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hi guys it's Wednesday I hope everyone's

day is off to an amazing start thanks so

much for stopping in today guys for

another fashion over 40 all right today

we are not going to focus or concentrate

on clothing today I want us to kind of

focus on those items that help us to

after 40 look and feel good all right so

that's what we're going to talk about

today I am going to give you 5 roughly 5

tips that I use or 5 things that I use

to help me look and feel good now that I

have over 40 I am actually 47 I turned

47 this past April yes I am 47 and I

think I've mentioned that to you guys

before I'm actually a little bit older

than Eric so yeah I wanted to share with

you the things that I do to help me to

say I think looking as youthful as

possible on the outside and then also

what helps me to feel good on the inside

I would love it if you guys would down

in the comments share with me those

things and you do those tips and tricks

that you guys have for keeping it all

together cuz girls you know it's hard

out here in these streets okay please

give me the things that you guys do to

help you look and feel your best after

the age of 40 but let's go ahead and get

started the first thing that I do and I

actually love doing it that helps me to

not only look great on the outside I

feel but also feel great on the inside

is going to be exercise exercise guys

there is no way around it

I believe at any age but especially when

we hit that forty mark I don't know

something just happens where the things

that we used to eat we can't eat them

anymore you know I used to get eat just


I shared here countless times at nauseam

of that I am a baked girl cookie fan

okay and

I used to be able to eat those intimates

pound cakes

I think this intimates or a Betty

Crocker one of them there's a little tin

foil pan and it had that little piece of

cardboard on them you can buy them in

your freezer section man I used to be

able to eat one of those cakes in like

two three days game not one pound I

think sometimes I lost weight try it now

oh there's no way I could do that so

when I hit 40 I really had to ramp up my

exercise you know whether it be doing

some of the DVDs that I share with you

guys here or you know doing some of the

cardio machines that you can find at

your local gym thankfully we're blessed

enough to have a home gym downstairs or

just riding bikes and going for walks

you just have to do something there is

no way around it you know when we get

into our 40s and even I would say our

late 30s that you know cellulite and

saggy skin starts to creep up on us

there's no way you're going to just wish

that stuff away you just have to work

out so my number one is going to be

exercise again leave me your number one

below what is it that you do that you

know if it were not for that you would

be looking like you got one foot in the

grave okay so leave me your number one

tip for keeping it all together below

alright so that brings us to my tip

number two or my second thing that I

love to do to try to keep this all

together clean pearly white teeth um I

go and get my teeth cleaned every six

months at the dentist every six months I

go for my checkup alright and so in the

interim okay when I'm not at my

dentist's office what I like to do to

keep a nice bright smile is use my

Rembrandt toothpaste I've shared this

with you guys before as you can see

though this tube is it's empty alright

there's nothing left in here and so I've

shared with you guys that here at the

house we have

we started using the kroger click list

and for whatever reason where we pick up

our groceries they don't have

Rembrandt's on the list

now here here lately I have started to

use the Tom's anti plaque and whitening

toothpaste and if I didn't mention it

Rembrandt toothpaste is a teeth

whitening tooth face and it has peroxide

in it in deep cleans and whitens and

restores enamel and I have really seen

some really great results with this to

spec toothpaste however because I've

become really spoiled I don't feel like

walking into the Kroger now just to get

the toothpaste you know Santa's how

we're using a clickless but I recently

started using the Tom's and again this

is their anti plaque and whitening

toothpaste and I feel that it works just

as good for me the flavor it's really

mild it's a really mild flavor the

Rembrandt has a really bold really

strong flavor I don't think it's

anything that you would you know find

distasteful it's okay but I will say the


anti class and whitening toothpaste is a

much much milder flavor and I have it

here in the peppermint and of course

ladies we want to make sure that we are

flossing okay there is nothing worse

than you know going out and seeing

someone that you know she's gorgeous

but when she smiles you know you know

there's you know so we want to make sure

that we are keeping a really nice really

bright smile and healthy teeth out if

you don't you if you don't want to use

the bleach in your toothpaste or look

peroxide in your toothpaste that is

absolutely fine it's not for everyone

however you do want to make sure you

have really clean healthy teeth because

that's we we don't get another set okay

