsolvable together it's very very

popular today so that's why I did the

shoes but yes so a huge 90 girls thing

cami dresses and as well as cami tops

like that was a very huge thing and

still is a big thing today alright so on


laughs fists last but not least the

third outfit in three two one as you can

see I'm wearing the most stylish of them

all the beautiful pleated skirt the

pleated skirt was such a huge phenomenon

especially because the very well-known

loved movie my tongue why do I keep

wanting to say Mean Girls like what the


clueless because of clueless yes the

pleated skirts are just the cutest

little dainty things ever

I love the pleated skirt still to this

day I have another pleated skirt in my

closet I'm balancing it more just Amelie

I see it's climbed back up the

popularity ladder these days as well

this is a type of show state where like

they will wear these type of like

low-cut shirts with either long sleeves

or short sleeves it didn't matter and

they would wear thigh-highs with and

thank God I found these black

thigh-highs because I wasn't gonna do

this outfit if I could find these

because there was no way they barely

were skirts without the highs back in

the day but but definitely the pleated

skirt with the thigh highs were a

complete thing they were a complete

ensemble like you couldn't miss one or

the other so yeah that's why I did this

outfit very very cute and very popular

and it's still very loved to this day so

if you want to go 90s truly you go all

out with this one I think the shoes that

I'm wearing now are very similar for

what they did wear in the 90s I'm not

sure what the shoes actually were that

they wore I didn't look much into the

shoes really but these looked pretty

similar to what they wore so so yes this

was the last of the outfits hopefully I

can do another video if you guys give

this one a big thumbs up

comment down below if you liked it or

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anyway thank you guys thank you guys so

much for watching sorry I really enjoyed

making this video this was really really

fun for me possibly going to do more in

the future see you guys in my next video

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