Carolyn Hartz—Woman Who Looks so Young at 70! Her Anti-aging Secrets

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her name is Carolyn Hart

she's from Australia when you see her

for the first time you are very likely

to be confused about her age why well

it's because her body shape can be

misleading but facts say that she is 70

years old in fact

Carolyn Hart turns 70 in July 2017 as a

result people are lost for work by her

unbelievable body shape this makes it so

hard for anyone to imagine her real age


Carolyn's secret

Carolyn Hart says she takes boobs

contain no sugar as a matter of fact she

has gone without sugar for about 28

years can you imagine that 28 years

without sugar that's amazing but does

this mean she doesn't like sweet things

far from it

Carolyn Hart's replaces sugar with

xylitol what is thought at all the

xylitol is an all-natural sugar-free

sweetener that tastes like sugar but not


Carolyn Hart's exercises regularly she

also enjoyed sweet food in life but

remember those boots do not contain

sugar but an all-natural sweetener

xylitol Carolyn hot even wrote a book on

sugar free baking if you are interested

in this book you can get it on Carolyn

Hart's it's very own website the link is

found in this video description


what's your opinion of Carolyn Hart let

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