the next set it's not gonna belong to us

so I want to keep these guys diving

board with you know that for as long as

possible okay so I'm gonna do the best

that I can to keep these teeth in my

head and so again

my number-two going and get my regular

dental check-ups every six months when I

go in I make sure I tell my dentist my

dentist of any problems that I might be

having so that she can take care of it

so healthy clean teeth especially - if

you are like me and you are an avid

coffee drinker I don't drink a lot of

cokes I will however indulge in a little

bit of a ginger ale

I do like ginger ale but I don't really

drink the darker sodas but I do drink

coffee alright coffee stains the teeth

so I make sure I am using my teeth

whitening toothpaste if you you know

have a few coins laying around also if

you have kind of let your teeth you know

go to the left you may want to as far as

color goes you may want to invest in you

know having your teeth bleached alright

I know at my dentist it starts around

$300 but it lasts the results last for

years okay and it's just an investment

ladies you know there are so many things

out there that we can find to spend

money on you got to put that money back

into yourself okay alright guys I saw

the number three thing that I love to do

I just find it really necessary to keep

myself looking great on the outside as

well as on the inside is maintaining low

stress low stress I know when Eric and I

started dating in college like this was

a philosophy Eric and I adopted many

many years ago okay if you bring drama

into our life we will cut you off in

family full neighbors we don't play that

okay because I don't have time for the

drama he is the exact same way and so

you guys I think if you're hanging on to

negative energy whether it be people

places or things you gotta let it go

alright we deserve to be happy we're in

our 40s late 30s you know we've made it

this far by the grace of God we have

made it this far

so you have

to get rid of those things that are not

bringing us peace happiness and joy

because life is short okay

why put up with people places and things

there that mean us no good okay

now I'm not seeing you just cut people

and whatever the item or that whatever

the thing is that's bringing you stress

out I'm not saying you cut it off

immediately of course you can try to

work with it okay

but you know you can't get blood from a

turnip you know you're beating a dead


let it go am i using my doctor feel

idioms here let it go you gotta let it

go so that you can have peace in your

life but number four is meditation okay

whatever your higher power is okay you

need to talk to that higher power I know

for me every morning I wake up I go into

my closet room that is my little

meditation space and I have I spent some

time with the Lord I absolutely do

Erica chase know that if I'm in there

and the door is closed and locked

don't don't knock don't try to enter

this you know she's spending some time

to Lord I also do that at the end of the

day it just helps to keep me grounded I

like to go in and you know give thanks

for all that I have you know Eric and I

absolutely know that we are blessed here

as a couple we're blessed as a family

and neither one of us take any of that

for granted

he's meditates also so let me know what

you guys do I know also what I like to

do is when I take my sit down back in

the bathtub or if I get in the shower I

love love love listening to music that

has a more meditative feel just really

relaxing really calming music water to

me has always been very soothing and

then when you incorporate the sounds of

like wooden flutes and pianos and harps

and things like that or even sounds of

rain or nature it just really helps me

to just be on a really even keel and

just really low-key you know when I hang

out with my friends there

and do you ever have any problems

whenever you come out with us you're

always smiling you're always happy

you're always bubbly one through four

that I've already shared with you those

items those things really guys really

helped to bring me if you know to this

state how I come on here that is

absolutely how I am and I attribute my

personality my aura my spirit to these

four things I've already shared with you

so we have made it to the end this is a

really quick video I just want to pop in

here you know Wednesday's are those days

where you're trying to get over the hump

I know when I was working Wednesdays for

me they were good and they were bad you

know Wednesday

you still had two more days but then

Wednesday you only had two more days and

so I'm hoping that these little

Wednesday videos that I'm putting up

here are really helping to get you over

the hump you know sometimes you just

need to clear your head get out of your

space and get into somebody else's space

so I hope you know these like I said

Wednesday videos are helping you to do

that I lost my train of thought all

right number five number five is

maintaining good overall health okay so

what do I mean by maintaining good

overall health

all right making sure that like I stated

earlier you are going to get your dental

checkup so you dental check-ups are they

