How to Style ICONIC 70s Outfits!

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wanna give a big thank you in a big

shout-out to Daniel Hallam for sending

me this drama see piq presents lend me

your ear on your welcome back to Phe I'm

Elias - Dexter I should kill and that is

Danny and we are the best fashion show

on the internet if you don't believe us

we lock a trailer so every episode we

give away a character bug to a random

comment in the first three hours for

your chance to win you know what to do

for this week's challenge is a challenge

that I've been wanting to do for time we

want to pay homage to the og era that is

the 70s when you think of the 70s what

do you think of instantly well for me

flares you think of disco and you think

of funk punk in general that punk as a

whole you know they were like literally

pushing the barriers flat what mental

we're back in those days or we're not

leather like flares with the fashion the

seventies especially for musicians every

look was a statement look I feel like

the 70s was really a time people were

like I'm gonna express myself as wacky

as crazy as glittery as I can you know

we will agree that so he's opposed to

what fashion

you've got Alessandro's gucci which is

mad floral cowboy looks also another

thing Calvin Klein Fitbit on that moment

so this is once again not about costumes

this is us literally doing research and

finding cool Styles that maybe I looked

upon as much nowadays so seventies fits

you already yes


70s fits Karl I been waiting for this

one's still initially it's an error I

just relate to so heavily seventies was

at such an iconic hero it inspired so

many fashion trends that we have today

it's one of the biggest pioneer hours of

all time a lot of experimenting a lot of

different movements got some of the

greatest fashion icons of all you've got

bowing you got Hendrix how can I not

reference my next-door neighbor

Elton John but I say Bow Wow oh no no

it's not actually my name to enable

within say Mary to get me zone 9 it's

still kind of hard to grasp what is 70s

I don't think what I need to do is

whittle it down and find out the roots

of some of these movements I'm gonna use

the power of the Internet and bass we're

just gonna ask you guys what suddenly

subculture I should do so I'm just gonna

give that like a couple of hours and

then see what we kept back with I'm

gonna touch on the subject of black

empowerment so I'm here today in Brixton

an amazing photography exhibition here

that talks about the 70 years and the

Black Panther movement one of the

photographer's is a guy called Neil Ken

lock he was the photographer for the

Black Panther movement back in the day I

need to educate myself I need to educate

you guys I understand the culture

propriety to get this dog fit so I just

say dope I just said I just said though

so we're about to go to Mendoza menswear

we're about to me out with my lat Leroy

Leroy on Leroy from men dolls of men's

with what we do we do a reproduction of

1960s sixty-five to seventy three in

men's clothing with a dandy style the

route that I want to go down is like

funky influence with a very dandyism if

it's the era I'm coming from because I'm

an old boy believe it or not so today

I'm in laboratoire I'm going to rock ins

Emporium they sell loads of flamboyant

stuff reference from the 70s era so it

only makes sense I hit that spot hi I'm

Jess Morris and

is my store walk-ins this is serious

look at this leather jacket boy

that is a real statement jacket so what

type of people usually come in here and

shot and she was listing some mad name

she was like y'all elias from PAQ came

through one time and I was like Jess man

don't like don't like gonna make me

blush Keith Richards so Johnny Depp

knows you know definitely falling in

love with us Jack I think this is




we've killed a lot of time and we've had

tons of responses off you guys at home

so thank you very much for that grace

I'm Scott Lothian said somebody's window

the soul movement reached his Peaks and

Northern Soul stuff soul boy style

I feel like that'd be really cool but I

think it's too obvious Jasmine GE on the

score hippies punk rock heavy metal

there's a lot of early punk

gianni Rivaldo said pastafarians Italian

Jamaicans anyone know this is mad we've

named it the haze of the Isaac Hayes

back in the 70s but that's the kind of

thing he would wear I know I didn't want

to see it Oh some Trotman has just

missed me some was one who judged our

Levi's episode two some port this sounds

dope you should look into the whole New

York City male hustlers style from which

the Ramones borrowed from crop top

teased skinny jeans with bulging crotch

as all taking from rentboy style might

be a bit too much PAQ though I might

even just message some asking if can

meet up with him for the Hustle

so right now I'm looking at some archive

photographs I'm looking at a photo of um

Angela Davis I'm looking at its afro and

it looks a little wavy they just look

powerful skies fire first of all I

haven't seen a shirt with square buttons

since ever

Wow I see a lot guys on that your

trousers toenails or jumpers and blazers

with the black pants in America was more

of a uniform as for hair snot it's not

such about the unit

what they were wearing is more about the

message because I do on the sleeve

flowers can almost smell them see the

guys with their fists up sob put my fist

up - is it dude Borah fans everyone

here's looking STIs either looking very

powerful definitely you need going on

his picture than were standing together

right dining room us wishes he could tea

ain't have no scarf game like this what

we've got going on here is a little it

he's like flower faces these are jokes

wow this this photo must be rare so in

the 70s Bob Marley actually came to the

UK life met with Black Panthers as a

black man from the UK I've definitely

needed to look at these images young man

it makes me proud as you what stuff it

