7 Weeks Pregnant - What to Expect Your 7th Week of Pregnancy

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(upbeat music)

- Things are full speed ahead inside your still-flat tummy.

It's only been five weeks since conception

but your embryo is ten thousand times bigger now

than when it arrived in your uterus.

Of course, it's still pretty small,

around a quarter of an inch or the size of a blueberry.

Happily, that reptilian tail has all but vanished

by now and your little cutie is starting

to look a little cuter,

with dark spots that'll become eyes

to holes that will turn into nostrils,

the beginnings of lips and, believe it or not,

the early beginnings of tooth buds.

But it's the brain that's getting all the attention now.

Baby's noggin wins the prize

for biggest growth spurt this week

as that busy brain cell factory

cranks out 100 cells per minute.

Your little sprout is sprouting in other places, too.

The limb buds are elongating

and will soon become defined shoulders,

arms, legs and knees,

gearing up to kick you within another month or two.

The little paddles at the ends

are becoming more distinct and will soon develop

into ten kissable fingers and ten kissable toes.

Baby's liver is in the early stages of formation

and will soon begin producing red blood cells.

And hot off the production line

are baby's permanent kidneys that are standing by,

ready to produce pee in the next few weeks.

No need for diapers just yet, though,

the embryo's urine flow will become part

of the amniotic fluid it ingests

and excretes continuously over the next seven months.

(upbeat music)