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hi guys so we have a very important

video for you guys today

this one is one that is you know very

popular and heavily requested I think

which is tips for looking slimmer and by

no means are we suggesting that you know

we need to look slimmer we just like to

look slimmer and I think that you know

you should be happy and whatever skin

you're in wherever you know you are in

your journey however there are times

when we all want to look slimmer it's

just a fact I feel like most women you

know they definitely have that desire so

you know we're not saying anybody needs

to look skinny or anything like that

this is just looking slimmer for

yourself and feeling good about yourself

so um we hope you guys enjoy it we've

got 5 great tips for you guys that are

gonna make you feel slimmer in 5 seconds

and I'm gonna give you guys a little

freebie right now which isn't even part

of our 5 tips and that the bigger your

hair we did that a lot anyways okay so

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Muscato so a lot of youtubers will tell

you guys like what they eat in a day

what is their diet exercise routine

won't even waste your time with that

we're just gonna tell you how to fake it

so that's what this is all about so if

that doesn't make you hit subscribe

right now I don't know what really so

the first tip we've got for you is just

super easy which is wearing dark wash

jeans now we don't do this all the time

because it's not always our goal to look

you know slimmer every day we like lots

of different jeans we love our white

jeans but if it happens to be your goal

maybe you're feeling a little bit puffy

that time of the month or something pull

out those dark washed jeans because that

dark wash just like wearing black is

really going to help slim me

also I've got you know a larger bottom

than I do on top so I also like being

able to just make the bottom half of me

look a lot sleeker and usually you know

I'll then be able to bring some

attention up to the you know the upper

part of my body so yeah I love black

jeans and my second favorite are the

dark wash jeans and the high-waisted so

for tip number two on how to look

slimmer wearing a heel now this could be

a block heel a high heel a wedge

something to add more height and really

what you're able to do is make your legs

just appear longer because now more the

skin on your foot is showing so it

instantly is going to elongate your legs

yeah and a great cheat for this one

because I feel like you know obviously

we've said a million times we're a heel

where he'll wear a heel but we don't

like wearing heels every day because

they're not always super comfortable or

practical but a wedge sneaker is a great

cheat so it doesn't really expose more

skin however it gives you the height and

I feel like every time I switch out my

flat sneaker for my wedge sneaker all of

a sudden I'm getting all these

compliments and comments on you lost

weight it's like no I just

boosted out my sneakers a little bit so

if you're a flats person if you're like

I can't wear heels that hurts my feet

try a wedge sneaker will link some

favorites for you guys but I'm telling

you it is a great cheat

kind of like a bootie but even more

comfortable to give you a little bit of

lift and create a longer line which in

turn makes you look slimmer so tip

number three is wearing solid colors so

we love our prints obviously we love

polka dot we love florals we love prints

smaller prints I think are definitely a

bit more flattering right than really

huge vibrant prints but in general if

your goal is to look slimmer

wearing solid colors actually will

achieve that particularly on the area

that maybe you want to slim so if you

are heavier on top you want to choose a

solid color on top if you are heavier on

you know I'm on the bottom you know you

want to want to

do the same thing so you want to keep

the prince away from the areas that

you're trying to create a slimmer look

and if overall you want to appear

slimmer than you want to do head-to-toe

solids so you know this is just

something that visually kind of cheats

the I guess and wearing those solid

colors it's an easy way yeah cuz the

prints and the patterns those are going

to really attract people's visions to

those areas so yeah just wearing solid

colors will just make you look more

streamlined so tip number four and how

to look slimmer instantly is to wear a

v-neck right it's really just about

showing more skin so let me give you an

example of my mother she's very petite

she only wears crewneck shirts and

whenever she wears a v-neck everyone

thinks that she has lost so much weight

she's looking very you know like sickly

or whatever and for me when I'm wearing

a crewneck versus a v-neck I look like I

have gained so much more weight and the

idea is just being able to show more

skin you're able to show a little bit

more of like your collarbone which is

very delicate and also kind of just

showing more skin in general think about

you know if you're wearing like a

turtleneck or something like that you're

not showing as much as much skin so

you're adding more weights you hence the

reason why Audrey Hepburn used to wear

those all the time because she was a

skinny mini and could really get away

with that it's so true and it's not a

coincidence that we pretty much live in

all v-necks also a scoop neck will work

and you know because anything that's

going to you know leave a lot of skin

exposed here is going to help you just

to look slimmer so I know for me like oh

it's very rare and it's very hard for me

to wear something that comes up high on

the night it just makes me feel like

everything is wider and especially if

you have broader shoulders like I do

that is just not the most flattering

look t'k definitely like widens you but

I have seen the same thing there's some

youtubers they're really really tiny yes

and everything

you know a crewneck type of thing

because this is just so skinny so the

opposite would be true if you know you

were really tiny but since this video is

about looking slimmer yes show something

so tip number five we've definitely

talked about this one if you've been

watching us you'll see us do this a lot

of times you'll see us gravitate towards

this tip and it is all about defining

the waist so that can be with a belt

that can be with you know a tuck that

kind of shows some of your waist it can

be with a rap style shirt or dress or a

belted shirt or dress or a jumper we

gravitate towards those things all the

time and it is very you know strategic

to define your define your waist because

if you're not defining your waist even

you know kind of get lost the shape gets

a little lost but when you cinch in the

waist it just makes you look slimmer hmm

yeah and actually even this dress right

now is a little bit of a wrap up but if

you guys can imagine you know like if

you're wearing let's say for example

like a t-shirt dress I love t-shirt

dresses especially if they're a v-neck

however I also know that I have to get

one that's a little bit more fitted

because if not I'm just gonna be like

completely overwhelmed and in this you

know dress that shows nothing in my

middle and because of that it will just

instantly add weight to my body which is

really the opposite of what I want to do

when I'm trying to you know put myself

together in the mornings well and if you

pay attention to like Instagram and

stuff I think most people have maybe

haven't noticed it but did you notice

when they wear t-shirt dresses a lot of

things they will tie the shirt or the

denim jacket around their way yep that's

what they're doing ladies it's not just

another element of interest it's to

define the waist so you know those big

oversized t-shirt dresses and stuff they

can be very cute and if you're really

really thin the teeth you might not care

about that but for most of us you want

something that's going to define the

weight define why don't I keep saying to

find fine

something a little tongue twisted to it

define the waist and that is really

going to help you to look slimmer