I Look 30 at 60: A MAKEOVERGUY® Makeover

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I'm Judith Flanagan, and I'm  from Tomahawk, Wisconsin. 

Turning 60. With Everything  

I've been through in life, I think  a new look would really help me.

I was married for 25 years. I've got four children. 

I have the seventh grandchild is being born today. I had a marriage where he wasn't - 

he got involved in drugs because he hurt his back. The doctor was prescribing him Vicodin and Valium  

and oxycontin, and so I waited about ten years  for him to clean his act up, and he never did. 

So I decided, you know, to go on with my life. And my kids are older, and so, we got a divorce,  

and I came up here to start my life new. Now I just feel good about everything,  

and I've got my dream job, something  I feel good at doing in life. 

I work for a homeless shelter, and I actually,  sort of like, counseling people and life coach. 

I get them - we have a lot of drug abuse, alcohol  abuse, and mental health people that come in. 

And, and I just - We try to get them situated in life. 

When I was 16, I was in a really bad car accident. I had three other friends with me,  

and they all died. I died too and - 

I was, kind of, floating. I seen a bright light to follow. 

I just floated towards it - And I remember just a voice  

and somebody told me that it wasn't my  time to - to be here, and I came back. 

So I thought it was a dream,  but the paramedics confirmed it. 

That when I was in the ambulance on the  way to the hospital, I had passed away. 

My biggest fear is probably  seeing real, real short hair. 

I don't look good in short hair  because I have a kind of a heavy face. 

I've been wearing my current hairstyle about  

20 years 30 years. That's about it. 

I'm open up pretty much everything so and - I know if Christopher is doing it,  

it's gonna look great! I was lost for a while. 

With the way, I looked in the  straight, you know, grayish hair. 

And I feel like I look younger  like I the way I used to look. 

It's good for my - my attitude  because I'm kind of crazy. 

Just sexy! I feel sexy. 

When I'm wearing makeup and looking good, I'm  probably in my 30s when I'm looking like this. 


I told you what I like -  a man with a nice package. 

retired - Yes, yes - at my age,  

that's what we're looking for! I want to travel!