How tall is 6 feet tall?

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hello this is Adam and I am here to

discuss something how tall is tall right

now you're thinking to yourself

I'll tall with someone out to be to

begin siddur tall 510 511 6 feet well

here's the thing people say that I'm

count all but I'm like 511 men some

change now in order to get an aspect of

how tall you know 6 feet tall is this

lamp over here is exactly 6 feet tall

and if you can see I'm right at the lamp

maybe a little bit under 511 and a half

something like that

so and if you can see how big this

laughs is this lamp is huge you know so

and when you come to a doorway you're

about six feet tall to 511 $60 of right

about ho right here a little bit maybe a

little bit taller so people often wonder

how tall is six feet tall well six feet

tall is taller than it's about three

inches taller than the average man at

five nine if you're using the metric

system six feet tall is about one point

eight two meters two 1.83 meters so you

know that's for the rest of the world

problems like like between one point

seven nine and one point eight eight one

meters so you can see that that is

someone that is kind of tall for the

average height now if I were to go to

like Sweden or Switzerland I would be

short you know the average height I

think in like Sweden or Norway or

whatever is 1.8

four meters or six feet and a half so

almost six one is their average height

now you're thinking why do I discuss

this well a long discussion this is

because a lot of people think that if

someone is under 6 feet tall someone's

like 510 511 the dark they're going to

be that is short but as you can see then

this is carpet so this is not really

that great but if you can see from this

lamp right here

again look how big that Lancet

sound like random like business this is

60 per six foot tall man

that'll hold its people

welcome home you're like that like how

they play all the way in here and it's

cute right

I mean you bend down with you you have

to make room for

again so 5 foot 10 which is 2 inches or

4 centimeters shorter than 6 feet so 60

is like 1.8 to 510 it's like 1.77 or 1.8

1.7 9 or something that's like 5 10 ish

that is that is con tall even though

it's average if you saw a woman was that

tall that would be gigantic because the

average woman is about five foot four on

the how many meters that is but that's

that comes to here at someone with 510

and like here with someone that's six

feet so now you know that the average

sized woman to a guy that's six feet

tall would count about here and 5/8 to

God that's you know 511 six feet and we

talked about like here 510 would come

here this is what lap ten would be like

and then 511 would be here and I got it

to six feet so for your perspective

six feet is huge so in you know if some

girl wants to judge someone based off of

height now 510 is good enough you know

if some guys 510 that's good enough as

as tall enough for most women have a

good nice day