makes me proud knowing that we actually

fought you know I'm saying I'm we stood

together I say a massive shower to the

BCA some of the references I picked up

on were like hats never utility work

where I'm the try on these clothes on

and then get this dress up off the rail

because I'm taking off the road and

getting dressed to get me say I probably

am gonna cop another leather jacket

seeing all this level I'm thinking at

all hey guys it's Sam from and you might

remember me from the Levi's festival

Fitz episode I'm gonna be talking to

Danny today about the remains

I love the Ramones but I wanted to kind

of get deeper and find out where the

style came from like what the key piece

is and widely where the remains were

really one of the first to really where

bikers as a more kind of like subverted

style again and they inspired like

people like Sex Pistols and you when you

think of punking you should think of the

Sex Pistols right but the remains were

the ones who actually wearing it early

onion like they were doing gigs over in

London maybe like Sid Vicious would go

and watch the games and then they'd end

up wearing them big rock stars are

wearing what we were in Li bill

other jerks and coining and they trying

to be their master

I guess the host of style with the NYC

sort male hustlers with the look of what

sort of like came with the remains

there's kind of like a mix of references

all of them sort of link back to Marlon

Brando as being a sort of the key

influencer for the game Lederman and you

think of what the remains were wearing

at that time as well leather jackets

crop t-shirts no super tight jeans and

that was kind of like a mix of both year

this 11-man culture as well as the glam

rock kind of influences that were coming

out oh it's bustling yeah a little bit

oh this is definitely very fitted and

feels very great yo apples so cool and

I'm gonna ride and these boots bro all

my days I know more stuff like this

before this is so sick displays are

literally feels like exactly fitted to

the minimum

my format coughing I thought Matt sick

like cutting light a smile off my face

bro so right now I'm in Brick Lane I'm

outside Bashir and son and my mission is

to go in get new leather jacket so we're

about to meet us up in Black Panthers my

lat dent my lap power himself to place

is heavily recommended by me and

obviously the lethal of the biz my

lethal fizzle I see you doing up first

by the side checks a check must been

heavy say like a millionaire now we'll

start of brick lane posters mad ambition

but let's go let's make it happen

Shion sons Magnus yeah know what you

save money all right I'm trying to be

less negative

yeah I know it's been a minute man I

think Mike wouldn't I started youtube I

was kind of seeing everyone's

competition in a way I know about a

beetle eyes and all that stuff and you

have to die ahead think about no hard

feelings right you just had to have to

expose me like that I don't want to send

any shots at you come on in come on in


how are you doing my name is the bad man

aka animo and why do I call myself Nemo

because I'm in the sea like Nemo and I

need some Mon you know [ __ ] I can't

deny I'm one of the flies in the land

there's no question about it how does

one do it how does one look this fine

I'm gonna give you some time to think

about that Nemo nah nah but for other

like this is actually man this jacket

makes me feel like a million bucks this

is like a this is a big Daddy jacket


definitely a hundred percent yo this is

like but under take off the Black

Panthers well I feel like I should be

assured Adobe but I'm not sure today

before I'm retaining all the sugar for

myself which is why I bought this jacket

for like Nia and that's shout-out to all

the girls that couldn't see past my dead

crepes my mother's dead school shoes

look at me now baby money man yeah look

at my shoulders done cut up on shore or

smooth instantly looking at that is very


typically the Ramones look was Scott

leather biker jacket some sort of

vintage bandying usually cropped and

they were strictly wearing Levi's back

then actually for good in this you know

I mean for like this makes my arms look

quite nice man slim fit I mean just got

a still slim dude it's called no jawline

just neck and shoulders so I tried on

the patchwork blue jeans they were

really lovely they were flared they sat

really nice on the boots

most of management like DMX these file

next step review calculate mood board

storyboard immerse myself into the 70s

very simple

nice karna pockets as well as

comfortable as war this has to be my

favorite suit ever the 70s 70 fashion is

just so different it's so rich it's so

like its own lane my kind of vibe that I

got like looking through those pictures

was that these people are working-class

you know their normal everyday people

using them references and what I've seen

I decided I'm not gonna go to no BG

place and get a mad never jacket no I'm

just gonna go to a local family or in

the business in the middle of East

London and show you guys back and still

flex visited son with a chat through

some of the books we had a chat through

some of the looks and now I can go out

there and yeah we'll have a full

vermin's bit so uncle Leroy thank you so

much madad for coming through just

showing me real fashion chat also Jets

coming through with a Harlequin scarf

for me this your boy that's the black a

kid a militant one and I'll see


so Mia

thank you for coming down and judging

this episode hi my name is Mia I'm the

founder of mad 70s this week is all

about 70s basically I'm very excited to

judge the boys on their 70s outfits the

70s were such a bold period I'd like to

see color patterns so I'm really excited

to see what you have found sweet let's


if Elias is outfit doesn't make me laugh

I'm gonna go home




that is amazing

I'm staying I'm a massive fan of the 70s

but I'm kind of more like I kind of be

more into like wearing like just like

