Exercises in Preparation for Delivery for 7-9 months pregnant

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exercises set three we have completed

two sets of exercises now this part

involves exercises in preparation of

delivery women are now at the later

stages of pregnancy and all dads to be

can be involved with their wives during

this stage of exercises to the next set

of exercises will focus on concentration

breathing and exercising the perineum

muscle to prepare for easy delivery if a

pregnant woman is healthy and strong she

can exercise all the way until her

delivery now we will see the

demonstration of exercises in

preparation of delivery you are almost

ready for delivery the exercises must

now be performed slowly and with caution

if you're unable to exercise on your own

you can ask your husband to help you now

slowly bend down and sit cross-legged


hmm begin by sitting cross-legged this

position will focus on concentration and

breathing in and out slowly and

consistently stretch both your legs

toward the front

both legs toward the front aha breathe

consistently sit and relax comfortably

with your back and shoulders straight

just exercise as much as you are able to

for this position bend your knees

upwards and use your hands one at a time

to touch your ankle that's good and

bring your feet close together this

position is called stretching the legs

and pulling the knees close together

slowly stretch out your legs while

pulling your knees close together if you

feel a stretch or attention then stop

and concentrate on your pelvic floor

area and breathe in out deeply and

consistently this position does not

stress on the length of time take in if

you feel tired you can stop and rest

when you feel tired stretch your feet

outwards as before that's good

place both your hands behind your back

and now you can relax breathe in out

consistently the second position

involves squatting pregnant women with

strong knees and good health can go

ahead and stand on their feet firmly and

squat for those pregnant women who think

their knees are not strong enough you

can use a table or chair for assistance

in helping you squat you can use both

your hands to hold on to the chair

slowly lower yourself into a squatting

position squat so that your feet stay

completely flat on the ground and keep

your heels firmly on the ground

pregnant women who feel stretched and

tight and are unable to sit on their

heels are permitted to squat on their

toes clasp your hands together like this

after that use your elbow to spread your


apart slowly slowly spread apart your

legs until you do not feel any pain or

stretch look upwards and concentrate on

your pelvic floor area and breathe in

and out consistently breathe in and out

deeply this position likewise does not

stress on the time taken sit until you

feel tired and exercise just until you

feel it's enough that's good

after that if you feel tired then slowly

use your hands to hold on to the chair

and slowly get up very slowly that's

good if you feel tired then stop if you

feel you can continue with the exercise

then repeat two to three times this is a

relaxing posture after the first two

exercises it's the stretching of the

muscles and sometimes there may be some

stiffness or muscle pain and this is a

position for relaxation so that the

muscle can be comfortable this position

involves lying sideways slowly bend down

and lie down use your hands and get down

on each side stretch your feet out lie

down and pull the pillow towards you

straighten your lower leg bend your

upper leg a little place it on the

pillow this position is a relaxation

posture after the first two exercises

demonstrated earlier there may be some

muscle pain or stiffness and ache in the

pelvic bone area you can also move and

shift around until you feel comfortable

and stay in this position as long as you

can or you may even fall asleep in this