serve several purposes okay you can have

cancer of the mouth and just a host of

other issues in your mouth that could

lead to you having really really serious

illnesses so we want to make sure we're

getting we're getting those dental

check-ups we want to make sure ladies

that we're getting our yearly exams okay

you know everything that encompasses

that yearly exam our pap smears our

mammograms you know making sure our

hearts are in good work our heart is in

good working order things like that um

skin care all right I go to the

dermatologist just like I go to the

dentist just like I go to to see my own

primary care physician I go to the

dermatologist to make sure you know

you're not getting any cancerous moles

or you know just to make sure my skin is

as healthy

it can be I was just recently there and

I want to share with you something new

that I am trying so what I'm trying

right now is epi duo Forte I believe it

is yes so every duo forte and epidural

forte is a combination of peroxide and

some other things that I am NOT going to

even sit here and attempt to pronounce

that it's epi duo Forte and it's for

adult acne okay I admission to a few

videos back that I started having some

little breakouts it was really nothing

all that serious but I really really

really don't like to wait and let things

get out of hand so she has put me on

that to try out for the month and then

also I got this skin brightener you know

sometimes as ladies you know as we age

the skin can get kind of dull I hope you

guys are also getting your facials you

know maybe even a chemical peel or

microdermabrasion here there but I also

you know I want to talk to her about my

skin looking kind of dull and so she put

me on this item right here and it is

melasma emulsion melasma emulsion and

this is something that they kind of whip

up for you in house and in it it has let

me see Kajol big acid tretinoin - own

hydrocortisone and asker Wrobel

palmitate yeah all of that okay and so I

shared this with you to say especially

the one for you know evening out skin


I read the ingredients of this one right

here that I share with you guys this one

I actually ordered on Amazon and this

one is the admirer my skin ultra potent

brightening syrup and it has 2%

hydroquinone and several of the other

ingredients that are listed in the one

that I picked up for my dermatologist so

if you are unable to get into your

dermatologist office office or if you

don't have a dermatologist and you are

worried about dull skin

go ahead go to Amazon

and pick up the ultra potent brightening

skin serum okay and it's from the brand

admire my skin all right so what I do at

night she told me not to do this but I

do it anyway has she said that she said

don't use these two together but I know

my skin and I know that it can take a

little bit more

I honestly it was not really seeing the

results I want to see using them every

other night so I'll use this one night

now use this the next night and just

kind of rotate I didn't like the results

a speedy enough for me so I started

using them together and I'm liking the

results now also you want to make sure

you are using your sunscreen you know

when you get those little nagging

breakouts and if you like me and you

have more of a darker skin you can get

the hyperpigmentation and so when you're

clearing it up using items like this you

want to make sure you're using a

sunscreen that's really really high so I

use this one this one is 70% okay an SPF

of 70% and this is by a vino so just

really really good what else I wrote it


Oh drinking drinking drinking drinking

guys drinking and smoking those items

will age you like nothing else

okay so Eric and I might drink once a

year and that's around New Year's but

last New Year's I don't even think we

had anything to drink I think we

actually fell asleep because we were in

Orlando at Disney World and so I don't I

don't think we had anything to drink and

smoking that has just never been an

option for us making sure you're

drinking a lot of water and just having

a healthy diet

look again I am NOT I'm not perfect like

I said if there is an area that I think

I need to clean up and it's good it's

going to be my diet I don't eat a lot of

meat I don't use a lot of red meat but I

have a sweet tooth that is this long

okay it's like hanging out of the back

of my head so I have to work on that so

if you guys have any tips for me you

know as it relates

getting rid of this sweet tooth or just

kind of curtailing it I wouldn't love

love love love those two I actually

tried limiting my sweets to just one day

a week I didn't work cuz I've been I'm

around here just cranky so let me know

guys what you do those of you who have a

sweet tooth and you kick the habit let

me know what you put you've done well

that is it guys I hope that you have

enjoyed this little Wednesday fashion

over-40 quickie the things that we can

do to help ourselves look pretty both on

the inside and on the outside maintain

good health over the age of 40 don't

forget to let me know what you guys are

doing to keep it all together alright

thanks again for stopping in today only

two more days till Friday

be safe and I will see you all in the

next video bye guys