6 Ways to Look Taller & Slimmer (INSTANT 3-5 Inches)

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what's up guys it's jose zuniga from

teaching men's fashion and for today i'm

gonna show you six things that you can

do to look both taller and slimmer let's

hop into it the number one most

important thing you need to do is

specially if you want to look slimmer

and taller your clothing is going to

need to fit you right now I have

stressed as before of course because I

am a menswear blogger but right now

especially if you're a short guy and

you're trying to look taller fit is

crucial and to kind of demonstrate these

tips and help along to show you how

these steps actually work I brought in

my friend who's under 5/8 but in essence

you don't want to wear any baggy

clothing especially the trend right now

an oversized grungy wear if you're a

shorter guy that's probably gonna be

something you're going to want to avoid

why because the excessive stacks the

oversized clothing is just gonna make

you look like you're just a little kid

trying to wear grown-up clothes not to

mention if you are a short guy under 5/8

most department stores aren't making

clothes for you which sucks like it's

like they forget about it they're only

serving the average the masses obviously

because that makes them the most money

but they forget about the super short

guys or the super tall guys so chances

are if you're getting buying your

clothes at departments or you're gonna

be a tailor but that's why I love the

sponsor of today's video which is Peter


Peter Manning is an NYC based brand and

their whole focus is to create stylish

clothing for the not so tall guy guys

under five eight and yes that amazing

fit you see that's straight out of the

box because what Peter Manning does is

they focus on building clothes for the

shorter guy which shorter end seems that

way you don't have to worry about the

tailor tax which basically just means

every time you buy from a regular

department store you have to add a

certain tax to that from what you have

to pay to the tailor for that garment to

actually fit you right with Peter Manny

fits you perfectly

out of the box these guys are so focused

on delivering well fitting basics to

short guys so they can look better look

taller and fit for them perfectly that

they've actually developed their own

proprietary sizing chart so no you won't

have your regular small medium and large

they have their own sizing chart and the

cool thing is that if it's your first

time on peter manning they have a sizing

chart calculate

so you can go on there to put your

height and your weight and automatically

it tells you what sizes you'll need so

the clothing fits you perfectly but in

essence what you need like I said it's a

good resource where you can get clothing

that fits you perfectly because for

short guys it's critical if you've never

checked out Peter Manny it's gonna be a

link down below the second critical part

for you to look taller and leaner it's

the shoes you're wearing so the main

thing you're gonna want to look at is

the heel of the shoe there if it's a

clunky shoe you can easily get an extra

inch inch and a half even two inches

depending on how thick that sole is for

example boot boots are a great option

for short guys because they have a very

very thick sole so every time you wear

it it makes it look thicker of course

you're not gonna be wearing boots all

the time but that's just a good example

of it there's also sneakers with very

thick soles that again give you that

half an inch or inch of extra Heights

quick sidenote

it's funny every time I do a skincare

video you always say who's they

oh you have perfect skin you never have

to deal with it look at that monster

it's almost embarrassing back to the

video but third thing you're gonna want

to do to look taller and slimmer you

want to make sure you choose the right

pants for your shoes what you want to do

is to try to create a monochromatic

ensemble between your pants and your

shoes to the point that it's a clean

streamline look that way that I has no

interruptions as opposed to color

blocking like let's say black pants and

white sneakers there's an abrupt

interruption that just kind of like

chops your image and makes you look

shorter for example here's the models

wearing some skinny jeans from Peter

Manny paired with some dark colored

shoes again you can tell how

automatically the ideas naturally goes

down his frame and makes him look leaner

taller and slimmer but let me just quick

sidenote back to the Peter Manny notice

the fit on that denim it just fits so

perfect right because it was made for

the not so tall guy here Peter Manny's

in seams are shorter so that way you can

buy pants made for men with just shorter

inseams that way you no longer have to

take it to the tailor to get a tailored

that's why they fit so perfect if you

guys want to check out Peter Manning

like I said that links gonna be below

but there's also gonna be a discount

code so you can try them out for the

first time and see what you think the

fourth thing you're gonna want to do is

wear very cool stripes you can do this

in various formats obviously you have

the common thing of wearing a vertical

striped shirt again it's these are all

illusion and tricks where it just forces

your eye to look longer without any

interruptions but another way you can do

that is by wearing pants that have a

vertical stripe on such as track pants

which are super popular right now or

even joggers but again your goal is

forced people to see what you want them

to see you wanted to see a long lean

line wear long lean lines the fifth

thing make sure you don't have long hair

keep your hair short and with a lot of

volume because again it'll just give you

that length in the neck area as well if

your hair is long and especially if it

covers your neck it's just gonna make

you look stumpy err in the top frame but

keeping it short with the height skin

fit just gives you all that length on

top of the volume you're adding on top

this hairstyle you're seeing this is a

probably like a medium volume hairstyle

and it's already giving me like an inch

and a half two inches on my height

already combine that with shoes that

have a good heel you could easily add

another three four or even five inches

to your overall height just by doing the

right steps and finally number six the

final thing you're gonna want to do to

look taller you need to straighten up

you cannot slouch as soon as you slouch

you're taking about 2-3 inches off your

natural height without any gimmicks as

soon as you straighten up you get that

height back because guess what you are

literally straining out your spine and

giving yourself that length and that's

basically it for today's video guys I

hope you enjoyed it those are six things

that you can do to look taller and

slimmer if you guys liked this video and

found it informative don't forget to

drop us a like down below also don't

forget to check out our sponsor Peter

Manning they're gonna be linked down

below as well

that's it for me today see you next time