How Your Baby Grows Month 4

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in the fourth month of pregnancy your

baby moves kicks and swallows your

baby's skin is pink and see through the

placenta keeps providing food for the

baby but it also can pass along bad

things that you take in like alcohol

nicotine and other drugs it's important

for pregnant women to avoid these

harmful substances by the end of the

fourth month your baby is six to seven

inches long and weighs about 4 to 5

ounces your body at 4 months you may be

more hungry as your morning sickness

goes away but you may start to have

heartburn try eating four or five

smaller meals each day instead of three

larger ones and don't eat spicy foods

near the end of this month you may feel

your baby move for the first time you

may need to wear maternity clothes and

bigger bras now most healthy women gain

about one pound a week this month your

pregnant belly begins to show visit

March of Dimes calm for more information