looking flares and like a hoodie and in

my head on my okay 17 is all about being

flamboyant and I got hurt you know a

neighbor of mine you know Elton John

from zone 9 it's on the same area as me

and I was like you know what I have to

channel with him so I'm wearing a

modular tabby beats I've never worn

these before but you know Here I am I

thought this is like abaca wear bright

to one toes just foot so this kind of

keeps it a little bit more content free

with their the tabbies and I'm just

wearing these flares from contemporary

wardrobe as well as this kind of like in

a satin sure the jack is actually from

women's section in Topshop and then the

glasses are also from the contemporary

wardrobe archive it was a very bold very

brave outfit what I really like is that

you've mix modern with vintage I also

like the quite feminine details I think

the color combinations really nice I

love her big sunglasses so this is a

jocular so sick I will have to go into

the shoes there because I still feel

they've split totally format like but

this is like probably one of the

cleanest out that you've had in a while

how many like toes go in the front is

that just your big one time yes how

small your toes we said camel toe for

your foot bedroom

fabulous outfit Danny you necks sweet

can you do this





oh definitely makes it Mike that is

based on the New York male hustlers

in the 70s which for those who don't

know is where the Ramones got their

style from oh so one thing I always all

about Danny's outfit is that they're

always super informative and one of them

DeeDee used to be a rent boy essentially

that's what they always address like

where is crop tops leather jackets and

essentially the used to wear either like

old converse or head along MIT he

actually pulled it off a can't lie and

then these are the original Levi's 505

then it's an original 1970s Mickey Mouse

top and it's the actual official shop

vector jacket so it's not just any

leather jacket it is the one that the

Ramones used to wear I definitely think

youth channeled the Ramones they

definitely did the drainpipes and then

they usually wore jackets that's

actually too small for them I thought

the Hong Kong outfit is sick man but you

know I sort of fun now you make me feel

like you know sort of Spidey so yeah I

was not expecting you to come out in

this this is probably like the furthest

thing in my head he was gonna do and I

think that's super sick to the fact that

you know seventeen people kind of have

like a stereotype that this is obviously

showing the side of the air with that

though everyone knows about I didn't

even know about like the rentboys myself

so you've educated me well the host was

we start simple know it around ways make

you want it to do it you're gonna you're

gonna embrace it

daro 675 592 sofie nomaks


Thank You Danny

Dex Unix


and Kim our Shack I wanted to do

something that I haven't really done on

TV before

and that's actually looking to know my

culture being a black man in the 70s

when the movements was a black panther

movement went to Brixton to the black

cultural archives I looked at photos

taken in seventies by a guy called Neil

Ken look I'm hoping to learn a lot I

think that is a really fascinating topic

for this outfit it wasn't about me spend

a lot of money it was more about I'm

about respecting the time and I also

made my own sign say luck is the power

of the soul I decided to wear a women's

leather jacket because I know around

that time there was a lot of light no

gender fluidity these are dogs doctor

mines I'm yo G young motor

scrt car those clean black glasses and

the brief think it's a really I love the

structured longer length leather jacket

again it's also more about the history

the holistic is a vibe man and I really

respect you referencing such a important

era and an important time especially for

people walking you need to know I mean

the fashion end product is fantastic it

takes you really well I think the

journey to get there is what elevates

even further I think that's not a whole

thing about fashion is expression right

and if you can like express something

that is like you know very informative

or relevant within history then

definitely take that chance

ok Sharky opening


thank you they started with me going to

a lovely place West London called

Portobello Road I tried on so many

things when I was honestly having the

time of my life and I did not want to

leave so the shoes actually got Mendoza

I know these sick boots and the heel was

amazing I love the hill yeah so the

flesh I've actually owned for a couple

years now

this jacket is from Mendoza so Leroy

designed this I made this it's crushed

velvet and then the scarf I was gonna

show you that she gave me a discount on

it as well so a big shout out to bobble

Cherie and then the sunglasses my new

black Herman's like John Lennon little

bit Jimi Hendrix all of that and the hat

i got from sharri's too and I started

with a Liam Hodges pin that says

sniffing because they were small good

thing if I could put you in a movie it

would be the boat that rocked oh yeah I

think in the 70s it's all about textures

and patterns and I do love the flares of

course I mean I know when it comes to

these kind of things and selling is your

you wear flesh you do that but seeing

the whole look and how you've actually

execute it it's beautiful

I was want to talk about the jacket that

is literally like the statement piece

how can we make him a little extra crush

it a big fan of extra as someone that

loves to 70s it was it's very hard to

make a decision I think I need some time

to have a think and I'll come back and

tell you the results so the winner is


thank you to media for coming down and

you know announcing me as though this is

this one's not just for me my leadership

you guys at home there in my corner to

love so comment below like what what era

or anything you are seeing neck down to

delve into it